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Justin Bieber Supports Charitable Campaign Alder Hey Children's Hospital

Justin Bieber Supports Charitable Campaign Alder Hey Children’s Hospital

Justin Bieber Supports Charitable Campaign Alder Hey Children's HospitalJustin Bieber has always supported various institutions and charitable campaigns and many gestures of solidarity between Canadian, this week the singer posed for the campaign Alphabet scarves to help raise money for the Alder Hey Children’s Hospital .

The hospital in Liverpool has just celebrated its centenary, and provides care for more than 275,000 children and youth. The money raised will be used to build a new hospital, and for education and research in children’s center ‘Alder Hey in the Park’ will be opened m 2015.

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Justin Bieber Challenges Barack Obama & Beliebers – The ALS Ice-Bucket Challenge

justinbieber ice bucket challengeJustin Bieber has joined the growing number of famous public figures that have accepted the ALS ice-bucket challenge — and has challenged President Obama and Beliebers. The challenge came from his manager Scooter Braun, who also nominated his brother Adam Braun and Usher.

“All right Scooter, I accept your ice-bucket challenge. Now I nominate Ellen, Barack Obama, and who else? Chris D’Elia,” said JB, who then dumps the pot of water over his head.

Watch video below:

The ice-bucket challenge is a social-media phenomenon intended to raise money for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Participants in the challenge have 24 hours to either donate $100 to fight ALS, or dump a bucket of ice water over their heads. People who complete the challenge can nominate three others to take part.

Dozens of other celebrities, politicians, athletes and entrepreneurs have already taken the challenge, including Taylor Swift and Jaime King, Lady Gaga, Demi Lovato, Justin Timberlake, Ansel Elgort, Lil Wayne, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, Microsoft’s Bill Gates and many more.

On Aug. 17, The ALS Association announced it had received $13.3 million in donations.

The Ice Bucket Challenge – (Challenge Ice Bucket), is being played by great personalities of the world due to a noble cause: to draw attention to the degenerative nerve disease, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, hitherto incurable.

The challenge it is to accomplish a task and enjoin others to do it, or make donations, and singer Justin Bieber was not left out of this and was challenged by his former safety and current friend Kenny Hamilton , and also by its current manager Scooter Braun , who posed for a picture. Check out:justinbieber scooterbraun ice bucket challenge

The Canadian 20 years no longer fulfilling the tasks are watering twice with buckets of ice water, and challenge for the host of The Ellen Show, Ellen DeGeneres, for the United States President, Barack Obama, for comedian Chris D’elia, and for all his Beliebers. The videos calling Bieber and fulfilling the same challenges form published through the Instagram app. Check out the players below:

Justin Bieber Malala Yousafzai 2

‘Can’t Wait To Meet You’ Justin Bieber Facetiming with Malala Yousafzai, Supporting MalalaFund

Justin Bieber Malala Yousafzai 2Justin Bieber and his partner John Shahidi published catches of FaceTime , Justin chatting with Pakistani activist, Malala Yousafzai, in video real-time application. John took the time when having dinner with Malala and her family to surprise her who was favorite for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2013 and has stated in previous interviews that she was a fan of Canadian music, to surprise the girl 17 years with a conversation with the star.

Justin commented on how he was happy to talk to Malala and further revealed that soon will know the activist and aims to help young institution founded by the “Malala Foundation” , which works to promote women’s education, in countries where access is forbidden to them. Check out the photos and their captions:

justin bieber malala facetimie1

Justin: “I did a FaceTime Malala Yousafzai with. She has such an amazing story. I can not wait to meet her in person and talk about how I can support you inmalalafund. #amor. “

justin bieber malala facetimie

John Shahidi: “During dinner with Shervin, Malala Yousafzai and his family I decided to surprise her with a guest via FaceTime.”

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justin bieber make a wish praises

President Of Make-A-Wish Praises Dedication Of Justin Bieber With The Institution

justin bieber make a wish praisesParticipation of Justin Bieber at the ” Young Hollywood Awards 2014 “. The fact that singer has been in place to receive the award for “Champ of Charity” for his contribution to the Make-a-Wish performing more than 200 wishes, and have led to fan Grace, facing cancer, as her guest. President of the institution speaks on the work of Bieber that changed the lives of many children facing serious illnesses.

Justin made ​​the dreams of a lucky fan to come true on Sunday night in Los Angeles, when he took a guest to the Young Hollywood Awards.

A girl of 11 years old Make-A-Wish, who is battling cancer, took pictures with the pop star on the red carpet and later joined Bieber on stage to receive the award for “Champion of Charity” where he gave her a kiss and the prize as she stood in front of the audience in shock.

Bieber, despite his reputation as a Hollywood bad-boy, was being honored with the award for “Champion of Charity” for having granted a record 226 wishes fulfilled through the foundation Make-A-Wish.

The President of the Make-A-Wish, David Williams said earlier about the contribution of Bieber:

“Despite his relentless schedule, Justin has been genuinely committed to granting wishes, and from the beginning is a strong supporter of the Make-A-Wish” .

“(He) understands the impact on a child to have a wish fulfilled and how it can create positive changes in his life, help them feel better -. And even influence their health.”

After Bieber tweeted photos of the girl, Grace, in their accounts of Twitter and Instagram.

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Video: ‘I Wanted To Do Something To Give Back’ Justin Bieber On Supporting Charity

Justin Bieber champ Of Charity Young Hollywood AwardsJustin Bieber gave a number of interviews during their rapid passage through the blue carpet of the award ceremony of the 2014 Young Hollywood Awards, in Los Angeles. Among the vehicles that interviewed the Canadian superstar, the site Variety was one of them and in a statement, Justin said about his dedication and work with the Make-A-Wish, the institution in which the singer was being honored when he received the award for ” Champ of Charity “on the same night.

The 20 year old who has raised over $1 million dollars for the victims of typhoon Yolanda in the Philippines and also helps build schools in developing countries in partnership with Pencils Of Promise, also commented on how much is serious support various institutions. Check out the video:

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Justin Bieber champ Of Charity Young Hollywood Awards

VIDEO: Justin Bieber Grants Grace Kesablak Biggest Wish – ‘Being A Celebrity’ At Young Hollywood Awards 2014

Justin Bieber champ Of Charity Young Hollywood AwardsDuring its passage through the Young Hollywood Awards 2014, held on Sunday night (27) in Los Angeles, California, singer Justin Bieber was interviewed by some of the great sites about celebrities. Accompanied by his special guest, Grace, who sent the Make-A-Wish came to realize his desire to find Justin and being a celebrity, Justin chatted with the corresponding HL, Katrina Owen and commented on how much do good and acts of charity is important to him.

Justin Bieber was the big honoree in the category “Champ of Charity” for his work with the Make-A-Wish , which seeks to fulfill the desire for children with severe pathologies in the world.

Justin Bieber gives Grace Kesablak her biggest wish as he is honored at the Young Hollywood Awards with the Humanitarian Award.

During his speech to thank the award, Justin took to the stage to small Grace Kesablak, who is facing a cancer and is part of the Make-A-Wish organization, which Justin brings more than 200 wishes since 2010, beating the record of desires performed by artists. Very gentle, Justin offered the award to Grace, and asked for a round of applause in honor of the little girl who said she had dreams of being a celebrity. Check out the video:

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justin bieber make a wish

Fan Account Details Encounter With Justin Bieber Through The Make-A-Wish In 2013

justin bieber make a wishDream of many fans, the Meet and Greet is certainly a moment of great excitement and great memories. During his last world tour, Believe Tour, Justin Bieber has reached thousands of fans, divided into groups, or individually fulfilling the desire of young people served by the Foundation Make-A-Wish , who dream to meet the Canadian idol and suffer from some serious illness .

Even after the end of the tour, the singer and the holidays back in the studio, a few photos and hitherto unpublished reports of these moments, idol and fan continue to be disclosed. New images of the singer performing a desire for these fans through the Make-A-Wish of Ottawa, Canada, were disclosed. Check out the photos and the story of Dominique:justin bieber make a wish 1

My name is Dominique , I’m 18 years old and was born in Gatineau, Quebec. On November 23, 2012: Jolaine my best friend and I went to the Justin Bieber concert in Ottawa. It was the best day of our lives … Until now. In February 2013, Pierre, a good friend of my mother, and my, heard about the Make a Wish foundation. He gave my name to them … and on March 29, 2013, I received the great news: my dream to meet Justin Bieber was about to come true! I was at the end of the waiting list, Tanya (woman responsible for my desire) told me on 15 July that my dream would come true in probably two or three years. But after hard work – his and his team – he told me four days later, I know him in Ottawa on July 23 with my family and best friend! I was very excited!


When the big day arrived, we had a Limo to get to the big arena. Already there, we expect a special room for two long hours … The entire staff at Justin Bieber was eating there! We saw the dancers, musicians, Kenny Hamilton (who gave us two kisses on the cheek), Scrappy, Pattie Mallette and Dan Kanter (he took a picture with me and gave me a picture of his guitar). Me and my best friend were shaking badly. Had trouble breathing. Kenny finally arrived at 19:30 to tell us that Justin was ready to receive us. We went to a small, dark room, where he had made ​​minutes ago M & G. It was there, in front of me! OH MY GOD !! So I was facing him, he placed his hands on my legs, I put my hands under him and at the same time he said “Wow, you are beautiful” . I could not believe that my idol was telling me this! Then he pulled my wheelchair, so I took a picture with him on the red carpet. He asked me , “Do you have any question for me?” and I said “Um, yeah! Well, my dream of meeting you is becoming a reality now. But what I want to know what is YOUR dream, to have everything you have now? ” and he replied “Well, my dream is to make all my fans, my Beliebers, all … I wanna make you happy . ” I replied, “Then your dream is also held, because I’m very happy now,” and he did a little “Awww” , which I love very much! During this conversation we were looking at us and sorriamos madly! For the picture he put his arms around me and smiled for the camera. Then he put his lips on my face to kiss me. AND THAT KISS! That lasted about 10 minutes, as he moved his lips and smile! I am very happy to confirm that Justin has kissable lips! After that, he went to my best friend and she thought he was just get her hands on. But he held her tight! She felt in paradise. He also took my parents up to me to take a picture with us. 30 seconds later, this was the time it took to sign three things for me. His biography, he used his usual autograph and a giant heart! After the shirt Make-A-Wish that I was using. His face was 10cm my, OH MY GOD! The last thing was my prom dress. I delivered him and he was quite surprised! He said: Wow, you must have been beautiful this dress! OH MY GOD! Finally, a difficult time to say goodbye. He gave me a big hug. When he came out gave a hug Jolaine, that was really cool! He fired me and my parents. After that he went away. I started to cry, that was the best time of my life! My dream came true, but I still dream to see him again. We went to see the show, it was totally awesome! We sang the national anthem of Canada. And guess what? He was without shirt DURING FOUR SONGS. I thank the Make-A-Wish Foundation for making this happen. And Justin, if you’re seeing this message, I would like to thank you for this incredible moment. You are the best, and thank you for making me believe! LOVE #NeverSayNever

– Dominique (DoeBieber)

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Justin Bieber Donation $545K Tom Amfar Aids

Justin Bieber Made A Donation Of $545 Thousand To Fund Research Of Amfar Aids

Justin Bieber Donation $545K Tom Amfar AidsJustin Bieber attended the traditional charity event of NGOs amfAR , titled “Cinema Against AIDS 2014″ at Hotel Du Cap-Eden-Roc, Antibes in the commune in France. The singer showed their support of the campaign at the ceremony which is held since 1993 and seeks to raise funds through an auction of luxury personalities and celebrities to fund AIDS research programs at the institution, but until then Justin made ​​no fuss about the most noble gesture that really took the event: his philanthropic spirit that motivated him to donate the sum of $545,000 U.S. dollars for the institution.

Bieber preferred to remain silent and do not brag about the donation, and when he got to the event and was asked about the reason for his presence on it, the singer of 20 years chose not to promote. While not seeking media with the gesture, TMZ could information about the donation made ​​by Bieber.

Justin Bieber wore a suit … and had a wonderful attitude of humanitarianism in a gala of celebrities in Cannes, where he disbursed $ … $ 545,000 to charity.

Bieber – all in a sleek black suit – attended the ceremony of amfAR , which raises money to fund AIDS research. People began to make big promises of cash donations – a rich gentleman pledged $ 545,000 and Bieber – quietly and without fanfare – did it.

TMZ were told the crowd – which included Leo DiCaprio, Heidi Klum, John Travolta and Sharon Stone – was shocked. Justin was asked if he was serious about the promise of such a large amount of money and he said yes.

Bieber said he feels inspired to do something good.

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justin bieber walk of fame Philippines

Justin Bieber Is Honored On Walk Of Fame Philippines

justin bieber walk of fameFor memorable and meaningful for thousands of survivors of Typhoon Yolanda, who made ​​ravaged the Philippines in October 2013, Justin Bieber was honored at the Eastwood City Walk of Fame or Hall of Fame, Philippines.

In 2013, Justin spared no effort and used his power of influence to raise funds to help rebuild the country, and beyond graffiti in the cause, auctioning materials and photos, Justin went even further and with their dedication and their fans, grossed more than $3 million to the campaign #GiveBackPhilippines , in a fund managed by Prizeo, which was passed on to the institutions responsible for assisting victims. Support was finished with his visit to the country on December 10, 2013, which was another way to draw world attention to the needs of the country at that time. Continue reading