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Justin Bieber Sings ‘Nothing Like Us’ & MJ’’s ‘The Way You Make Me Feel’

justin bieber singingJustin Bieber was in a creative, and possibly lovesick, state of mind, he updated his account on Vine , Instagram and Fahlo videos with singing and playing guitar. The singer made ​​the day after fans posted videos singing one of the great successes of his idol’s song, “The Way You Make Me Feel” of Michael Jackson .

The singer also showed how much has devoted his spare time to the music, to showcase their vocal singing “Nothing Like Us” and doing some guitar solos. Check out the videos in the player below:

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Justin Singing ‘Ring Of Fire’ and ‘Talkin’ Bout a Revolution’ -VIDEO

Justin Singing Talkin Bout a RevolutionJustin Bieber took time out to sing Tracy Chapman’s “Talkin’ Bout a Revolution” and Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire”. Honestly, their voices are pretty close to that deep, Cash level pitch, even if they didn’t do the full song. Justin updated his account on Instagram app with two new videos singing hits from other musicians. In one video the singer appears alongside his friend and also a singer, Khalil and sings ‘Ring of Fire’, Johnny Cash and another video that was deleted moments later by Bieber, the star sings ‘Talkin ‘Bout A Revolution’, success of Tracy Chapman. Check out the videos by clicking the players below:

“We wake up singin good ol johny cash @khalil came with with the crazy tone lol,” JB wrote about the video.

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LISTEN: Justin Bieber Teases 11 New Songs From His New Album

justin bieber new songsJustin Bieber teases an album’s worth of new song on his Instagram. He took to the social media app and released 15-second clips of 11 new songs that he’s been working on, and fans are freaking out. Justin didn’t offer any other information behind the music yet, and most of them don’t even have a song title.

Justin Bieber decided to gift his fans with excerpts from several of the long-awaited new musical productions. The star of 20 years has been dedicated to a work routine in studios for a long period, producing songs that should be on his next album, still no release date scheduled, and shared snippets of new songs through videos which were published in his account in the app Instagram .

The musical maturation of the Canadian stays sharp to hear the melodies and lyrics of new hits that have not even been released and are already making the biggest hit among their army of fans. The new songs impressed the more than 17 million followers of Bieber in the app, with good beats and varied styles the singer showed his talent as a musician again. Justin released 11 previews of what’s to come, and anxiety for the release of the new album only increases.

He just recorded the image of a studio soundboard as he moves the camera along to the beat of the song playing in the background. The only tidbit Justin shared concerning any upcoming project was a tweet that read, “Great night in the studio.

Listen the clips of 11 songs below. Even though they’re each only 15-seconds, it’s already pretty clear that Justin’s next album is going to be fire.

Justin Bieber Attends And Sings At The Wedding Of Scooter Braun And Yael 1

Video: Justin Bieber Attends And Sings At The Wedding Of Scooter Braun And Yael

Justin Bieber Attends And Sings At The Wedding Of Scooter Braun And Yael 1Justin Bieber joined several friends to celebrate the wedding of his manager Scooter Braun with the founder and CEO of the organization ‘Fuck Cancer’, Yael Cohen. The big day took place in the town where Yael grew, Vancouver, Canada and grooms with the presence of several friends in common with Justin, among them Alfredo Flores, Kenny Hamilton, Brad Haugen and others. The wedding also featured a private concert of British singer Ed Sheeran . Check out photos of Justin at the wedding in some singer was spotted subtly, just behind the bride and groom and guests:Justin Bieber Attends And Sings At The Wedding Of Scooter Braun And Yael 2 Justin Bieber Attends And Sings At The Wedding Of Scooter Braun And Yael 3 Justin Bieber Attends And Sings At The Wedding Of Scooter Braun And Yael 4

During the ceremony, Justin sang a song dedicated to the newlyweds and after the newlyweds said “yes”, the Canadian still took the stage with singer Carly Rae Jepsen to sing the hit ” Call Me Maybe “. Check the moments in the videos below:

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Video: Justin Bieber Recording ‘Looking For You’ In Hollywood Studio

Justin Bieber Looking For You Studio RecordingReleased a video of Justin Bieber recording the song “Looking For You” in partnership with the rap group, Migos in a studio in Hollywood. The new song was released on his SoundCloud account on the last day 29 May and fell in love from the fans, now you can see behind the scenes of this amazing, clicking on the player below:

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Video: Watch Justin Bieber’s Participation In SB Projects Sunday Funday

Justin Bieber Sb Projects Sunday FundayJustin Bieber made ​​a surprise appearance at SB Projects Sunday Funday , an event promoted by Scooter Braun and featured various artists of SB Projects. The event held in Austin, Texas, had the night even more agitated after Justin took the stage to sing one of the successes of his career, “Boyfriend” and a cover of the song by Ryan Beatty, “Every Little Thing” .

A new video with the HD published on the official channel of SB Project and the performances of Justin begin from the moment 18:20:

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Video: Justin Bieber Makes Surprise Performance At Scooter Braun Event In Texas

Justin Bieber Makes Surprise Performance At Scooter Braun Event In TexasSunday night reserved for surprises Scooter Braun, manager of Justin Bieber, members of SB Projects and the fans of the Canadian superstar. Everything was on schedule until Justin showed up and surprised everyone during the “Sunday Funday Showcase”, held at the bar and restaurant, Banger’s Sausage House & Beer Garden in Austin in Texas and tell with performances by various artists of producer Scooter among them, Cody Simpson, Rixton and Tory Kelly.

Justin appeared on the local side of his ex-girlfriend to the actress and singer, Selena Gomez, but the big moment was yet to come, when he sang the hits “As Long As You Love Me” and “Boyfriend” . Before singing “As Long As You Love Me”, Justin Selena Gomez looked and said, “This next song goes to my love,” while Gomez watched him sing.

So, yeah had to show up and surprise the crowd tonight at # SBPSundayFunday. Did you think I would not? :),” Bieber tweeted earlier. “Fun for onstage with all other artists. Great people. Had to do a little acoustic set. Maybe I should do one more? ;) ” he added.

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jusin bieber baby hits 1billion

Justin Bieber’s Baby Reached 1 Billion Views, Most Watch Clip Ever!

jusin bieber baby hits 1billionAfter months of campaigning that began shy, but gained more strength approaching the 20th anniversary of Justin Bieber, the thousands of fans around the world achieved the goal of reaching one billion views clip for Baby , giving the Canadian superstar his first video with this tag.

Reach 1 billion in a video clip has always been the dream of Justin, “Baby” has lost most viewed post of the story some time to clip the Korean Psy ago, “Gangnam Style” (1.9 billion), but even in the place, the brand has always been a goal of the star, who is now the first teen idol to have a video with this amount of views,  “Every time you break a record I’m happy. Among my achievements on YouTube, ‘Baby’ has more views than any video – of all time. So my next goal is to reach 1 billion views on a video” Justin said during an interview with Rollacoaster Magazine in 2012. Continue reading

justin bieber rap song cannon

Listen: Cannon Full Song, Rap Written By Justin Bieber In 2008

justin bieber rap song cannonBefore joining the music world is known worldwide for his talent, Justin Bieber moved to Atlanta, Georgia in 2008, with the help of his manager Scooter Braun, and the company of his mother, Pattie MalletteThe star had not much experience in the music industry at the time, and was preparing for a bright future. He was new in town and on vacation at the time of change, Bieber did not have many friends, and spent most of the time with jokes and engaging compositions. 

Five years after these events, one of Justin’s friends neighbors on site Boyder , made ​​a revealing publication to know that a song recorded just for fun for him. Watch The Video!

Justin bieber Confident Music video

Justin Bieber – Confident ft. Chance The Rapper Official Music Video

Justin bieber Confident Music videoJustin Bieber has released the official video clip “Confident” , partnership with Chance the Rapper which is part of the latest musical project of Canadian digital album, JournalsDirected by Colin Tilley , the video curiously brings the same actress in the last clip of Justin, “All That Matters“, Cailin Russo , starring the scenes of the video that also brings a lot of dancing in the production filmed in December 2013 in Los Angeles .

The clip was posted to the account of the Bieber VEVO is a new challenge for the army of fans of the star, seeking to recover the record for the most watched video in 24 hours of release. Watch The Music Video!