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Pattie Mallette Defends Mariah Carey from the Media’s Hate

jb pattie tmzJustin Bieber’s mom Pattie Mallette was called out on Twitter on for nit defending her son Justin Bieber against the media — and gave a very interesting response.

The exchange happened after Pattie accused TMZ of exploiting Mariah Carey’s problematic tour kick-off, writing to the site:

Wow, @TMZ really?? That’s just mean. Didn’t your mama teach you better than to pick on others? You’re a role model, teach compassion! #GenerationChange #HumiliatingSomeoneIsntNews “@TMZ: Mariah Carey — MAJOR Voice Problems During Concert in Japan”

A fan then responded to Pattie’s tweet, questioning; “You stick up for mariah carey but you won’t stick up for your son when tmz drags him?”

TMZ, of course, and plenty of other outlets have been accused of capitalizing on Bieber’s troubles, and Mallette hasn’t said much publicly about her son’s up-and-down year.

Pattie then explained in her reply:

I have to restrain myself. Trust me I am picking my battles.
I hate reading stuff about him too TRUST ME.
But lets not allow people to be bullied when they are down.
#PrayInstead! #WhoAreWeToJudge #GenerationChange #LoveWins

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Pattie Mallette Pleads Beliebers to Stop Telling Her Justin Bieber makes them “Horny”

Pattie Mallette Bieber HornyJustin Bieber’s mother, Pattie Mallette, delivered a very clear message to beliebers Friday night, in language we’ve never heard from the openly Christian inspirational speaker and author before — which was precisely her point.

“Dear Sweet Beliebers, Please stop telling me my son makes you horny. Its NOT something a mom wants to hear. Love Mom #ThingsYouDontTellMom,” Pattie tweeted to her over 3 million followers last night, many of whom call her “mom.”

Around two hours before Pattie’s pleaded not to be dragged into the teenage wet dreams of millions of Beliebers, Justin tweeted three links to selfies at his Shots account, two of which were suggestive of self-pleasuring.

In his second message, Justin told fans that he was:

Bored… Look at the Eucerin lotion in the back, pretty essential,” then linked to the Shots below:justin bieber selfie

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Video: ‘I Miss These Days’ Pattie Mallette Remember The Moment With Justin Bieber

justin bieber patti maletteMother of Justin Bieber, Pattie Mallette uploaded to her account in the app Keek with a video of her son having fun while doing pirouettes in the air on trampolines at Sky High Sportsem, located in Los Angeles, California . The video was recorded some time ago and legend Pattie regretted revealing that misses that moment, since due to the busy life of the star, the two can not always find but are always together and we can also talk by phone daily. Check out the video below:

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‘He Wept’ Justin Bieber Undergoes Phase Controversy With Family And Friends

justin bieber cryJustin Bieber and his fans already live daily polemics, but the old videos of the singer citing a racist expression is still giving the talk and generated more force to negative headlines about the Canadian. All criticisms are not only affecting the majority of featured websites and tabloids, but also many of his fans, and people close to the singer himself. After apologizing again, Bieber has been getting support from people who are close to him, going through this phase.

A source close to Bieber told the “Mail Online” that the impact caused by the videos hit him hard. “Justin cried a lot. But he knows he must take responsibility for his actions. He is facing his past and spends time with real friends and parents.

About affliction that has caused so much criticism to heart Justin, Pastor Carl Lentz , a friend with whom the singer also has the hours that seeks spiritual support, the same support sent via Twitter:

“I hate to see peoples past mistakes cause pain in the present .. I’m proud of @ justinbieber , the man he is / is Becoming, Despite old videos ..”

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‘Blessing In Disguise’ Music Recorded By Pattie Mallette, Written By Justin Bieber

justin bieber pattie mallette music recordJustin Bieber updated instagram with a video in which his mother, Pattie Mallette was recording a song in the studio. In legend, the singer stated that Pattie “got the courage to enter the booth for the first time” but did not specify that the song was written by himself. The music was not anything special just by having been written by Justin, but it represents something positive, since according to sources close to the singer,  “he will not let any negativity to change that”.

Apparently, Justin Bieber forgot his side “rapper” to a collaboration with her ​​own mother – and even wrote the lyrics to her first song. The star sent a short video of Pattie after finally convince her to do some vocals in the studio. Justin filmed and wrote the caption: .. “My mother earned enough to enter the booth for the first time She sounds so good courage”  Watch The Video!

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‘She Has An Eye On Everything,’ Pattie Mallette Support Justin Bieber

justin bieber pattie malletteE! Online  was talking to a source close to the mother of Justin BieberPattie Mallette and according to reports, Pattie remains very close to his son, despite the 19 year old has gained more independence after they became of age. 

“Like any mother of an adult son, Pattie tries to stick around and talk to him about everything, but she can not make decisions for him,” said a source close to Pattie to E! Continue reading

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‘I Have The Best Dad In The World’ Says Justin Bieber After Criticism From Fans

justin bieber jeremy bieberJustin Bieber updated his account in Instagram app with a photo of his father, Jeremy Bieber as legend, singer reaffirmed the love and admiration he has for his father. The declaration of Bieber comes days after Jeremy was bombarded by criticism from some of his fans and the media, who questioned how his parents were interfering in education and attention to the singer. Check out the photo with capation of what Bieber said in the legend: Continue reading

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Justin Bieber Is Happy With Her Family And Learning From What Happened

Justin bieber FamilyJustin Bieber may be finally ready to change their behavior. The singer is in his native Canada, and E! News spoke with two sources close to the star who reported that the time Justin has been going along with the family in Canada are doing very well with it.

The source further said that Bieber has been showing that he learned from the experience that comes living amidst discussions and converting the turbulent phase in a way to remain positive.

After a series of recent problems with the law – including an arrest for a DUI alleged in the Thursday, January 23, followed by an assault charge in Toronto in connection with an alleged attack on a limousine driver involving his entourage on December 29, 2013, friends and family are hopeful that the Canadian pop star is ready to focus on the positive aspects of your life. Continue reading

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‘I Can Protect My Child': Father Of Justin Bieber Refutes Criticism Over Arrest Of Singer

Jeremy Bieber tweets about Justin BieberWhen Justin Bieber was pulled over by Miami police in the early hours of Thursday (23) witnesses reported that the singer’s father, Jeremy Bieber, was in place, and moreover, according to witness accounts, Jeremy himself helped close the street so Justin took the ‘handle’ that minutes later prompted him to jail for speeding and under the influence of drugs. After learning details of the incident, fans of the singer sent several messages with reviews and charging Jeremy to protect and give a better example for Justin.

The father of the singer hit back at criticism from some fans and the media also rumors involving Justin, in a statement on his Twitter microblogging account. Continue reading