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Video: Justin Bieber Trains Boxing With Floyd Mayweather in LA

Justin Bieber Boxing training 1Justin Bieber has many important friends in the world of celebrities, among them that the famous American fighter Floyd Mayweather , which the singer has always supported and attended by cheering competitions buddy. The Canadian met with friends in boxing gym Ten Goose in Los Angeles, California, and Floyd reunited to make a coordinated workout by champion. In interviews prior to some vehicles communication, Floyd had spoken of the possibility of coaching Justin, and even claimed that it could become a champion. The training not only made ​​fun of the double but also several people who were present at the site and had the chance to watch the live training, and even pose for photos next to both. Bieber and Floyd published several videos and photos, Shots on apps, Instagram and Vine, with moments of training, and the star told the legend of one of the publications: “Floyd is my coach.” In addition to several local officials who took pictures alongside Justin when some of their close friends who were at the scene as John Shahidi and Dan Kanter also ran photos side of the singer. Check out:

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Justin Bieber Vatican City Rome 1

Justin Bieber Visit To Vatican City And The Sistine Chapel in Rome, Italy

Justin Bieber Vatican City Rome 1Justin Bieber would have paid 20 000 euros for private out of hours tour that also took him to the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel at the official residence of the Pope. Justin Bieber take a tour by one of the most important sites in Rome, Italy, Vatican. The Canadian star posed for some photos at the headquarters of the Catholic Church and was also photographed while wearing a costume of ancient Rome, showing that lived up to the old expression, “When in Rome, do as the Romans”.Justin Bieber Vatican City Rome 3

The vague assertion that the singer would have played ball through the halls of the historical setting is gaining impact in tabloids like the Mail Online.Justin Bieber Vatican City Rome 2

The British newspaper, apparently also found offensive black shorts Bieber, although no official dress code on tourists in the Vatican or any significant difference between the singer’s costumes and other tourists seen in photos posted in the same place does not exist.

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justin bieber jeremy private plane

Justin Bieber & Dad Jeremy’s World Adventure – Shaving Mustache!

justin bieber jeremy private planeJustin  Bieber is traveling with his father Jeremy and posted a black and white snapshot to his Instagram page that showed them standing on the steps of a private jet.

Me and Pops on a world adventure’, Justin captioned the photo, in which he is wearing a black tank top and jeans while his dad sports tracksuit bottoms, a T-shirt and a baseball cap.

Justin & his dad were seen partying in Paris together last week, and they then travelled to Italy.Justin Biener Shaving MustacheThat same day, Justin got rid of his mustache and showed off his baby face to his fans.

It seems Justin wants to have a clean start following his most recent break-up with Selena, and decided to achieve that by shaving off his mustache.

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Justin Bieber Jamie Oliver

Justin Bieber Quit Drinking Alcohol – Making a Cookbook

Justin Bieber Jamie OliverJustin Bieber has reportedly taken the decision to give up alcohol for a British celebrity chef Jamie Oliver’s cookbooks and his girlfriend Selena Gomez.

According to sources, Justin has moved on to the next chapter of his life and wants to put all the “bratty child and bad boy” stuff behind him, which is why he took the decision a few weeks ago to grow up.

An insider tells the Mirror:

Justin has moved on to the next chapter of his life.

He wanted to put all the bratty child and bad boy stuff behind him. So he took the decision a few weeks ago to grow up. He didn’t want to be a naughty kid any more and recently has been so good. He has given up alcohol – he knows it’s not good for him.

In 2013 and the start of 2014, which he regards as a bad time for him, he hung around with some pretty undesirable people.

That has all gone. Now he sees one of his old gang, Lil Twist, but only in his home. He has found a true hobby in cooking and has built up a collection of recipe books.

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Video: Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Spend The Season In The Caribbean

Justin Bieber Selena Gomez CaribbeanAfter suffering an injury to the eardrum which is visibly recovering very well, Justin Bieber decided to seek refuge in an island paradise, Saint Martin in the Caribbean.

Justin Bieber shared an Instagram snap of himself with girlfriend Selena Gomez in a rural setting and then deleted it.Selena was sitting atop a stone bench facing the town and water and was looking over her right shoulder at Justin holding up his cell phone toward her.

Singer and Patrick Nilsson published photos and videos of stay at the site, where is accompanying the singer and actress Selena Gomez . A photo of Justin and Selena enjoying the scenery of the place was also published by the user “ldubzs” on Instagram.Justin Bieber Caribbean

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