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‘The Expendables 3′ Movie Stars Want Justin Bieber for the Next Film

justin bieber expendablesWith The Expendables 3 hitting theaters recently, many fans are already looking forward to the next movie and who will show up to join the team. But one name floating around seems to have everyone perplexed. In a recent interview with the actors of the movie “The Expendables 3″ , the reporter from Entertainment Tonight asked Wesley Snipes , Jason Satatham and Sylvester Stallone on the possible role of singer Justin Bieber‘s next feature film of the saga.

The actors answered questions and making jokes about Sylvester Stallone added that “anything is possible”

“We need someone to stir the tea,” joked Jason Statham.

Watch video below: ET asked the current stars about the rumors that Justin will make an appearance in the Expendables film and their reaction was priceless!

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selena gomez behaving badly justin bieber

VIDEO: Justin Bieber’s Girlfriend Selena Gomez Arrested, Is Good Girl Gone Bad In ‘Behaving Badly’ Movie Trailer

selena gomez behaving badly justin bieberNewest trailer for Behaving Badly shows pop star Selena Gomez getting arrested after showing up to a wild party full of half-naked young women. It turns out, her character was just in the wrong place at the wrong time! This movie preview also addresses a lot of topics ranging from German Nun Porn to a teacher seducing a student. With a release date set for August 1, 2014, Gomez’s new movie certainly has it all!

Similar to her Spring Breakers character, it looks like Gomez is partying with the wrong people, which gets her in trouble. This time around, she’s in a comedy so the stakes are a bit lower but much more laughable.

Watch this brand new trailer right here:

As you can tell from the trailer, this new 2014 comedy looks like another teen comedy via the early 2000s, but we haven’t had one of those in a while so it could be fun!

Let us know what you think of this new trailer in the comments section below!

Here is a synopsis of the movie:

In this fast-paced, outrageously funny, all-star romp, socially awkward high schooler Rick Stevens (Nat Wolff) is willing to do whatever it takes to win the heart of the girl of his dreams… and he does mean anything. But love’s a bitch! Particularly when your sights are set on the most beautiful and popular girl at school (teen queen and pop superstar Selena Gomez).

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Believe Movie: Exclusive First 10 Minutes Of The Justin Bieber Movie

justin bieber believe  official movie previewJustin Bieber’s Believe Movie , became the most-watched premiere in Argentina and Chile, on its release. The documentary brings new footage of the tour “Believe“, behind the scenes footage and interviews of Justin Bieber , team members, friends and family addressing the controversies and rumors surrounding the singer between 2012 and 2013. Despite several controversies and problems with the law, the Beliebers have always been on the side of the star and show support to him through social networks, sending an avalanche of positive messages.

To all who contributed to the amazing success that will please all fans of Justin Bieber and the singer himself: The film “Believe” won total sum of $502,469,000 in Italy, and it allowed Italy climb the rankings of countries they liked the movie and win the bronze medal.

To promote the start of sales, the official YouTube channel of the film, released a 10-minute preview of the latest film by Justin Bieber. Watch the player below:

Note: Watch This video on Youtube, Playback on our website is diabled.

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justin bieber selena gomez behaving badly

Video: Justin Bieber Makes Participation In Selena Gomez Movie ‘Behaving Badly’

justin bieber selena gomez behaving badlyIn 2012 the singer and actress Selena Gomez recorded scenes from the movie “Behaving Badly” , where she starred alongside actor to Nat Wolff and during the recording of the movie Selena received a visit from Justin Bieber on the set, but the passage of the Canadian superstar studio was not just a visit, Bieber also recorded a cameo in the film and years later the information only came to light on after a fan in the UK had access to the digital version of the film and published in the stretch Bieber appears. Watch the player below:

Selena Gomez – Behaving Badly “Official Trailer 2014″

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justin bieber believe movie

Top 10 Countries Where Justin Bieber Believe Movie Had More Success

justin bieber believe movieThe new film by Justin BieberJustin Bieber’s Believe had its premiere in Italy and as a result, fans crowded movie theater and sales success led the country to occupy the # 3 in the ranking of countries they liked the scenes documentary that brings the Believe Tour and reports from friends, team members, and Justin himself in an interview as the most sincere of his entire career. Check out more details and the ranking of the 10 countries where the “Believe Movie” was more successful: Continue reading

Justin Bieber Never Say Never Movie

Justin Bieber First Documentary “Never Say Never”, Complete 3 Years

Justin Bieber Never Say Never MovieThe first documentary of Justin Bieber, “Never Say Never“, complete 3 years since its debut in the United States. The film shown in 3D in theaters worldwide, shows the trajectory of the singer since his childhood, when he discovered his musical gifts, until the moment it is discovered by her current manager, Scooter Braun, through the channel Kidrauhl on Youtube in which Justin covers.

The film, directed by Jon Chu , still portrays moments of the beginning of the career of Bieber, when it had not yet achieved worldwide fame, and leaves his hometown in Canada moving to Atlanta in search of his dream. Another important point of the documentary is the countdown to the first presentation of Justin in one of the largest arenas in the world, New York: Madison Square Garden, the realization of a dream of Justin. Watch The Video!

justin bieber believe movie

Believe Movie: Justin Bieber Is The Most Watched Premiere In Argentina And Chile

justin bieber believe movieThe movie Justin Bieber’s Believe , became the most-watched premiere in Argentina and Chile, on its release. The documentary brings new footage of the tour “Believe“, behind the scenes footage and interviews of Justin Bieber , team members, friends and family addressing the controversies and rumors surrounding the singer between 2012 and 2013.

In Argentina, more than 30,000 fans bought tickets not to miss the launch, and  stood in front of releases like “Frozen: Frozen Adventures,” “The Mystery of Happiness” and “I, Frankenstein”.

In Chile, the documentary also ranked first on launch day and soon the distributor Diamond Films Chile , give details and numbers of ticket sales in the country. Continue reading

justin biebers believe movie

More than 20 Thousand Believe Movie Tickets Sold in just 1 Hour In Mexico!

justin biebers believe movieThe new film by Justin BieberBelieve , premiered in Mexico and the tickets for the premiere, which was held on Thursday, January 23, sold out in a matter of days, thanks to about 20 thousand Mexican fans of the singer. In just 1 hour, more than 20 thousand tickets were sold for the movie.

In a press release, the distributor of “Believe” in Mexico, Diamond Films, explained that the anxiety of the fans made the big theater chains also increased the number of rooms available for the official premiere of the film, which took place in Last Friday, January 24

The film includes scenes of Bieber tour, concerts and backstage and also addresses controversial issues involving the singer. “People do not see me as a 19 year old kid … I’m still finding myself, and I’m doing this while the media watch me, I’m learning every day, “ says the singer in the movie. Continue reading

justin bieber expendables 4

Terry Crews: Justin Bieber Will Be in Movie ‘The Expendables 4′

justin bieber expendables 4
Like every big star, Justin Bieber is always willing to adhere to new challenges in its long list of accomplishments during his career, and sometimes comes out of your comfort zone giving life to characters from shows like CSI , among many other cameos, and it looks like 2014 will be no different.

In a recent interview with New York Daily News , the actor Terry Crews , famous for acting in action movies and major comedy film, revealed that the fourth edition of the film “The Expendables” – ( “The Expendables” ), will be attended the singer of 19 years old. “Next, I’m telling you that Justin Bieber is coming to The Expendables 4. This is for real!” said Terry the U.S. newspaper. Continue reading

Believe Movie

Believe Movie: Scott Manson And Other Producers Claim That Justin Bieber Movie Perform Well

Believe MovieThe new movieJustin Bieber‘s Believe , which debuted on December 25 in the United States and also in parts of Europe, Asia and Australia, gaining headlines because of the supposed “flop”, which some critics regard as a failure in the box office. In the most desired film market in the world, the United States, the documentary sold $4.88 million in the first week display, a lower investment of $5 million dollars collection and even smaller than the collection of the 2011 film ,Never Say Never with $12 million dollars collected only on the first day of release. Continue reading