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russian attacked bear

Justin Bieber’s Baby Ringtone Saves Russian Man from Bear Attack

russian attacked bearA man fishing in Russia was saved from a bear attack after his phone’s ringtone — the Justin Bieber song Baby — scared away an agitated creature.

According to the New York Post, Igor Vorozhbitsyn was on a fishing trip in northern Russia when he was attacked by a large brown bear. Luckily for Vorozhbitsyn, his phone began to ring shortly after the bear pounced — and Bieber’s Baby warded off his four-legged assailant.

Igor told the Post:

I had parked my car and was walking towards the spot I’d marked out when there was a tremendous impact on my back and the bear was on top of me.

I couldn’t believe my luck when the phone went off and he fled.

I know that sort of ringtone isn’t to everyone’s taste but my granddaughter loaded it onto my phone for a joke.

It’s not the first time Baby has been used for unexpected good: in March, a group of high school students in Washington nearly doubled their fundraising goals by blasting JB’s track in their school’s hallways between classes and on lunch break, vowing to turn the ‘BABY’ off only after students donated.

Tenino High School student government members’ immediate goal was to raise $500 for students at a school in the west African country of Ghana. They raised more than $915 by first period on the second day of their campaign.

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Video: Jasmine Villegas Rates Justin Bieber Kiss In Baby Music Video

justin bieber jasmin villegas_baby kissIn a recent radio interview with Power 106 FM, the singer Jasmine Villegas was questioned about which rate would give the Justin Bieber kiss on a scale of one to tens. Jasmine, who acted as a romantic couple on the Canadian music video of “Baby” in 2010, and had a brief romantic involvement with the star, gave a nine to kiss Justin.

One of the radio reporters further questioned the singer of “That’s Me Right There” why not ten, Villegas apologized saying that Bieber had been with a long time, but as far as she can remember was a nine. Check out time from the instant ” 00:16 “in the video below:

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Video: Justin Bieber Meets Fans And Sing ‘Baby’ With Little Girl In Los Angeles

justin bieber sing baby with little fanJustin Bieber has met dozens of fans in Los Angeles, after spending hours working on his next studio album. The singer spent time in the studio accompanied by his producer Poo Bear, Model Yovanna Ventura, who is staying at his apartment in Beverly Hills and his partner Johnny Shahidi, who was working on some new stuff for the Shots .

After leaving the studio, Justin was approached by several fans and even very tired and sleepy, the singer ensured that they all had a photo with him and all accounts, fans commented how the Canadian star was affectionate and polite to everyone.

As he opened the window of the car, Justin said, “I want to adopt this little girl …” referring to the young cousin of a fan, who soon gained the lap of Justin and both sang together their famous hit, ” Baby ” . Check the time in the videos below:

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jusin bieber baby hits 1billion

Justin Bieber’s Baby Reached 1 Billion Views, Most Watch Clip Ever!

jusin bieber baby hits 1billionAfter months of campaigning that began shy, but gained more strength approaching the 20th anniversary of Justin Bieber, the thousands of fans around the world achieved the goal of reaching one billion views clip for Baby , giving the Canadian superstar his first video with this tag.

Reach 1 billion in a video clip has always been the dream of Justin, “Baby” has lost most viewed post of the story some time to clip the Korean Psy ago, “Gangnam Style” (1.9 billion), but even in the place, the brand has always been a goal of the star, who is now the first teen idol to have a video with this amount of views,  “Every time you break a record I’m happy. Among my achievements on YouTube, ‘Baby’ has more views than any video – of all time. So my next goal is to reach 1 billion views on a video” Justin said during an interview with Rollacoaster Magazine in 2012. Continue reading

justin bieber jasmine villegas

Video: ‘Do Not Listen To The Media’ Singer Jasmine Villegas Praises Justin Bieber And Fans

justin bieber jasmine villegasAt age of 20, singer Jasmine Villegas, known for starring alongside Justin Bieber‘s video “Baby” has some advice for the Canadian star who had a whirlwind romance a few years ago, when both were just adolescents. When questioned she had to tell the singer of 19 years has been going through a troubled phase that confers Villegas replied: Watch The Video!

justin bieber believe tour china

BELIEVE TOUR: Justin Bieber Show at Mercedes Benz Arena, Shanghai, China

justin bieber believe tour chinaJustin Bieber performed an incredible show at Mercedes Benz Arena in Shanghai, China. The Canadian singer thrilled the crowd and took the show out crazy performances performing hits of his early career as One Time , Somebody to Love and As Long As You Love Me , to recent hits like “Beauty And The Beat “ and “Fall” .  Watch The Video!

Justin Bieber Believe Tour Singapore 1

VIDEOS: Justin Bieber show at the Singapore Grand Prix – Believe Tour Asia 2013

Justin Bieber Believe Tour Singapore 1The Believe Tour is back with his latest stage started on Monday (23), the event Singapore Grand Prix in Singapore . The show Justin Bieber in Asia brought innovations in costumes and emotions double, with the longing that the star and his faithful followers were to see him on stage.

As the big push to publicize the event, Singapore Grand Prix, Justin followed the set list of the tour on a stage designed with three runways, instead of one, as the previous shows. Besides covering held on our website, prepared this post with photos and videos of some of the great moments of the show. Check out: Checkout Video + Photo Gallery!

Justin Bieber baby

Music video for ‘Baby’ reaches more than 900 million views on VEVO

Justin Bieber babyThe famous video clip of Justin Bieber , who is the most successful single of his career, Baby , reached the milestone of over 900 million views on the channel VEVO , which distributes music video’s biggest stars and stars on the planet.

With the brand, the video for “Baby” have 9 times the certificates of VEVO, which certifies a video whenever it reaches 100 million views. The official VEVO account on Twitter congratulated Justin and his fans for their performance. Check out: Continue reading

justin bieber ludacris

VIDEO: Justin Bieber and Ludacris talk about premium sales record with ‘Baby’

justin bieber ludacrisRapper Ludacris , has updated its app Instagram account, minutes after making the show Justin Bieber in Atlanta, Georgia. In the video, Justin talks with Ludacris and congratulated the award for record sales and digital stream arbitrarily “Baby”, which was also hit in collaboration with the rapper. Check out the video: Watch The Video!

Justin Bieber Concert Brooklyn NY

VIDEOS: Justin Bieber Concert at Barclays Center, Brooklyn, NY

Justin Bieber Concert Brooklyn NYJustin Bieber performed his 119th show Believe Tour  in Brooklyn, New York . With performances of songs, playing drums, guitar, piano or dancing, Justin sang and thrilled the crowd with some of his earliest and many of today’s hit songs from his album, ” Believe . “

The Canadian singer is in town for a few days, took his successful world tour back on stage Barclays Center and made an unforgettable show for more than 20 thousand people thronging the capacity limit of the site. Check details of this show brought together by our team: Watch The video!