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justin bieber mansion breaks

Woman Breaks Into The Mansion Rented By Justin Bieber In Atlanta

justin bieber mansion breaksOne woman broke into the mansion rented by Justin Bieber in Atlanta, the intruder was discovered on Wednesday, the niece of the owner, Dallas Austin . When you see the Asian woman who was sleeping in the house, she called police.

When officers agreed Qianying Zhao, invasive Bieber said he was visiting for her birthday party, and when he realized it was too late, I decided to stay at home and wait for the Canadian superstar. When she was just falling asleep. Watch The Video!

jusin bieber with panda atlanta zoo

Justin Bieber Had A Conversation With A Panda At The Atlanta Zoo

jusin bieber with panda atlanta zooJustin Bieber is taking his potential move to Atlanta seriously. And that means the sights and tourist attractions, because of course, it will go unnoticed. Bieber is just acting like a normal couple. You know, having conversations with panda bears at the zoo and make fans feel the smell of marijuana.  ‘s just another day in the life of Bieber.

Taylor Panter , who is from ATL, told CB! His mother took the brothers of 10 and 11 years of age at Zoo Atlanta when visitors noticed the pop star and his entourage of 10 people arrived at the site to see the loveable creatures.

“He came to the panda exhibit just before closing and was acting very strange according to my mother,” said Panter. “He came in and went to the panda as the panda would respond. He said things like, ‘I know you heard my music’ and ‘Wake panda. I know you want to take a picture with me. ‘ He continued to have strange conversations with the panda. ” Continue reading

justin bieber sam massell

President Of The Buckhead Neighborhood Says That Justin Bieber Would Receive ‘With Open Arms’ In Atlanta

justin bieber sam massellSam Massell is the former mayor of Atlanta and current president of the Buckhead Coalition, one organized residents created to manage the economy and the interests of the wealthy suburb of Atlanta, Buckhead , which was speculated as a place of great interest from Justin Bieber to buy a new mansion.

On his Twitter, Justin said never even looked the mansion, denying rumors that it would buy a mansion in Buckhead, but it was the media spotlight last week, after suspected ‘locals’ neighborhood protested the change to astro location. After it was clarified that the protests were just a great catch of a local radio station, but the president of the Buckhead Coalition criticized the attitude of the radio deceived by major media outlets around the world and in a statement, made ​​it clear that Justin would receive in Buckhead, “open arms” .  Continue reading

justin bieber home atlanta

Chairman Of Board Of Residents Invite Justin Bieber To Live In Atlanta

justin bieber home atlantaJustin Bieber made ​​headlines around the world earlier this week, after suspected protests from residents of the neighborhood Buckhead in Atlanta, would protest to the star not buy a mansion on the spot, but after that everything was clarified a scenario as part of a large Trolling a local radio, we decided to talk to some real people of Buckhead and know the real opinion of them about having Bieber as a neighbor.

So, now that we have all been trolled, the question to be asked is: Buckhead is truly ready to receive Bieber ? We decided to find out … And based on what the locals told us, the answer is a resounding “yes” .

Buckhead boasts of being home to many celebrities such as Sir Elton John, Usher and Shaquille O’Neal among some of them,” Tom Tidwell, chair of the Buckhead district, said. “Justin Bieber, like many celebrities, can live anywhere he wants, and Atlanta is proud of the fact that he is considering his Buckhead home. ” Continue reading

justin bieber atlanta trouble

Justin Bieber Gets Involved In Trouble With Paparazzo In Atlanta

justin bieber atlanta troubleJustin Bieber rented an amusement park and  a member of his security team and a driver of the singer were arrested, accused of picking up the camera the paparazzo. While Bieber was inside having fun, a member of the security of the singer came out to tell the paparazzi who were waiting for them to stay quiet because Justin was about to leave with his car.

The security guy got into a fight with one of the photographers, grabbed his camera and handed to the driver.’s security then told the driver to go. Shortly after, police found the car in the house that Bieber is renting and also located the camera. The police returned the camera to the photographer, since it followed Justin to his house. Continue reading

justin bieber twitter vent

‘Do Not Publish Lies,’ Justin Bieber Vents On Rumors Of His Stay In Atlanta

justin bieber twitter ventJustin Bieber went to his account on the microblogging site Twitter posted a link where and commented on a fake news widely reported by the media worldwide, that Atlanta residents staged a protest for the singer did not move to a luxury condominium in Buckhead and Justin took the revelation of Trolling, taken by a local radio to vent about many false news reports about him and taken as truth by many and ask that the media, which mostly part was quick and eager to report negative subject, maintain the commitment to promote real things. Continue reading

justin bieber protest atlanta

Protests To Justin Bieber Live In Atlanta Was Fake And Created By Hired Actors

justin bieber protest atlantaAfter spending days and tranquility away from controversial new (at least to come close to reality), Justin Bieber has his fans by leaving peaceful world, but many tabloids that can not wait to publish negative news about scandals and the Canadian superstar, this time experienced the very ‘rumor’.

News around the world fell into a great Trolling, vehicles seriously as CNN, BBC and NBC, reported an alleged protest potential neighbors Bieber in the Buckhead neighborhood after they learned of the star plans to buy a mansion on site but it was all a joke from a local radio station, the protesters were just hired actors and announcers laughed and hours after the passing of Trolling. Continue reading

Justin Bieber Rented Mansion Atlanta 1

Justin Bieber Rented Mansion That Looks Like A Spaceship In Atlanta

Justin Bieber Rented Mansion Atlanta Justin Bieber rented the mansion of music producer Dallas Austin to have some privacy while recording his supposed new album. The house is located in the Buckhead district of Atlanta near even his friend and mentor, Usher.  A source close to Bieber told “TMZ” the star rented the house for three months. 

Justin Bieber found a new home in Atlanta, for the next three months. The mansion of 5,500 square meters looks something good, 4 bedrooms with appearance of a spaceship, the home owner is nothing short of Dallas Austin, music producer of “They Do not Care About Us”  by Michael Jackson and “It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday “ Boyz II Men. Checkout More Pics!

justin bieber concert atlanta

VIDEOS: All the details of the show Justin Bieber at Philips Arena in Atlanta

justin bieber concert atlanta” I’m sorry, it’s my last show …,” said Justin Bieber on Saturday Night (10) minutes after the stage of the Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia, where the presence of longtime friends and special guests, held the 124th and final show of another stage of the Believe Tour .

Successful in their tour, as has been his brilliant career, the Canadian singer was in an atmosphere complete with the crowd of more than 20,000 people who packed the arena at the show sold out.Aware that this was the last show of Justin in the United States, both the idol as the crowd engaged in twice and made this a most memorable tour.  Watch The Video!