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Video: Justin Bieber Trains Boxing With Floyd Mayweather in LA

Justin Bieber Boxing training 1Justin Bieber has many important friends in the world of celebrities, among them that the famous American fighter Floyd Mayweather , which the singer has always supported and attended by cheering competitions buddy. The Canadian met with friends in boxing gym Ten Goose in Los Angeles, California, and Floyd reunited to make a coordinated workout by champion. In interviews prior to some vehicles communication, Floyd had spoken of the possibility of coaching Justin, and even claimed that it could become a champion. The training not only made ​​fun of the double but also several people who were present at the site and had the chance to watch the live training, and even pose for photos next to both. Bieber and Floyd published several videos and photos, Shots on apps, Instagram and Vine, with moments of training, and the star told the legend of one of the publications: “Floyd is my coach.” In addition to several local officials who took pictures alongside Justin when some of their close friends who were at the scene as John Shahidi and Dan Kanter also ran photos side of the singer. Check out:

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justin bieber harry styles duet

Fans Want Justin Bieber Do a Duet with Harry Styles! Could this be happen?

justin bieber harry styles duetCould a Justin Bieber and Harry Styles duet be in their future? The collaboration may never come to light, but that didn’t stop fans on Twitter from casting their vote with the hashtag #JustinDoaDuetWithHarryStyles.

There was a full range of emotions attached to the hashtag, with plenty of Beliebers and Directioners supporting the pairing…and others flat out shooting it down.

And then there are the Directioners who, even though they love Harry, called out the fact that Harry is often singled out and 1D is…you know…a whole band? One fan eloquently put it: “Um no I love Justin so much but it’s either ALL THE BOYS or NONE #JustinDoaDuetWithHarryStyles”

Another commented, “#JustinDoaDuetWithHarryStyles how about no. Last time I checked, Harry isn’t a solo artist.”

Check out some of the other comments – would you want One Direction and Justin to collaborate?
jb harry duet

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Justin Bieber Trouble CANADA

Justin Bieber Arrested Again for Dangerous Driving and Assault in Canada -VIDEO

Justin Bieber Trouble CANADAJustin Bieber was arrested again on Aug. 29 in his native Canada, authorities said.

According to the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP), Justin allegedly collided with a minivan while driving an all terrain vehicle. He was charged with dangerous driving and assault.

OPP Constable Kees Wijnands told reporters that the assault charge came after Justin got into an altercation with a man inside the van, while the dangerous driving charge was the result of driving that led to “a danger to the public.”

While Wijnands did not give any more specifics, he did add that another person was on the ATV with Justin at the time of the incident. Paparazzi photos revealed that that same day, he was driving an ATV with his on-again girlfriend, Selena Gomez.

JB’s lawyer, Brian H. Greenspan, told ABC News in a statement:

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez’s peaceful retreat in Stratford this weekend was unfortunately disrupted by the unwelcome presence of paparazzi. This has regrettably resulted in charges of dangerous driving and assault. Mr. Bieber and Ms. Gomez have fully cooperated in the police investigation. We are hopeful that this matter will be quickly resolved.

Another lawyer also defended JB’s actions, saying:

Many celebrities are continually harassed by police. Their privacy is shredded and these incidents can be dangerous. While the public is not particularly sympathetic, they must realise how difficult these cameramen make their lives so I am not surprised there is conflict. It happens quite often, and as long as the paparazzi are highly paid for their photographs, they will continue.

The authorities added that Justin was released shortly thereafter and is scheduled to appear at the Ontario Court of Justice in Stratford on Sept. 29. Wijnands said that it would also be acceptable for an attorney to appear on Justin’s behalf.

According to TMZ, Justin’s latest brush with the law could have serious repercussions, since he’s currently on probation for two years after egging his neighbor’s L.A. house, and it’s possible his Ontario arrest could be seen as a parole violation.

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Justin Bieber Punched By Orlando Bloom

VIDEO: Justin Bieber Punched By Orlando Bloom Argument About Ex-Wife Miranda Kerr At A Restaurant in Ibiza, Spain

Justin Bieber Punched By Orlando Bloom Justin Bieber and British actor Orlando Bloom had a fight, tried to punch  Justin in Ibiza in Spain where the singer embarked for a few days vacation. The reason for the fight was not yet clear, but rumors point that Bieber and Orlando had some unfinished business because the actor was seen with his ex-girlfriend, Selena Gomez earlier this year and Justin also met with the former girlfriend of Orlando, the Model Miranda Kerr, during the “Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show” in 2012. After the fight, Justin posted a picture of Miranda and typed in the caption, “♛” , the photo was deleted moments later and hours later posted again with the same caption. Clearly trying to further irritate the situation then, a photo of Miranda Kerr in a swimsuit and a symbol of a crown like legend.Justin posted picture of Miranda KerrCheck out the video:

Orlando was at Cipriani restaurant, which was packed with even celebrities including Paris Hilton and Daddy, according to witness reports of “TMZ.” You can see Orlando pushing and witnesses claim that when Bieber left the scene bystanders cheered.

Justin-Bieber-posted-photo-crying-ollando-bloomJustin Bieber posted this image of a crying Orlando Bloom on Wednesday, just after an altercation with the actor outside Cipriana restaurant in Ibiza, Spain; it is widely believed the two don’t get along because the 20-year-song got too close to the 37-year-old actor’s wife Miranda Kerr.

The source told us : “Justin was being friendly, and everything was fine But then, Orlando was angry when he saw it was Justin and went to Justin punches..”

“Justin dodged and escaped the blow of Orlando.”

“Within seconds people interfered and there was a pushing and shoving between their entourages.”

“They were eventually separated and Justin, who was being friendly, was for some time outside the restaurant without incident.”

.In recent years, it has been reported that Kerr had been seen on a date with Bieber after the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in 2012.

justin miranda orlando bloom selenaAnd Bloom also has links with the ex Bieber, Selena Gomez; in April, they were seen partying together at the Forum in Los Angeles.

Orlando after having tried his alleged punch, the singer – who was arrested for DUI in Miami earlier this year – “left the restaurant,” according to the site.

Check out a video with the exact moment that Orlando Bloom Justin punches, while the singer walks off guard at the restaurant, but fortunately the security of Orlando Bieber contained and prevented aggression:

Justin Bieber Is Also Filmed While Leaving The Restaurant ‘Cipriani’ In Spain:

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Alicia Tamboia Justin Bieber Superfan Dies In Car Accident At 24

Alicia Tamboia Justin Bieber’s Superfan Dies In Car Accident At 24 Age

Alicia Tamboia Justin Bieber Superfan Dies In Car Accident At 24Alicia Tamboia, a well-known Justin Bieber fan who helped connect other Beliebers with their idol, died in a car accident on Friday. She was 24. Police say Tamboia and Cody Veverka were killed shortly before midnight on I-90 near Albany, New York, when the Volkswagen in which they were passengers hit another vehicle and spun into a tractor-trailer.

Justin Bieber fans from around the world have united together on twitter to trend #RIPAlicia just hours after one of Justin’s most devoted fans tragically lost her life in a car accident just before midnight on July 4 in Guilderland, New York. How very sad.

Alicia Tamboia, a 24-year-old from Wingdale, New York, passed away in a multi-vehicle car accident on July 4 night, reports the Poughkeepsie Journal. She was a 2008 high school graduate and according to her social media accounts, one of Justin Bieber’s most passionate fans. Alicia had met the singer several times at meet and greets after his concerts, according to her social media account photos.

As word spread that Alicia had died, fellow Justin fans started to trend #RIPAlicia on twitter with her meet and greet photos with Justin. From Alicia’s Instagram account, it looks like she met the singer at least five times during the last few years.

Alongside one sweet photo of Alicia and Justin hugging and smiling, she added the caption: “I can’t even think of words…

Alicia had just tweeted about Justin on June 26 with a picture collage. She posted about her favorite singer often — and in May, she even tweeted an email she sent to her coworkers on her last day of work. She had signed off her email with, “When you hear Justin Bieber, I hope you think of me.”

Justin has responded to the twitter trend, but we know he loves his fans dearly. He’s always sweet to fans no matter what is going on in his life. Justin noticed. And in the super-early morning hours of July 6, he tweeted:

#RIPAlicia” to his 52.7 million Twitter followers. Fans were beyond thrilled that Justin honored Alicia in such a public way.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Alicia’s family and friends during this difficult time.

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justin bieber miami jail

Justin Bieber Photos In Miami Jail Are Disclosed

justin bieber miami jailPolice in Miami Beach released new photos of Justin Bieber in prison shortly after he was arrested.Bieber was taken into custody on Jan. 23 after police said he was driving under the influence in Miami Beach.

Exclusive photos released on Tuesday (04), were taken inside the police department in Miami Beach.The photos showing Bieber closely and reveal the amount of tattoos all over the body of the singer. Checkout Photo Gallery!

Justin Bieber Cover Rolling Stone

Justin Bieber Is The Cover Of The Rolling Stone Magazine That Talks About His Controversies

Justin Bieber Cover Rolling StoneJustin Bieber is the new cover of Rolling Stone – but the story about the singer is far from flattering. In a preview of the full article, the magazine says that investigates the attack eggs, bashes, the splits, the resisting arrest and fall-flash of a pop icon.”

. According to the report, people put much of the blame on Bieber’s dad, Jeremy “Your father is not a good influence,” a source tells Rolling Stone. “They are hardly the kind father and son – is more like two best friends. “

According to the magazine, following the arrest of the star in Miami last month, three figures of authority – Bieber’s mentor, Usher, Pattie Mallette his mother and his manager, Scooter Braun – flew to Panama to meet with the singer. Continue reading

justin bieber miami drug test

Footage of Justin Bieber’s Drug Test Finally Gets Released

justin bieber miami drug testA new video of Justin Bieber in prison was released shows that while the singer is heading to a field sobriety test at the police station in Miami.

The singer of 19 years old was stopped by police in Miami, Florida, on January 23, 2014 By doing ‘handle’. Being stopped, he was also charged with driving under the influence, resisting arrest and driving with expired driver’s license. The singer did tests to see if there was alcohol in his blood and the results showed a level well below the legal limit of intoxication. The star who turns 20 on Saturday (01), was and is still a minor, in terms of alcohol consumption in Florida and was also found marijuana and Xanax in his blood. Watch The Video!

jusin bieber baby hits 1billion

Justin Bieber’s Baby Reached 1 Billion Views, Most Watch Clip Ever!

jusin bieber baby hits 1billionAfter months of campaigning that began shy, but gained more strength approaching the 20th anniversary of Justin Bieber, the thousands of fans around the world achieved the goal of reaching one billion views clip for Baby , giving the Canadian superstar his first video with this tag.

Reach 1 billion in a video clip has always been the dream of Justin, “Baby” has lost most viewed post of the story some time to clip the Korean Psy ago, “Gangnam Style” (1.9 billion), but even in the place, the brand has always been a goal of the star, who is now the first teen idol to have a video with this amount of views,  “Every time you break a record I’m happy. Among my achievements on YouTube, ‘Baby’ has more views than any video – of all time. So my next goal is to reach 1 billion views on a video” Justin said during an interview with Rollacoaster Magazine in 2012. Continue reading