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justin bieber sleeping

Justin Bieber team clarifies video recorded by Brazilian singer with sleeping

justin bieber sleeping A video of Justin Bieber asleep during your stay in Rio de Janeiro was recorded by a woman during a private party that the singer held for about 50 people in the mansion rented during your stay in Brazil. The website TMZ claims that talked with some people close to Justin, members of his staff who clarified the matter, stating that Justin had no involvement with the woman and that she is not a prostitute. 

The woman who filmed Justin Bieber sleeping in a video that exploded on YouTube is not a prostitute … Team members who were with Justin Bieber in Brazil told TMZ.

Since the video appeared, showing an unidentified woman throwing a kiss to Bieber asleep … Rumors began circulating that she was a local prostitute, Brazilian Justin paid. Continue reading

justin bieber sleeping

Woman publishes video of Justin Bieber sleeping in mansion in Rio de Janeiro

justin bieber sleepingA video with images of private Justin Bieber was released. The video provides a quick scene singer sleeping in a rented mansion in the South Zone of Rio de Janeiro, during his stay in Brazil last week. A woman who appears in the scenes is Tatiana Neves Barbosa, from Rio de Janeiro 27 years, candidate Muse Brasileirão 2013. Watch The Video!

justin bieber believe tour dance

Believe Tour Dance: Beliebers do choreography ‘Lolly’ and ‘Boyfriend’ in Sao Paulo

justin bieber believe tour danceDuring a meeting of Beliebers in Ibirapuera Park in Sao Paulo, the team’s Believe Tour Dance , visited the site and recorded with fans present a video of the #Lollydance with the choreography ofLolly , Ali Maejor music that counts with the participation of Justin Bieber and Juicy J.

In addition to video, was made a aulão with fans, where everyone danced and learned various steps of the songs Believe Tour. Watch The Video!

Justin bieber Fans Beliebers

VIDEO: Displays story about camping many fans of Justin Bieber in Sao Paulo

Justin bieber Fans BeliebersOnce the dates have been announced for the show Justin Bieber in Brazil (2nd and November 3rd), fans were more  eager  than ever  to get tickets at the best place in the show, with them in hand, some wanted to be sure that would be as close as possible to their idol. Thus, began camping out in front of the venue.

A group of fans in Sao Paulo did this almost 50 days before the show, many were marked with their place in the queue, in order to ensure the best view of the event. More than 30 days for the first show of the Canadian star in Brazil, the program Hoje em Dia , the Rede Record was present at the place where fans camped and did a short interview with them, opening a debate to know what parents think of all this. Watch The Video!

Brazil Beliebers 2

True Beliebers: Die-hard Justin Bieber Brazil fans queue for 50 DAYS before the concert

Brazil Beliebers 2The anxiety of the Brazilian fans for the arrival of Justin Bieber in Brazil has been in the news, international. The camps in arenas where the shows will happen began earlier than expected, about 50 days before the show and site UK Daily Mail reported the incident in the city of Rio de Janeiro, where officials argue the smaller camp on site. Check out:

Brazil is really Belieber! Fans Justin Bieber fighters camped 50 DAYS before the show in Rio de Janeiro to ensure good seats.

He was not present in the next 50 days, but obviously the dedicated Brazilian fans are already camping out to ensure that they will have the best seats.

About 50 Beliebers in Rio de Janeiro pitched 17 tents to camp last week until November 3rd, when the show will take place in a Sambadrome. Continue reading

justin bieber rihanna tweets

VIDEO: Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga and Rihanna’s Tweets Used to Teach Kids How Not to Write!

justin bieber rihanna tweetsSome of the best tweets on Twitter come from Justin Bieber, Rihanna and Lady Gaga and now they’re being used to teach kids English!

The Red Balloon English language school, which has several branches in Brazil, is using grammatically incorrect tweets from today’s biggest stars to teach its students how to NOT write in English.

The kids at the school have a Twitter account where they totally call out celebs and correct their English. Not only is the Twitter editing a new way to engage in learning but it adds a bit of pop culture and fun to the mix as well. And we’re sure it’s cool to see celebs and others react to their tweets online too. Watch The Video!

How Much Beliebers Love Justin Bieber

How Much Beliebers Love Justin Bieber

This video is made for Justin Bieber to see and to visit countries he’s never been to.
Every country in this world has Beliebers, don’t forget any of them! Beliebers gather, make parades and flashmobs in hope of getting Justin to perform in their countries. Only a few countries are in this video, there are of course more. Continue reading


Brazilian Playboy girl “Watermelon Woman” wants to Meet Justin Bieber so badly!

26 year old Brazilian Playboy girl Renata Frisson, whos best known as “WATERMELON WOMAN” wants to meet Justin Bieber so badly.

“I like some other artists, but I’m a fan of Justin. I really want to meet him here in Brazil. I would do anything to get face to face. I want to know him personally.” Ms.MELON told local site, EGO.

According to Renata, a love for Justin Bieber began in 2009, when JB released his first album, “My World” in 2009.

“I’m crazy about him since his early career. It is beautiful. I love all his music but my favorite is ‘Love me’. She said.

Watermelon Women also revealed that she would do anything to meet Justin. “I’d do anything to get face to face with him. My idea is to jump from a parachute in the pool of his hotel.”

What do you think Beliebers, should Justin meet this “watermelon woman”?

PS: They call her WATERMELON cos she got big boobs