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Austin Mahone Justin Bieber

‘Everyone Makes Mistakes’, Austin Mahone Says Despite Controversy Bieber Considers A Mentor

Austin Mahone Justin BieberDuring an interview with Celebuzz , the singer of 18 years, Austin Mahone  spoke again about the time he was in the studio with Justin Bieber , in early April, the Hit Factory in Miami. Austin also commented on the recent controversy Bieber and admitted that the star is like a mentor to him. :

Mahone maintained its image of “nice guy” throughout his rise to stardom in recent years, staying out of trouble and public criticism … Until last month, when he decided to quit on his 18th birthday with the bad boy Bieber, raising many eyebrows and causing much concern.

But do not get too worried yet! Austin said exclusively to Celebuzz that he learned from the mistakes of the singer’s “Baby” and is not planning to take this path in his career.

“I mean, everybody makes mistakes” , says Austin, referring to Bieber and his many controversies and run-ins with the law. “I think it all boils down to having a good, solid team on his side. Just as I have my best friends traveling with me, and my mother traveling with me, so I think I have a good base. guess that is what sums it up ” .

However, Bieber Mahone still considers a mentor, despite its many errors and even asked for his help in his next song.

“We’ve been in the studio for about a week” , Mahone described his encounter with Bieber last month. “And when we were there, he was helping me with [my] music, and we were writing a bit. He was just giving me some tips. ”

And the boys have more than just music in common … Rumors also circulated about his taste the same women. When I asked who he chose Austin between Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez, he immediately replied: “Selena.” Without hesitation!

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Austin Mahone With Justin Bieber

‘He Is Really Talented’, Austin Mahone Account Was Like Working With Justin Bieber

Austin Mahone With Justin BieberAt the beginning of April, Justin Bieber met in the studio with singer Austin Mahone and some producers enshrined in studio Hit Factory in Miami, the motive was to work on a song that Justin wrote a year ago and decided to present Austin with the song.

The days we worked together in the studio were enough to know closely Austin talent and seriousness of Justin in the studio and during an interview with ET Canada, the singer commented on 18 years experience. Check out what Austin said when asked how it felt to work with Bieber:

“It was incredible. Was very strange to be in the studio with him because I did several covers of his songs at the beginning of my career. He is [really] talented and works very well in the studio.”

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selena gomez Austin Mahone

Selena Gomez & Austin Mahone Dating Rumors False; Singer ‘Hung Up on Bieber’?

selena gomez Austin MahoneSelena Gomez and Austin Mahone are reportedly not dating despite reports stating otherwise, and sources claim she is still seeing her ex-boyfriend, Justin Bieber.

The former Disney star, 21, split with Bieber, 19, in May and pop star Taylor Swift, 23, allegedly put her in contact with Mahone, 17, with the hope that they would develop a romantic connection. While the pair appeared to be happy and relaxed during a chat backstage at the MTV VMAs in August, a source says Gomez and Mahone are just good friends. Continue reading