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Justin bieber Confident Music video

Justin Bieber – Confident ft. Chance The Rapper Official Music Video

Justin bieber Confident Music videoJustin Bieber has released the official video clip “Confident” , partnership with Chance the Rapper which is part of the latest musical project of Canadian digital album, JournalsDirected by Colin Tilley , the video curiously brings the same actress in the last clip of Justin, “All That Matters“, Cailin Russo , starring the scenes of the video that also brings a lot of dancing in the production filmed in December 2013 in Los Angeles .

The clip was posted to the account of the Bieber VEVO is a new challenge for the army of fans of the star, seeking to recover the record for the most watched video in 24 hours of release. Watch The Music Video!

justin bieber journals album

Justin Bieber Journals Album Is One of The Best Sellers Of 2013 On Itunes

justin bieber journals albumThe Journals , the latest album by Justin Bieber just released digitally on iTunes on December 23, joined the list of best-selling albums of iTunes in 2013. The singer was ranked #3 on the list that brings albums released over time, and even most recently, held a position in the ranking of the success of iTunes this year. Below is the list of the TOP 10 best selling albums in iTunes: Continue reading

justin bieber journals

Journals: Justin Bieber Album Reaches #1 On Itunes In Over 46 Countries In Less Than 24 Hours

justin bieber journalsIn the early hours of Monday (23), was launched the new digital album of Justin Bieber on iTunes .Once available for sale, the Journals left fans even more delighted with the new musical project of Justin, especially after hearing the 5 unreleased tracks and be surprised with a bonus track available for free by Justin, as a Christmas present for their fans.

In less than an hour, the “Journals” has occupied the #1 spot on iTunes all around the world, which reached the top just over 1 hour later. In total, the “Journals” held the #1 spot in over 46 countries in less than 24 hours of release. Check below the list of some countries Continue reading

Justin Bieber Music Journals

Listen: Justin Bieber One Life, Backpack, What’s Hatnin, Swap It Out And Memphis Song with Lyrics!

Justin Bieber Music JournalsIn the early hours of Monday (23), was made ​​available on iTunes the full digital album from Justin Bieber , the Journals , plus three videos, the collection features 5 new songs: “One Life”, “Backpack” (feat . Lil Wayne), “What’s Hatnin ‘” (feat. Future), “Swap It Out” and “Memphis” (feat. Big Sean) .

The team JB Musicx prepared a special post with 5 songs for you to check all the details of these unprecedented successes, with audio and lyrics for each. Remember that your buying songs on iTunes support is crucial to the success of this project.

The 6th track, which is a bonus on the album is called “Flatline”,  and you can check out the audio, lyrics and link to download by clicking here .

Check out the audio and lyrics of unreleased tracks from the Journals: Checkout All Songs!

justin bieber flatline song

Listen: Justin Bieber “Flatline” Song with Lyrics!

justin bieber flatline songJustin Bieber promised a surprise, is actually a Christmas present! A few days ago the star announced on his Twitter account that would be delaying the launch of its digital album, Journals , scheduled for December 16 to be available on iTunes, because it had recorded an extra song that would be released together with “Journals” on the new date, December 23. As promised, a bonus song called, “Flatline” and was made ​​available for free as a Christmas gift from Justin to his fans worldwide. Check out the link to download the song and listen on the player below: Checkout song!

justin bieber confident

Listen: Justin Bieber “Confident” Song with Lyrics!

justin bieber confidentJustin Bieber has released the tenth and final single from his project Music Journals , “Confident” , a partnership with Chance The Rapper , which promises to be another huge success. After being officially released on iTunes, hit caught the attention of many fans of the singer on the basis of lyrical content. Apart from a differentiated and stirred melody, “Confident”in his letter brings a more mature side of the star, reporting sensual moments. 

Check out the audio and the complete lyrics of“Confident”: Watch The Video!

justin bieber new music

VIDEOS: Justin Bieber updates with new music and pre-date new release

justin bieber new musicAfter finishing with the anxiety of the fans awaited ‘ Heartbreaker ‘, Justin Bieber returned to make suspense, with another song that should be part of the 10 releases Music Mondays, where a new song will be released every Monday. 

The star updated her account at app Instagram with a video where his managerScooter Braun , voicing appears prior to a new Canadian music. Check out: Watch The Video!

justin bieber heartbreaker-new-music

#MusicMondays: Justin Bieber to Release New Song Each Week for 10 Weeks!

justin bieber heartbreaker-new-musicThe information that millions of fans of Justin Bieber  were both expected disclosed by Canadian singer, producer involved in the project, your team members and friends: The exact date of the launch of Heartbreaker ! The song will be released at 00:00 the day October 06 .

# MusicMondays – 10 new music every Monday!

In addition to the release date of the song should be the first single from her upcoming studio album called Music Journals , Justin also mentioned in one of his tweets tags #MusicMondays  #10weeks meaning “Music on Mondays” and “10 weeks “ , ie, Justin plans to release a song every Monday for 10 weeks and by the end of the year fans can hear 10 new songs with so much effort and dedication has been tirelessly preparing the singer in the studio a few months ago. Continue reading

justin bieber music

Justin Bieber’s New Music & Movie Coming Soon, But How Soon?

justin bieber musicBeliebers won’t have to wait much longer to hear new tunes from Justin Bieber. Manager Scooter Braun confirmed that new music will drop next month.

Scooter took to Twitter on Monday (September 9) to hype up releases from his artists, including The Wanted’s delayed release date. During the Twitter flurry, he revealed that Bieber “gives u some new music in October until December and then a special movie on Christmas,” teasing that the long-in-the-works documentary, “Believe,” may also be released by the end of 2013 (that is “…provided we finish the movie on time [director] @jonmchu.”) Continue reading