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Justin Bieber & Taylor Swift Perfumes Sales Drop!

justin bieber taylor perfumesA cosmetic company Elizabeth Arden blamed Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift for stinking up financial results in the latest quarter, causing the ‘biggest quarterly loss in the company’s history.’

The loss caused the beauty giant’s stock drop nearly 25 per cent, before the company issued a statement specifically pointing out the duo’s signature scents on Tuesday.

The company said in a statement:

The decline in sales of celebrity fragrances, particularly the Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift fragrances, was steeper than anticipated.

The company posted a loss of nearly $156 million in the past quarter, as well as a loss of $146 million for the the fiscal year ending June 30.

Elizabeth Arden carries JB’s scents, Someday and Girlfriend.

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Justin Bieber Fragrance Collectors Edition 1

Justin Bieber Launches New Fragrance ‘Collector’s Edition’

Justin Bieber Fragrance Collectors Edition 1Fans of Justin Bieber had an amazing novelty, the release of his fourth fragrance, the “Justin Bieber Collector’s Edition” . The perfume is available in packs of 100, 50 and 30ml is sold initially only in the United States and the novelty is a beautiful dedication to the fans, biggest inspiration from the Canadian superstar.

Justin Bieber Fragrance Collectors Edition 2The “Justin Bieber Collector’s Edition” hits stores by Elizabeth Arden , the same company responsible for brands “Someday“,” Girlfriend” and “The Key“, the last three fragrances Justin that respectively add up to a total of four fragrances ever launched by singer throughout his career. The new fragrance arrives on the market with other products composing his line, Rollerball release, a hair spray and a body cream.

For the first time, Justin Bieber has a fragrance collector’s edition , dedicated to the fans who were his biggest inspiration since day one. The most personal fragrance experience of Justin, for the fans feel a connection like never before …

Justin Bieber Fragrance Collectors Edition 3Sparkling and bright, with an energetic burst of fruit mouthwatering, the newest fragrance of Justin Bieber captivates and inspires instantly. Essence reveals a floral bouquet while the creamy, dry flourishing of sensual musk and warm amber always leave you thinking about Justin.

justin bieber next girlfriend

Justin Bieber Fragrance ‘Next Girlfriend’ Photos Are Disclosed

justin bieber next girlfriendIn 2014, Justin Bieber released in the United States a limited edition of her fragrance “Girlfriend”, called “Next Girlfriend” and on some days the scent will reach the UK and other European countries from end of February., it is a new edition of the already released “Girlfriend”, but that plus a new design, the perfume also has a new smell in his composition. Continue reading

Justin bieber Fragrance Girlfriend 2

Justin Bieber Is Launching A New Edition Fragrance ‘Girlfriend’

Justin bieber Fragrance Girlfriend 2Yes, after the Someday , Girlfriend and The Key , according to Justin Bieber Fragrances UK & IRE , on 16 February will be a 4th fragrance launched the Canadian superstar also showed the picture of the ‘new’ fragrance, it is a new edition of the already released “Girlfriend”, but that plus a new design, the perfume also has a new smell in his composition.The page that promotes the scents of Justin Bieber in the UK announced the novelty and mystery as did the appearance and name of the new perfume. Check the photo with caption Continue reading

Justin bieber Proactiv

Proactiv Clarifies Comments On Spines Of Justin Bieber In His Arrest Mugshot

Justin bieber Proactiv“Proactiv” company products against acne, for which Justin Bieber was the poster boy beginning of his stardom, which would have clarified a statement made ​​in an interview with “TMZ”, where the story was published with a content of mockery on the part of the mark in relation to acne that Justin showed the photograph he took for his criminal record in prison.

“The Proactiv is proud to have a strong relationship with the fans of our celebrities. Drs Katie Rodan and Kathy Field’s are dedicated to helping people take control of their acne and it does not stop at the end of a sponsorship deal,” the company said in a statement to E! News. “Justin If you are interested in receiving Proactiv products, we would be happy to work with your team to deliver the products you need it.”

The Proactiv also clarified some comments on recent reports that revolve around the arrest of Bieber, who brought a level of criticism regarding the Proactiv acne that Bieber has shown in his mugshot. Continue reading

justin bieber lil twist

Justin Bieber gives up the partnership to create the clothing line ‘Wild Kidz’ with Lil Twist

justin bieber lil twistWith the huge influence not only in the musical world, but also as a style icon for many young people, a few months ago the singer Justin Bieber was considering the possibility of creating a clothing line whose brand given the name “Wild Kidz” . For those who do not know, the term “Wild Kidz” was widely used by Canadian 19-year-old in the company of friends rappers, Lil Twist and Lil Za, in moments of enjoyment experienced by them.

According to a report published by TMZ, the possibility of the creation of the new brand was officially ruled out, since according to some relationship problems between Bieber and Twist, the rapper decided to create the brand  ” WILD Kidz “ , owning the copyright to the same.  Continue reading

Justin Bieber The Key Short Film

VIDEO: Justin Bieber The Key Short Film #UnlockTheDream

Justin Bieber The Key Short FilmJustin Bieber published a poster for a “short film” he’s releasing for his perfume The Key. The perfume bottle and silk sheets are on the bottom half of the poster, but the top half introduces an entirely new element into the campaign: a girl who is not asleep, dreamin’ of Justin, but awake.

The Key short film is directed by Peter Glanz. The full-length of THE KEY short film (or commercial) will drop on November 23rd. Watch The Video!

justin bieber spend smart card

VIDEO: Justin Bieber is the ambassador SpendSmart and give financial tips for young

justin bieber spend smart cardBeing the artist’s most followed on Twitter and having extraordinary numbers of views and followers on social networks, the name of Justin Bieber is always linked to adolescents and jovens.Tal fact makes the image of the star involved in advertising to such an audience. An example is theSpendSmart Payments , company supported by Bieber since the beginning of the year.

A SpendSmart Payments is a company that aims to financial education of adolescents and their families, with tips and tools on how to manage their resources responsibly and with a lot of students who receive financial aid for higher education.  Participation in Justin Campaign continues to be made ​​through videos where the star encourages young people and their families to begin planning financial education early. Watch The Video!