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VIDEO: ‘A great opportunity’, says Ariana Grande about collaboration with Justin Bieber

justin bieber ariana grandeAriana Grande opened some tour dates for Justin BieberBelieve Tour in the United States.During this short time, the approach was remarkable singer with Justin and the rest of his team.Consequently, this has meant that many fans consider the possibility of Ariana and Justin perform a song together.

The singer answered some questions sent in by fans via Twitter microblog in a video posted on the website of Billboard and did not miss the question: “Are you really going to do collaborations with Justin Bieber?” . Aryan responded as follows:

“It’s something to think about. I know Justin will want to write if we do something.So you can not just be something like: “Hey, you like that?”. He has to sit down and take time to think about it – which is pretty cool. And Demi and I arrived at some very cool concepts, but no time to establish one. But, yeah. That would be awesome! I admire both, would be a great opportunity. “