‘It’s Unfair, “Former Astronaut Who Recorded The First Clip In The Space...

‘It’s Unfair, “Former Astronaut Who Recorded The First Clip In The Space Defends Justin Bieber

justin bieber chris hadfield

justin bieber chris hadfieldChris Hadfield is a former Canadian astronaut who shot the first clip in the space, with the song “Space Oddity” by David Bowie. Hadfield was asked during a recent interview by a reporter, if he has joined the “behavior of Justin Bieber” at some point in his life that was hidden in his past, but Hadfield had an interesting answer to give. Check out:

“No one is completely pure and people love a splurge.  Justin Bieber is only 19 years old. He has a lot of fame and success, and therefore there is a kind of expectation that his charge that is completely disproportionate to what he is and what it is with the hope that he has to be’s extremely unfair and why I am sorry for him because he is doing his best and he is a talented guy and a very popular guy, but is a type of behavior expected see how people want to summarize it in a few sentences. I never met him, but he is probably a very interesting guy. bet he did many cool things. “

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