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Pink Urges Selena Gomez To End with Justin Bieber and Move On!

pink selena gomezPink and Selena Gomez chatted recently at The Ellen Show backstage and the “So What” singer reportedly dropped a subtle hint that Selena should ditch Justin Bieber and move on, Dish Nation has exclusively learned.

According to DN, a source said Pink & Selena hung out backstage, adding that the Disney alum was “stoked” to chat with Pink as she has always looked up to her.

Seemingly, the fuss PETA supporter Pink made in 2011 about horses being painted Pink for Selena’s “I Love You Like A Love Song” video, was all forgotten.

The insider allegedly reveals:

Selena admires Pink for everything she’s accomplished and her insanely successful career.

She’s also not oblivious to the fact that Pink and her husband Carey [Hart] broke up for a while before eventually reconciling and having a baby together.

Selena and Justin have been on and off for like four years, so she felt like Pink would understand their love. But she wasn’t exactly supportive, and basically told Selena she should end it with Bieber once and for all, and just focus on herself.

WATCH VIDEO: Pink Urges Selena Gomez To Cut Off Ties With Justin Bieber.

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Video: ‘She Is Beautiful’ Justin Bieber Is Asked About Selena Gomez

justin bieber asked about selena gomezWhile leaving the restaurant Flavor Of India in Los Angeles. Justin Bieber was asked by a paparazzo about the actress and singer Selena Gomez. Besides confirming that Selena is “pretty”, Bieber also asked the paparazzi to draw their pictures, so that they did not need to do anything dangerous, fearing that photographers followed her car recklessly in pursuit of pictures, as has occurred in other times. Check out the video:

Paparazzo: Hey Justin, do you think Selena Gomez is a Beautiful Woman?

Paparazzo: You still think Selena Gomez is a Beautiful Woman?

Justin : She is very beautiful.

Security: Stop it …

Justin : They can take pictures and everything, but make certain they are gentle. Do not worry man, I just want to make sure that this will be something positive and not dangerous.

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Video: ‘You Look Like Princess Jasmine’, Justin Bieber With Model Jacqueline Younis

Justin Bieber With Model Jacqueline YounisModel Jacqueline Younis caught the attention of Justin Bieber while the singer went through Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles, California. The beauty Jacqueline caught the attention of Canadian star who stopped the car to compliment it, commenting that Jacqueline “seems Princess Jasmine”, comparing the young character in the movie Aladdin, Disney, while the model participated in a photo shoot for clothing brand Festoun. Check out the video below:

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Justin Bieber Thanks To Beliebers For ‘U Smile’ Vevo Certified

justin bieber u smileJustin Bieber received his 14th VEVO Certified, after reaching the milestone of 100 million views on video “U Smile” .

The certificate of VEVO is a way of honoring the music videos, and has been forming a ranking of artists who reached over 100 million views in its productions on the platform. With the record, Justin tied with the 2nd artist that received certificates of VEVO. Katy Perry, who also has 14 on her list. The singers are second only to singer Rihanna, who has 19 Certifieds VEVO.

Justin has not ceased to devote winning the support of their fans, who watched the video for months in search of the 100 million mark and went to his Twitter microblogging account to do this. Check out: “@VEVO, thanks to my Beliebers.”

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Justin Bieber Sings ‘Nothing Like Us’ & MJ’’s ‘The Way You Make Me Feel’

justin bieber singingJustin Bieber was in a creative, and possibly lovesick, state of mind, he updated his account on Vine , Instagram and Fahlo videos with singing and playing guitar. The singer made ​​the day after fans posted videos singing one of the great successes of his idol’s song, “The Way You Make Me Feel” of Michael Jackson .

The singer also showed how much has devoted his spare time to the music, to showcase their vocal singing “Nothing Like Us” and doing some guitar solos. Check out the videos in the player below:

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Justin Bieber and Lil Twist Reunited Back – VIDEO

justinbieber liltwistJustin Bieber is bringing Lil Twist back into his life. The two’s seen leaving Playhouse restaurant in Hollywood last night, and fortunately Justin was the one to get behind the wheel.


Justin’s manager, Scooter Braun, kicked Twist out of Bieber’s house following his DUI arrest, and for a while it seemed that JB was intent on keeping his distance from the trouble making rapper.Justin Bieber lil-twist back together
But now it seems Justin just doesn’t know how to quit Twist, and the rapper Instagrammed a photo of the two of them together last night, along with a caption reading, “Just like that…we’re back…leaving a great dinner with my lil brother @justinbieber #Family

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OMG! Floyd Mayweather Beat Justin Bieber with a Baseball Bat in a Boxing Ring – VIDEO

mayweather bieber boxing-baseball batNew Footage has surfaced of Justin Bieber beaten with a baseball bat in the boxing ring with Floyd Mayweather Jr., and given his history, it’s a whole new kind of fight for the Biebs.

Justin & Mayweather have actually been pals for a couple of years now. Recall in 2012 when he first entered the ring with the heavyweight champion in Las Vegas, along with 50 Cent and WWE wrestler Triple H. The motley crew escorted Mayweather into the ring.

WATCH VIDEO BELOW: Justin Bieber’s Boxing Lessons With Boxing Campion Floyd Mayweather, but it looks like things might not be going too well – CONAN on TBS

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Video: Justin Bieber Trains Boxing With Floyd Mayweather in LA

Justin Bieber Boxing training 1Justin Bieber has many important friends in the world of celebrities, among them that the famous American fighter Floyd Mayweather , which the singer has always supported and attended by cheering competitions buddy. The Canadian met with friends in boxing gym Ten Goose in Los Angeles, California, and Floyd reunited to make a coordinated workout by champion. In interviews prior to some vehicles communication, Floyd had spoken of the possibility of coaching Justin, and even claimed that it could become a champion. The training not only made ​​fun of the double but also several people who were present at the site and had the chance to watch the live training, and even pose for photos next to both. Bieber and Floyd published several videos and photos, Shots on apps, Instagram and Vine, with moments of training, and the star told the legend of one of the publications: “Floyd is my coach.” In addition to several local officials who took pictures alongside Justin when some of their close friends who were at the scene as John Shahidi and Dan Kanter also ran photos side of the singer. Check out:

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‘He Really Is A Good Kisser And Still Sweet’, Jasmine Talks About ‘Baby’ And Relationship With Justin Bieber

justin bieber jasmine villegas babyJasmine Villegas, who starred in the music video “Baby” alongside Justin Bieber and opened some shows the My World Tour, said in a recent radio interview with HOT 97 as it was recording the video and also some details about their short relationship with the star and why the relationship has ended. Check out the interview:

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