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Justin Bieber Graffiti Artwork

Mayor Of Gold Coast Wants Justin Bieber Graffiti Removed Else Need To Pay Fine

Justin Bieber Graffiti ArtworkJustin Bieber Stayed at the QT Hotel, where he performed shows in the country with the Believe Tour and during his stay, the singer asked permission to spray paint the walls of private property, which was authorized by the hotel management, but since then is creating a battle with the mayor, who did not like the graffiti and has demanded that it be removed even being against the owners.

Now the mayor wants to impose a fine hotel and graffiti Bieber is still causing debate on the implementation of new tax laws in the city. Continue reading

Justin Bieber topless blond

VIDEO: Justin Bieber with Topless Blond at the hotel pool in Perth, Australia

Justin Bieber topless blondJustin Bieber spotted chatting with a topless mystery girl and relaxing at the hotel poolside at the Hyatt Regency hotel in Perth, Australia, before his final concert at the Perth Arena on Sunday (Dec8).

The two looked to share a laugh as Justin was walking around the hotel grounds shirtless when the woman, who appeared to remove her bathing suit top to avoid tan lines, caught his eye.

Before taking the stage of the Perth Arena for the last show of the Believe Tour, Justin Bieber took the free to relax at the hotel pool in Perth, Australia time. Until then, only photos of the star in place had been disclosed, but a video of Justin in the hotel area was released and you can see below: Watch The Video!

justin bieber ollg perth

Justin Bieber performs with fan who survived cancer, to be the Dream OLLG in the show, Perth

justin bieber ollg perthThroughout his journey with the Believe TourJustin Bieber has been carrying dreams of several people and strives to support various charity campaigns. Through a partnership with the Make a Wish Foundation , hundreds of fans with a variety of serious diseases had their desire to know the star serviced.

It was no different with Nicola Walsh, a 15-year old who realized his dream at the last show of the Believe Tour, Dec. 8, at the Perth Arena, Australia. The fan who survived a rare type of bone cancer, got his wish and even a special night, becoming the latest One Less Lonely Girl Bieber’s world tour.

It was with eyes full of tears that Belieber Nicola Walsh scored the first of his international idol, pop star Justin Bieber. Continue reading

OLLG australia

VIDEO: ‘Just on the cheek’, OLLG Adelaide clarifies Justin Bieber kiss

OLLG australiaOne of the most anticipated moments during performances of Justin Bieber ‘s song One Less Loney Girl where the star sings to a lucky girl, who in addition to receiving the long awaited serenade Bieber wins flowers and caresses the singer. It was no different in passing Believe Tour the city of Adelaide in Australia.

During the presentation on Thursday (05), Bieber did everything as usual, except for the surprise ending, which allegedly kissed the girl and that would have been the kiss on the mouth. After falling and videos on the network, Isabella Feleppa clarified what actually happened, commenting on one of the many videos of his moment next to the idol. Watch The Video!

Justin Bieber believe tour

THE HOT HITS: ‘An amazing show,’ says critic after watching Believe Tour in Melbourne

Justin Bieber believe tourJustin Bieber performed the first of two shows with “Believe Tour” in the city of Melbourne , Australia, one of the members of the site The Hot Hits , was present at the concert and told the event details. Justin Bieber did an amazing show in Melbourne, and of course the The Hot Hits was not left out, we had to go check out this amazing event.

The Australian singer, Cody Simpson is right as the opening act (another of our favorites, which in turn explains the affection he receives this site), it kicked off with an incredibly strong performance. It’s not often we have a reception with singers like Cody Simpson had the girls were screaming at him all the time while he was on stage. It has great songs, can sing, dance and play the guitar. He has a cute arms, Cody is an icon Hot Hits Live From LA, it’s good to have him home.

After waiting to hear one of the biggest hits of the last five years, and finally the countdown appeared. It was very funny to see everyone getting up and going toward the stage. But the guards were forcing fans back to their seats. Continue reading

justin bieber biggest fan

VIDEO: Justin Bieber Gives Biggest Fan Kate O’Neill Private acoustic Show in Melbourne

justin bieber biggest fanJustin Bieber and some members of his team put out several positive statements about how the day would be fun and amazing through the microblog Twitter, and it was clear they were preparing something special. Later, it was discovered that it was all part of a huge surprise made ​​in honor of a Belieber, Kate O’Neill , the same could realize the dream of knowing the idol, and with the right to attend a private acoustic show in Melbourne in Australia.

For those not familiar with the story of Kate , a young man suffered a serious car accident recently and is still in recovery. Therefore, the fan who would show in the Believe Tour in his country last December 2, to meet Canadian, was unable to accomplish his dream after a serious accident. Check out a picture of the accident here .

The story of Kate touched other Beliebers who helped via Twitter until Justin and his team learned of this and decided to make a surprise, and she finally had a break from the hospital where she is recovering, to give the presentation that Justin did especially for her. The acoustic concert took place on Wednesday (04), and few people were invited for the same, in which Bieber sang accompanied only by her guitarist Dan Kanter. Check out a video of Kate alongside Justin to during this amazing show: Watch The Video!

justin bieber fans Australia

VIDEOS: Justin Bieber waves to fans euphoric parking in Sydney, Australia

justin bieber fans AustraliaJustin Bieber and his fitness coach Patrick Nilsson, upgraded their accounts on Instagram and Viddy applications with new videos of the moment of euphoria of Australian fans during an appearance by Justin in a city parking. Check out the videos where Bieber appears waving to fans: Watch The Video!

justin bieber film storm video

Justin Bieber records video of storm that faced during flight to Brisbane, Australia

justin bieber film storm videoJustin Bieber is already in Brisbane, Australia, where he is serving the agenda Believe Tour on 26 and 27 November, but his arrival in the country was somewhat full of adrenaline while flying since the singer and her team faced a storm, but nothing to stop Justin to record the adventure. Check out a video published by Canadian superstar in your account at Viddy App Sunday: Watch The Video!

justin bieber believe tour

BELIEVE TOUR: High sales demand is Justin Bieber opening extra show in Brisbane, Australia

justin bieber believe tourThe Believe Tour  is a worldwide success and because of that, the mega tour Justin Bieber often need to have dates added for an extra show due to the high demand for ticket sales and what happened in Brisbane , capital of Queensland, Australia.

Fans that may have just missed out last time will be stoked to know that in addition to reserved seating tickets, VIP Experience, Diamond and Emerald packages will all be available for purchase for the newly added show. That’s right, this is your very last chance to be able to meet the Biebs, as VIP packages have sold out across the remainder of the tour! Watch The Video!