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Pattie Mallette Defends Mariah Carey from the Media’s Hate

jb pattie tmzJustin Bieber’s mom Pattie Mallette was called out on Twitter on for nit defending her son Justin Bieber against the media — and gave a very interesting response.

The exchange happened after Pattie accused TMZ of exploiting Mariah Carey’s problematic tour kick-off, writing to the site:

Wow, @TMZ really?? That’s just mean. Didn’t your mama teach you better than to pick on others? You’re a role model, teach compassion! #GenerationChange #HumiliatingSomeoneIsntNews “@TMZ: Mariah Carey — MAJOR Voice Problems During Concert in Japan”

A fan then responded to Pattie’s tweet, questioning; “You stick up for mariah carey but you won’t stick up for your son when tmz drags him?”

TMZ, of course, and plenty of other outlets have been accused of capitalizing on Bieber’s troubles, and Mallette hasn’t said much publicly about her son’s up-and-down year.

Pattie then explained in her reply:

I have to restrain myself. Trust me I am picking my battles.
I hate reading stuff about him too TRUST ME.
But lets not allow people to be bullied when they are down.
#PrayInstead! #WhoAreWeToJudge #GenerationChange #LoveWins

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justin bieber mick jagger lenny kravits

Justin Bieber Hanging Out With Mick Jagger And Lenny Kravitz

justin bieber mick jagger lenny kravitsJustin Bieber was at the reopening of the restaurant and club, L’Arc in Paris, France. The singer was photographed alongside several names, including the lead singer of the legendary band The Rolling Stones, Mick Jagger and singers Lenny Kravitz and Cyril Peret.

Not totally sure what brought them together, but if there is a musical collaboration in the trio’s future count us IN. Supposedly, the picture was taken at L’Arc in Paris, which makes sense because he was there for Fashion Week.justin bieber paris

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justin bieber harry styles duet

Fans Want Justin Bieber Do a Duet with Harry Styles! Could this be happen?

justin bieber harry styles duetCould a Justin Bieber and Harry Styles duet be in their future? The collaboration may never come to light, but that didn’t stop fans on Twitter from casting their vote with the hashtag #JustinDoaDuetWithHarryStyles.

There was a full range of emotions attached to the hashtag, with plenty of Beliebers and Directioners supporting the pairing…and others flat out shooting it down.

And then there are the Directioners who, even though they love Harry, called out the fact that Harry is often singled out and 1D is…you know…a whole band? One fan eloquently put it: “Um no I love Justin so much but it’s either ALL THE BOYS or NONE #JustinDoaDuetWithHarryStyles”

Another commented, “#JustinDoaDuetWithHarryStyles how about no. Last time I checked, Harry isn’t a solo artist.”

Check out some of the other comments – would you want One Direction and Justin to collaborate?
jb harry duet

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Student's phone number linked to Bieber

After Phone Number Linked to Justin Bieber, Milwaukeean Girl Receives 400 Calls A day

Student's phone number linked to BieberA Milwaukee college student, Jackie Ratelle says that her phone number was tweeted out by unknown person and linked to Justin Bieber. For the last 24 hours her phone has been ringing off the hook.

Jackie tells Fox6Now:

I got another one this morning from Texas as I was just getting ready for school.

A little bit beyond me, I didn’t expect it. I was a little more confused that it was Canada and Colombia.

The calls and texts started pouring in to her cracked iPhone. They came in from everywhere — domestic and abroad — 400 in less than a half day — and they’re driving her phone bill up.

Now Ratelle is trying to determine whether she needs a new phone number.

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justin bieber billboard social 50 top

Billboard Social 50: Justin Bieber Takes 1st Place For The 18th Consecutive Week

justin bieber billboard social 50 topAway from the stage and disputes releases 2014, Justin Bieber coming through his season of ‘vacation’ receiving support from fans and friends and enjoying with beautiful women, while preparing his next album, slated for release later this year but no confirmed date yet.

Even taking a different artists that top the list of famous routine magazine Billboard, the “Social 50” , the Canadian star of 20 years remains undefeated and leads the top of the charts 18 consecutive weeks, and also the highlight of the week 26 July .

After Bieber, names like Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, Shakira, Beyonce and One Direction are on the list of the most popular musicians in social media this week.

The “Billboard Social 50″ list ranks the most popular artists on YouTube, Vevo, Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, Wikipedia, MySpace and Instagram.

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Video: Justin Bieber With Friends Disclose Moments Walk In Runyon Canyon Park

Justin Bieber Runyon Canyon ParkJustin Bieber was at Runyon Canyon Park in Los Angeles, California, taking a walk with friends. Beside Khalil and Lil Za, Justin recorded several videos on Instagram and fun time on the tanning Canadian star commented on his Twitter microblogging account:

Have fun in life and don’t take things so seriously. Be yourself no matter what people think. @khalil today was dope!!

Check out:Justin video on Instagram with his best buddies; Khalil & Lil Za:

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Justin Bieber With Belieber

‘Do Not Mess With The Beliebers’ Justin Bieber Fan Harassed By A Guy, Then Warned By Justin

Justin Bieber With BelieberJustin Bieber was at the Sherman Oaks Castle Park , Los Angeles and after a fun time at the site, the Canadian superstar met some fans who waited at the place and finally have the time and photos with the idol. The lucky enthusiastically shared the record of the meeting with Justin in their accounts on the microblogging site Twitter.

Fans reported that Justin was also accompanied by a model Yovanna Ventura and producer Poo Bear during his visit, and although some fans think that Justin would change his attitude or not meet the fans because it was accompanied, he was very friendly and had his time with fans while waiting in the car Yovanna.

It has also assisted the fans, just before leaving the batting cage at Castle Park, Justin got angry with a guy who was harassing him and especially his fans, according to reports from one of the fans on site, Alondra , “ A guy was imitating the reaction of Beliebers know when Justin. This guy was also making fun of us because we were waiting to meet with Justin, and that was when he defended us ” , according to fan the singer was the man who was pestering her fans questioning, ridiculing and making the same gestures trying to imitate the cries and the euphoria of Bieber admirers when they meet.

On Twitter, Justin also left in defense of the fans and warned in a tweet not fumbling with their fans. Check out:

Then the Canadian superstar who maintain a faithful and long relationship with their fans also complained the rude gesture guy. According to another fan, the man allegedly tried to even get into the batting cage that Bieber was being very abusive, but Justin kept his cool and education. Check out the tweet from the singer with the comment that was deleted minutes later by the same:justin bieber tweet

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Alicia Tamboia Justin Bieber Superfan Dies In Car Accident At 24

Alicia Tamboia Justin Bieber’s Superfan Dies In Car Accident At 24 Age

Alicia Tamboia Justin Bieber Superfan Dies In Car Accident At 24Alicia Tamboia, a well-known Justin Bieber fan who helped connect other Beliebers with their idol, died in a car accident on Friday. She was 24. Police say Tamboia and Cody Veverka were killed shortly before midnight on I-90 near Albany, New York, when the Volkswagen in which they were passengers hit another vehicle and spun into a tractor-trailer.

Justin Bieber fans from around the world have united together on twitter to trend #RIPAlicia just hours after one of Justin’s most devoted fans tragically lost her life in a car accident just before midnight on July 4 in Guilderland, New York. How very sad.

Alicia Tamboia, a 24-year-old from Wingdale, New York, passed away in a multi-vehicle car accident on July 4 night, reports the Poughkeepsie Journal. She was a 2008 high school graduate and according to her social media accounts, one of Justin Bieber’s most passionate fans. Alicia had met the singer several times at meet and greets after his concerts, according to her social media account photos.

As word spread that Alicia had died, fellow Justin fans started to trend #RIPAlicia on twitter with her meet and greet photos with Justin. From Alicia’s Instagram account, it looks like she met the singer at least five times during the last few years.

Alongside one sweet photo of Alicia and Justin hugging and smiling, she added the caption: “I can’t even think of words…

Alicia had just tweeted about Justin on June 26 with a picture collage. She posted about her favorite singer often — and in May, she even tweeted an email she sent to her coworkers on her last day of work. She had signed off her email with, “When you hear Justin Bieber, I hope you think of me.”

Justin has responded to the twitter trend, but we know he loves his fans dearly. He’s always sweet to fans no matter what is going on in his life. Justin noticed. And in the super-early morning hours of July 6, he tweeted:

#RIPAlicia” to his 52.7 million Twitter followers. Fans were beyond thrilled that Justin honored Alicia in such a public way.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Alicia’s family and friends during this difficult time.

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Social 50 Billboard Justin Bieber Takes 1st Place

Billboard Social 50: Justin Bieber Takes 1st Place For The 14th Consecutive Week

Social 50 Billboard Justin Bieber Takes 1st PlaceWhile preparing new musical projects, Justin Bieber still remains the musician most interest of users in social networks and ensuring comes first in the list of famous magazine Billboard , the “Billboard Social 50“, for nearly 4 months without interruption.

The Canadian superstar 20 years leading the charts list the week of June 21 and continues unbeaten 14 consecutive weeks ago, ahead of names like 5 Seconds Of Summer, Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, and Ariana Grande.

The news about Justin highlight this week was the report of “TMZ”, confirming that the singer was baptized earlier this month during its passage in New York which also yielded many comments about the star on social networks.

The “Billboard Social 50″ list ranks the most popular artists on YouTube, Vevo, Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, Wikipedia, MySpace and Instagram.

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Billboard Social 50: Justin Bieber Takes The #1 Spot

Billboard Social 50: Justin Bieber Takes #1 Spot For The 13th Consecutive Week

Billboard Social 50: Justin Bieber Takes The #1 SpotIn a season of ‘holiday’, Justin Bieber has been enjoying the time to have fun and reconnect with friends and family, but nothing beats the time that the Canadian star has been devoting his time recording in the studio. Bieber is preparing his next album to be released later this year, but between the release of a song or other independent and power of his public interest that figure represents the social networks, the singer is the leader of the Billboard Social 50, list of famous magazine “Billboard” that measures the popularity of musicians on the internet.

Among the artists who are touring and releasing music videos and albums, Bieber has been unsurpassed in the past 13 weeks, occupying the #1 spot on the list in the week of, showing that even without new projects launched, its power as musician continues stronger than ever.

The “Billboard Social 50″ list ranks the most popular artists on YouTube, Vevo, Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, Wikipedia, MySpace and Instagram.

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