Justin Bieber Fragrance Collectors Edition 1

Justin Bieber Launches New Fragrance ‘Collector’s Edition’

Justin Bieber Fragrance Collectors Edition 1Fans of Justin Bieber had an amazing novelty, the release of his fourth fragrance, the “Justin Bieber Collector’s Edition” . The perfume is available in packs of 100, 50 and 30ml is sold initially only in the United States and the novelty is a beautiful dedication to the fans, biggest inspiration from the Canadian superstar.

Justin Bieber Fragrance Collectors Edition 2The “Justin Bieber Collector’s Edition” hits stores by Elizabeth Arden , the same company responsible for brands “Someday“,” Girlfriend” and “The Key“, the last three fragrances Justin that respectively add up to a total of four fragrances ever launched by singer throughout his career. The new fragrance arrives on the market with other products composing his line, Rollerball release, a hair spray and a body cream.

For the first time, Justin Bieber has a fragrance collector’s edition , dedicated to the fans who were his biggest inspiration since day one. The most personal fragrance experience of Justin, for the fans feel a connection like never before …

Justin Bieber Fragrance Collectors Edition 3Sparkling and bright, with an energetic burst of fruit mouthwatering, the newest fragrance of Justin Bieber captivates and inspires instantly. Essence reveals a floral bouquet while the creamy, dry flourishing of sensual musk and warm amber always leave you thinking about Justin.

  • Priscilla Ned

    Wow, like it. Gonna buy it.