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Justin Bieber Thanks To Beliebers For ‘U Smile’ Vevo Certified

justin bieber u smileJustin Bieber received his 14th VEVO Certified, after reaching the milestone of 100 million views on video “U Smile” .

The certificate of VEVO is a way of honoring the music videos, and has been forming a ranking of artists who reached over 100 million views in its productions on the platform. With the record, Justin tied with the 2nd artist that received certificates of VEVO. Katy Perry, who also has 14 on her list. The singers are second only to singer Rihanna, who has 19 Certifieds VEVO.

Justin has not ceased to devote winning the support of their fans, who watched the video for months in search of the 100 million mark and went to his Twitter microblogging account to do this. Check out: “@VEVO, thanks to my Beliebers.”

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VIDEO: Justin Bieber Being Super Nice with Fans in Paris

Justin Bieber With Fans in Paris 1Justin Bieber made ​​the joy of some fans to meet them while walking through some of the streets of Paris, France. Again, the singer proved attentive to distribute kisses, hugs and autographs to pose for photos gently alongside his Parisian fans. Justin Bieber spotted doing some shopping in Paris, he first went to Montaigne market, then to Saint Laurent and finished with Balmain. On the way to all these stores he kindly took the time to pose for some photos with his beloved fans, smiling all the way through.

The meetings took place in the afternoon and again in the early evening, when the singer went out to dinner. Check the time in the videos and photos below:

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justin bieber harry styles duet

Fans Want Justin Bieber Do a Duet with Harry Styles! Could this be happen?

justin bieber harry styles duetCould a Justin Bieber and Harry Styles duet be in their future? The collaboration may never come to light, but that didn’t stop fans on Twitter from casting their vote with the hashtag #JustinDoaDuetWithHarryStyles.

There was a full range of emotions attached to the hashtag, with plenty of Beliebers and Directioners supporting the pairing…and others flat out shooting it down.

And then there are the Directioners who, even though they love Harry, called out the fact that Harry is often singled out and 1D is…you know…a whole band? One fan eloquently put it: “Um no I love Justin so much but it’s either ALL THE BOYS or NONE #JustinDoaDuetWithHarryStyles”

Another commented, “#JustinDoaDuetWithHarryStyles how about no. Last time I checked, Harry isn’t a solo artist.”

Check out some of the other comments – would you want One Direction and Justin to collaborate?
jb harry duet

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Justin bieber Drake bell fight

Drake Bell Called Justin Bieber an idiot & Ugly Feud with Fan: ‘I Hope You Die Soon’

Justin bieber Drake bell fightDrake Bell allegedly told Justin Bieber an idiot and also told to a fan, “I hope you die soon.” The former “Drake & Josh” star reportedly commented on the fan’s Instagram post which unflatteringly compared Bell to Bieber.

A screenshot of the alleged comment shows that Drake Bell wrote; “You idol doesn’t even do anything but cause trouble anymore. No music no movies he’s just being an idiot. Oh and I hope you die soon.”

Drake Bell has fought with Beliebers for years, frequently mocking both JB & fans with rants and other provocations.

In an interview with Buzzfeed before, Drake said; “I can’t stand that, with a lot of the pop stars, there’s this idea of ‘Are you in our clique? Are you a Direction-er or are you a Belieber? Oh, you’re not in our gang? Then you’re not cool and you need to go in a hole and die.’ I don’t understand it. And what’s worse is artists like Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber don’t come out and say, ‘I love having you as my fans, but you shouldn’t be acting this way.’ They just eat it all up, and I think it’s repulsive.”

Drake has yet to refer to his controversial comment to the Beliebers on Twitter or Instagram.

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John Waters To Praise And Defend Canadian Singer

‘I Will Be A Fan Of Justin Bieber Till The End’ Says John Waters To Praise And Defend Canadian Singer

John Waters To Praise And Defend Canadian SingerFilmmaker, actor and American writer, John Waters commented on Justin Bieber and how much is a fan of the Canadian superstar. John who described himself as “a fan of Justin until the end,” also defended the Canadian star and showed that it has the same admiration as a musician. Check out excerpts from the interview in which Justin is quoted:

I’ve been in [Film Society’s] Isabelle Huppert passed by there a few weeks ago and talked about how you really want to work with her. What are some other stars with whom you would like to work if you had the opportunity?

John Waters : […] Justin Bieber, I want to make a remodeled it. I’m still a fan of his, and I’ll be his fan until the end. I want to work with Justin when he wants to reinvent itself a bit. Something he does not need right now. But he may need at some point. Even if he is as successful as it always was, you still need to reinvent themselves from time to time.

Why, in particular, you are a fan of Justin Bieber?

John Waters : Because he’s really talented. I mean, if you see that his first documentary, when they show him playing the pots and singing RESPECT when he was about seven years … I’m all for it. I support the teen hysteria. And I’ve said it before, what he did that was so bad? Attacking someone’s home with eggs? And he paid a fine of $80,000 dollars? Driving a Ferrari at 60 km/h, or that either the car, a Maserati … A car does not move when it is slow.

He is a brat. But when I met him when we were at the Grand Prix, he was adorable and funny. He was like Shirley Temple! You know, and I want him to be more black. I want it to be just a rap star. He said he would change his name to “Bizzle”. I love it. I’ll be the only Bizzle fan in America.

How do you feel about Miley Cyrus?

John Waters : This is not the same thing. Nothing against it, but I’m more interested in her father. I like the father of Justin Bieber too.

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Justin Bieber Kay One

‘King Justin Bieber’ Kay One Declare To Be A Belieber Of Canadian Singer

Justin Bieber Kay OneThe German singer Kenneth Glöckler, popularly known by Kay One, revealed he is a fan of Justin Bieber. Kay posted on Facebook a screenshot of his phone, which showed several Canadian music superstar, including the album “Believe” and “Believe Acoustic” like “Nothing Like Us” playing. caption In the publication, Kay considered himself a Belieber and called Justin “King”. Check out the photo published below:Kay One fb update

“Whoever hates this young man has no idea! #Belieber King Justin Bieber.”

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Justin bieber with Brazilian Fan

‘You’re Going To Love This Music’ Brazilian Fan Who Met Justin Bieber In Studio

Justin bieber with Brazilian FanJustin Bieber was again endeavoring to his musical projects in a studio in Los Angeles, California. The Canadian was visited by fans on site, one of which is Brazil, Yasmin Senna , who already knew the singer for having a stake in the music video ” Confident “.

The girl revealed via Twitter that he had the opportunity to hear one of the exclusive new music from Justin in partnership with Cody Simpson, and even posed next to the star for a photo. Check out the story below:

“I just heard a new song from Cody and JB! You’ll love this! Justin works both … Everyone should see what this guy does day after day. Last night was a blessed night” .

The singer spent the night working on his musical projects in a studio in Los Angeles, California, and while his new album is not released, Bieber tries to assuage the curiosity of fans touting photos and videos on his social networks.justin bieber in studio

The star left in the air the possibility of an acoustic album with their new publications that included videos of him play guitar, and a photo of the same instrument with the caption : “Acoustic Album”. Check out the video below posted by Justin:

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missy franklin justin bieber backstage

Missy Franklin is No Longer Justin Bieber’s Fan: ‘I don’t Agree with his Life Decision’

missy franklin justin bieber backstageMissy Franklin is no longer a Belieber. The Olympic gold medalist and self-confessed superfan Missy Franklin is distancing herself from Justin Bieber.

Back in July 2012, shortly after she won the 100 meter backstroke during the London games, Justin gave her something she appeared to treasure every bit as much as that gold medal: this congratulatory tweet:Justinbieber-missyfranklin-tweet missy-franklin-bieberjustin-bieber-miss-franklin-tweet2missy-franklin-bieber

But after JB’s string of bad-boy antics — including a DUI, egging a house and multiple nightclub fights — Franklin is distancing herself from the Biebs.

“I don’t agree with all of his life decisions lately, so I’ve moved on a little from that,” Franklin said Tuesday at a news conference before this year’s national championship meet.

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Justin bieber with Fan studio

‘I’ll Take The Rest Of My Life’ Alyssa Frausto On Date With Justin Bieber In The Studio

Justin bieber with Fan studioJustin Bieber had a night of work in the studio, but this was also a day when a fan held the dream of having a moment with her ​​idol. Once photos and reports of Alyssa Frausto were disclosed by it on his Twitter, his experience did thousands of other fans of the Canadian superstar wish to be in his place.

The reason Alyssa have had this special moment with Justin was to be the big winner of the “campaign GiveBackPhilippines “, performed by Justin through the site Prizeo in 2013 and grossed over $1 million dollars for the victims of typhoon Yolanda . To compete for the meeting was necessary to make a donation to help the Philippines. In a quick story for the site Prizeo , Alyssa told about the meeting. Check out:

The best day in the life of a true Belieber

“When I walked in [the studio] and saw Justin recording, I was in shock for actually being there. I could not believe I was in the same place as the person I admire for so long. He was recording his new song and it looked so amazing!

When he came out to meet me, I did not cry nor freaked, but I was happy and glad to be with my idol. And this ended up being the best day of my life and an experience that I will carry for life. I’ll never forget that day and I thank everyone who helped to make that happen.”

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