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justin bieber not charged assulting limo driver

Justin Bieber Will Not Be Charged In Case Of Assulting The Limo Driver In Toronto

justin bieber not charged assulting limo driverIn Toronto, Canada, the audience to define details of another legal case involving Justin Bieber, the singer was accused of assaulting a limo driver in December 2012. Despite expectations, Bieber did not need to be present, but only his attorney represented him and on April 14 the case will have a new audience again without the mandatory Canadian star of 20 years is present, in addition, the judge ruled that Justin will not accuse of a crime, but a misdemeanor, a criminal offense considered a “minor offense”, punishable in most cases with a sentence of conditional imprisonment where the offender respond in freedom or just a fine.

The hearing scheduled for April 14 will handle administrative matters mostly. A trial date has not yet been defined, and it may be several months later, according to Bieber’s lawyer.

None of his legal troubles, however, has affected its popularity with teens who packed the court in Toronto in hopes of catching a glimpse of the pop star.

They were disappointed because Bieber himself was not present but was represented by one of the best criminal lawyers in Canada, Brian Greenspan.

The Toronto Police accuses Bieber of assaulting a limo driver “several times” in the back of the head. The driver had caught him and five other people in a nightclub in the city, at dawn on December 30.

The evidence cited at the hearing on Monday included the declaration of the driver to the police, and video surveillance.

Bieber was not required to attend, then his lawyer was there in his place. Several court officials explained to the small legion of girls lining up outside the court that the pop star was not there room, but this did not discourage the Beliebers. “People’s Court may be lying,” explained the fans.

The hearing ended almost as quickly as it began, with the judge announcing Bieber’s lawyer, Brian Greenspan, and setting the next date for April 14. “Judge summarily decided to proceed with the process, which resembles a misdemeanor,” Greenspan said. No independent witnesses who say that Bieber “was not involved in any problem,” Greenspan said.

Bieber will not be in court, at any time until the date of trial, which probably will not be anytime soon. The veteran defense attorney said he had never seen so many spectators watching a routine setting a date in court before. “Last time was with Naomi Campbell in a common case some 15 years ago,” he said outside the court. “I’m afraid of how it will be my legacy after two similar cases” .

Greenspan often responded to questions from reporters about the progress of cases at the Old City Hall, but it is usually not surrounded by a bunch of teenagers taking pictures on their smartphones. “Tell Justin I love him,” shouted Kristyn 13 years to the lawyer. Greenspan said he would not say. Kristyn later said that Bieber is her idol and she wanted to come to court, even though his mother has said that the singer did not even know she existed. When someone suggested that Bieber was there, Kristyn choked and tears welled in her eyes.

Many of the girls said they heard Bieber would not be in court, but had a glimmer of hope that perhaps the star of 20 years would appear. “We expected to see him and find him, I do not know,” said Roxy 15 years. “ We really loved it. Like, it’s perfect.

Another common theme among the Beliebers was that the media creates stories out of proportion about it, so they wanted to see it come to court. ‘If he committed the assault someone needs to condemn it’ , they said, ‘but how they know what really happened? ‘

He can learn from his mistakes, but at the same time, like, he’s still young and he just wants to enjoy, there is a lot of pressure on him now and kind, I kind of, I just think that people should just get over light ” Roxy said. “Like, this is all too much for him.

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Taxpayer Money Wasted In ‘Embarrassing’ Attack On Justin Bieber

justin-bieber-raidThe subject has been gaining headlines since the early hours that the LAPD arrived at the mansion of Justin Bieber on the morning of Tuesday (14), to meet a sending search of evidence of the involvement of the singer on an ‘attack eggs‘ in a neighbor’s house. But another issue has generated controversy and criticism, the amount of police and the mega structure for an action that was unusual for similar cases and involving anonymous.  

The FOX News , important communication network in the world, published news where officials and lawyers have criticized the tax expense of the American taxpayer with the search, but gave their opinions about the true motives of the alleged ‘overkill’ in the number of police on site.  Continue reading

Justin Bieber and Drake Bell

Drake Bell Attacks Justin Bieber, Calling him Talentless & Idiot then Argue with Alfredo & Tyson

Justin Bieber and Drake BellActor Drake Bell decided again prick singer Justin Bieber via Twitter microblog. The U.S. caused a huge uproar among fans of the Canadian social networks, by posting a photo of Justin doing one of his graffiti, and claimed that it had no talent, after insulting Justin several times and then delete the tweets.

Soon after the spiteful comments insulting the star, Drake received numerous messages from fans regarding their attitude, and even some friends of the singer as Alfredo Flores and Milk Tyson have spoken. Alfredo joked the situation by sending Drake to a photo of President Obama throwing a water bottle, with the phrase “Grab”. Continue reading

justin bieber throw eggs

VIDEO: Justin Bieber Allegedly Throws Eggs at Neighbor’s House Claimed!

justin bieber throw eggsTMZ has posted a film that they claim demonstrates Justin Bieber started an egg ambush on his Calabasas neighbor’s home on Jan 9, harming the neighbor’s property.

As per TMZ, the neighbor called the police when his house was egged with in the ballpark of 20 eggs. The neighbor shot a motion picture throughout the egg ambush, and he could be heard contending and shouting at the egg-hurler throughout the movie. Justin is presently the suspect in a vandalism examination, however as of press time, charges have yet to be indexed against him. Watch The Video!