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justin bieber singing birthday party

How much cost to invite Justin Bieber for Birthday Party!

justin bieber singing birthday partyFrom Justin Bieber, to Rihanna, to Adelle – if you’d like any of them to perform at your next birthday, you may want to rework the invitations, unless you’ve got money to throw away. The booking fees for some of the biggest performers in the world have been compiled into one big list, and they’re a bit of an eye opener.

The Sunday People has reported that some of the biggest names in the music industry will possibly cost you some of the biggest cash you’ve ever spent.

Having A-listers like Justin Bieber, One Direction, Justin Timberlake or Madonna show up to your birthday party will cost you a STONKING £610,000 ($1,000,000) per single appearance, and we bet that doesn’t even include having Jaybee stick around for a slow dance with you.

Slightly cheaper are Adele, Rihanna and Coldplay, who come in at just under half a million pounds per performance, but interestingly Britney Spears only charges £300,000.

Going a little lower, Ellie Goulding will come and hang out with you and your mates for just £122,00, Calvin Harris for £91,500 and Ed Sheeran only needs £76,000.

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Justin Bieber Attends The Birthday Party Of Kylie Jenner 1

Video: Justin Bieber Attends The Birthday Party Of Kylie Jenner

Justin Bieber Attends The Birthday Party Of Kylie Jenner 1Justin Bieber has wished Kylie Jenner happy birthday – and says it’s been ‘dope’ watching her grow up. JB, who is only 3 year older than Kylie, led the way with tributes to the star as she celebrates turning 17. in Los Angeles, California.

The Canadian star and Kylie who completed 17 years of affection exchanged messages through the Instagram app, where Justin commented on a picture, “Happy birthday @kyliejenner ;) glad I got to spend it with u. So dope watching u grow up.” . Justin also posted a picture beside the rapper Tyga, who was also at the party.Justin Bieber Attends The Birthday Party Of Kylie Jenner 2

In a photo on Instagram, Kylie thanked Justin for singing the traditional “Happy Birthday” and a video of the star among the guests was also released. Check out:

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Justin Bieber 20th Birthday

Justin Bieber Turns 20 — #HappyBirthdayJustin

Justin Bieber 20th BirthdayWe can’t say it’s been the best year for Justin, but we’re sure he’s looking forward to his next one! On March 1, he turned 20 and we’re reflecting many reasons we’re proud of Justin Bieber.

This year has been full of ups and downs for Justin Bieber — but let’s focus on the good! It’s the big 2-0 for Justin on March 1, and we’re sure he’ll make it one worth remembering. While 19, Justin put out a new movie, a new album and a ton of new music videos. Continue reading

Happy Birthday Beliebers‬ 2

Justin Bieber Wishes #‎HappyBirthdayBeliebers‬!

Happy Birthday Beliebers‬ 2“Being a Belieber is not easy. We get hated and judged everyday. But this don’t drop us from supporting Justin Bieber. We’re Beliebers, a family. I’m so thankful to be part of this amazing family. Justin brought us together. Your hate just make us stronger.” Justin Bieber has a great admiration for fans and showed his support for the same, in his official account on the microblogging site Twitter. Continue reading

justin bieber madison beer

Justin Bieber sings ‘Happy Birthday’ to Madison Beer in concert at the O2 Arena!

justin bieber madison beerJustin Bieber performed the second of four sold-out shows that has booked into The O2 Arena in London, UK. During the show, the singer called a distinguished guest to the stage, the singer of 14 years, Madison Beer , who was present at his show and also having a birthday on the same night.  Watch The Video!

Justin Bieber Jaden Smith

Justin Bieber’s Worst Birthday Was Caused By Jaden Smith!

Justin Bieber Jaden SmithOur heart really goes out to Justin Bieber for having what he described via Twitter to be the “worst birthday,” However, if there’s any solace he can take from the unfortunate situation, it’s that he should be PROUD of himself for being a good friend…because come to find out, all the drama that went down was for his buddy Jaden Smith, after he and his entourage were forced to leave the London nightclub where he was celebrating his 19th year following a confrontation with security guards! Continue reading

justin bieber batbike mv agusta black

Video: Justin Bieber’s 19th Birthday Gift “Bat Bike” MV Agusta from Dad Jeremy Bieber!

justin bieber batbike mv agusta blackJustin Bieber gets a custom ‘Bat Bike’ MV Agusta motorcycle for his 19th birthday from his dad Jeremy Bieber. The sport motorcycle is covered in Batman logos, as well as personal JB-related touches. For example, the gas tank reads “35 mil. followers,” in tribute to Justin’s Twitter account. Some of Justin’s tattoos are also worked into the art, along with a “JB” logo near the seat. Watch The Video!