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Video: Justin Bieber Meet Fans In West Hollywood, Los Angeles

Justin Bieber Meet Fans Los AngelesJustin Bieber was photographed while leaving a restaurant in West Hollywood , Los Angeles, after enjoying a dinner next to friends. The singer was accompanied by his friend and music producer, Poo Bear and greeted a few fans along the way. check out a video of the moment when Justin arrives and leaves the restaurant:

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Juno Fan Choice Award Justin Bieber Won

Juno Fan Choice: Justin Bieber And Beliebers Won Award For 4 Consecutive Years

Juno Fan Choice Award Justin Bieber WonThe biggest award ceremony of Canadian music was performed, the JUNO Awards 2014 and as one of the most distinguished artists of the country, Justin Bieber was not out of the JUNO nominees. Justin and his fans competed in the only category open to voting, the JUNO Fan Choice , and the fourth consecutive year, were the big winners of the night in this category.

While he’s in Canada, Justin was not present at the awards, but Twitter JUNO confirmed the victory of the star, guaranteed by each voting of thousands of fans around the world. Check out:

“The winner of the #JunoFanChoice presented by @TD_Canada is @justinbieber! Congratulations! #TDMusic #JUNOS2014″

Minutes later, the singer went to his account on the microblogging site Twitter and thanked the fans for the award. Check out:

“We won the #JUNOFanChoice for the 4th consecutive year! Love all my Beliebers. Thank you. Love you. As long as u are with me I will never leave you”

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Recruiters Pose As Justin Bieber To Deceive Young Fans

Recruiters Pose As Justin Bieber To Deceive Young Fans Of The Star On The Internet

Recruiters Pose As Justin Bieber To Deceive Young Fans Because of its popularity with the audience of children and youth, Justin Bieber is a constant target for traffickers of minors on the Internet. Most pretends to be the star for a more intimate contact with the girls and then they even ask them to take her clothes in front of a camera on their computer. Perverts are passing by pop idol Justin Bieber to have contacts and depraved abusing girls online.

The followers, “Beliebers” are being deceived thinking they are “talking” to the pop brat. But the reality is that pedophiles are lurking behind the false in an attempt to catch shrewdly innocent profiles.

The young volunteer Mary McLoughlin, warned that perverts go to extremes to abuse young people from the comfort of their armchairs.

She said: “We were told that a [recruiters] pretend to be Justin Bieber and the girls are “talking” with them online and actually believing they are getting the attention of Justin Bieber. Are you talking about predators who will do anything. The girls are being prepared, in some cases encouraged, to take the clothes online.”

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Justin Bieber Mobbed Fans Skateboarding Hotel in NYC

VIDEO: Justin Bieber Chased by Fans, Entering Hotel NYC

Justin Bieber Mobbed Fans Skateboarding Hotel in NYCJustin Bieber mobbed by fans while entering the garage of his hotel on his skateboard in New York City. He was photographed by fans while doing various skateboarding tricks while returning to his hotel in New York and continued making a few more tricks in the garage of the place at around 5 am, when he returned event,  Leather & Laces Superbowl Party , which was also photographed showing her skills . Watch The Video!

Justin Bieber Fan

Video: Fan Wipes The Face Of Justin Bieber During His Visit To Miami

Justin Bieber FanWhile shopping and a tour of Miami BeachJustin Bieber was stopped by several fans and very friendly, posed alongside several of them for the photos. One of the fans who were lucky enough to meet the idol recorded a video of the moment before taking a picture with the singer and the scenes you can see Justin getting ready for photo and wiping her face and mouth, but without success, the fan verifies that still has a bit of toothpaste in the mouth of Justin and clean, leaving the Canadian ready to pose.

The photo of the moment had already been disclosed at the time, but the lucky fan released the video. Watch The Video!

justin biebers believe movie

More than 20 Thousand Believe Movie Tickets Sold in just 1 Hour In Mexico!

justin biebers believe movieThe new film by Justin BieberBelieve , premiered in Mexico and the tickets for the premiere, which was held on Thursday, January 23, sold out in a matter of days, thanks to about 20 thousand Mexican fans of the singer. In just 1 hour, more than 20 thousand tickets were sold for the movie.

In a press release, the distributor of “Believe” in Mexico, Diamond Films, explained that the anxiety of the fans made the big theater chains also increased the number of rooms available for the official premiere of the film, which took place in Last Friday, January 24

The film includes scenes of Bieber tour, concerts and backstage and also addresses controversial issues involving the singer. “People do not see me as a 19 year old kid … I’m still finding myself, and I’m doing this while the media watch me, I’m learning every day, “ says the singer in the movie. Continue reading

Justin Bieber Smiling leaves miami

VIDEO: Smiling Justin Bieber leaving the Orchid House in Miami, Mobbed by Fans

Justin Bieber Smiling leaves miamiJustin Bieber was photographed as he left the house where he stayed in the past hours after his controversial arrest in Miami. The singer was surrounded by fans and paparazzi who camped on the spot waiting for him and went straight to the airport in Miami, where he leaves the city with yet undisclosed destination.

Justin smiled and greeted fans even with the turmoil, while leaving the Orchid House. Check out photo and videos of the moment!