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Justin Bieber and Drake Bell

Drake Bell Attacks Justin Bieber, Calling him Talentless & Idiot then Argue with Alfredo & Tyson

Justin Bieber and Drake BellActor Drake Bell decided again prick singer Justin Bieber via Twitter microblog. The U.S. caused a huge uproar among fans of the Canadian social networks, by posting a photo of Justin doing one of his graffiti, and claimed that it had no talent, after insulting Justin several times and then delete the tweets.

Soon after the spiteful comments insulting the star, Drake received numerous messages from fans regarding their attitude, and even some friends of the singer as Alfredo Flores and Milk Tyson have spoken. Alfredo joked the situation by sending Drake to a photo of President Obama throwing a water bottle, with the phrase “Grab”. Continue reading

Justin Bieber interview for believe 3d movie 1

“Most Important and Honest Interview of My Life': Justin Bieber’s interview on Believe 3D

Justin Bieber interview for believe 3d movie 1This Saturday (07), the same day that happened to display some cuts on his next film / documentaryBelieve 3D in his native country, in Canada, specifically in Toronto during TIFF 2013 , Justin Bieber was in Los Angeles alongside his manager, Scooter Braun , the film’s director, Jon Chu and team members as  Brad Hauge , Ryan Good  and Alfredo Flores for the recording of an interview the singer said to be the “most important of my life. “

Brad , scooter , Chu and Alfredo  updated their accounts with the app Instagram images that registered the backstage moments and recordings of the interview the singer held to address various issues involving his next film, controversial issues in general and the “Believe 3D” will bring, plus lots of music presented in mega concerts in Canada and the United States. Check out the photos and their captions by clicking the thumbnails below, in addition to the review of Justin and Scooter about the end result revealing interview: Checkout Gallery!

Eenie Meenie 3 Year Anniversary

#3YearsOfEenieMeenie: Fans celebrate anniversary of ‘Eenie Meenie’

Eenie MeenieThe famous video of  Justin Bieber with  the participle of  Sean Kingston  full three years since its launch. ” Eenie Meenie”  was a fever  instant  to the millions of Canadian fans, surpassing many  expectations  and making Bieber’s career took off increasingly!

Check out the video below: Watch The Video!