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Justin Bieber Praises Yovanna Ventura

Justin Bieber Praises New Girlfriend Yovanna Ventura after Selena Gomez Bullying Incident

Justin Bieber Praises Yovanna VenturaYovanna Ventura and Selena Gomez’s competition runs deep! The model shared a heartfelt message with Instagram followers, and Justin Bieber praised Yovanna for it! We totally wonder how Selena Gomez feels. Justin praises comment on the attitude of the model in relation to advice given by it for people who do not feel comfortable with her ​​body, commenting on the legend, “Tell them yovanna Ventura, you’re so sweet“.Justin also uploaded a photo of their passage through the W Hotel during a charity event early on Wednesday

Yovanna wrote:

You’re all beautiful In your own way, don’t wish to be or look like anyone else because being you is what makes you unique, if you don’t like something about yourself don’t sit in your bed and cry, work to change it and if it’s something you can’t change learn to love it, learn to love yourself or you won’t be able to know how loving others feel. Be happy and don’t let envy or hate take over your heart.

justinbieber yovanna ventura instagram messageJustin took a screen shot of Yovanna’s comment to share with his fans, captioned, “Tell em @yoventura ;) ur so sweet.

It seems obvious Justin is crushing on Yovanna.

A source told webloid Hollywood Life:

Yovanna is the love of his life and he wrote a song about her. The pair have been dating on and off since February (probably when he’s on the outs with Gomez).

Yes, they are dating. She’s kept it to herself. When people found out, she acted like nothing happened but she was telling her friends he was a really chill, cute, honest, and sweet guy.

Just days earlier, Selena slams Instagram bully who told her to ‘Burn In Hell With Cancer’. She then shared a screenshot of her reply to the bully:Selena comment about Justin Bieber

The comment you left about cancer was absurd. How distasteful of a young woman. I have gone through that battle with fans and family members. You can dislike someone but to wish something that could happen to you or your family is uncalled for sweetheart. You won’t be winning ‘anyone’s’ heart that way. Trust me. Educate yourself a tad more. God bless love. Be an amazing woman. You’re beautiful.

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Madison Beer Speaks Of Advice That Justin Bieber Gave Him To Deal With Bullying And More

justin bieber advice madison beerThe American singer 15 years Madison Beer  which launched on Monday (16), the video of the song ” Unbreakable “with broad support of his mentor Justin Bieber commented on the advice which received the Canadian superstar to deal with bullying a topic that the message of his new song opens debate and even spoke briefly about plans for a musical collaboration with Justin, revealing that they are still “trying to figure something out”.

“I love the whole message [of music] and it is definitely something that I live and it is sometimes difficult, just stay true to yourself and not feel awkward in the middle of other people” , Madison told “It’s hard stay strong sometimes, especially when you’re going through some things that normal people would not pass.’s really an important thing for me.

It’s something that Madison has passed and she hate about social media – luckily she has Justin Bieber with his mentor to help her deal with all this.

The whole message of the song ‘Unbreakable’ is that you have to be strong and not read these bad things” ., she said “Even Justin has told me: ‘You can not read these things, even if it is disturbing.

So that’s what she does – ignores and promotes that is not ‘okay’ as bullying.

Just as we saw photos of Madison in the studio with Selena Gomez and Justin, then Justin was in the studio with Cody Simpson, it’s no surprise she wants to collaborate with a lot of young stars.

Recently I’ve been obsessed with Cody Simpson song, so I would love to collaborate with him. He is wonderful and an amazing writer. Sure, I’d love to collaborate with Justin ” he said. “I really have not written much, but Justin and I are definitely trying to figure something out. Actually, I was in the studio and Cody was there for a few nights and we tried a few things. So hopefully we can collaborate.

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justin bieber jonathan hill

‘Justin Bieber Is One Of The Most Talented Artists Out There” Jonathan Martin After Joke

justin bieber jonathan hillJustin Bieber has been frequent subject on Twitter celebrity after his problems with law and the great exposure of these issues in the media worldwide. The American football player Jonathan Hill went to his account on the microblogging to comment distasteful about Justin and ended up having to explain later.

Put this in: “Marijuana meets the kettle” … because the alleged victim of bullying Jonathan Martin was internet last night to make CYBER-BULLY with Justin Bieber … telling the pop star that he is embarrassing. Continue reading

Shirley Manson

Shirley Manson defends Justin Bieber and critical stance of the media and haters against the singer

Shirley MansonLately Justin Bieber has been the target of much criticism, and with that many artists express their opinions on issues related to the singer. This time, the British actress and singer, Shirley Manson , made ​​a statement on his official Facebook page, the defending Canadian star.

“Why are so many people being unkind publicly with Justin Bieber? Awesome I think the absurd things that are coming out of everyone’s mouth about a young … Too young and amazing.

Does everyone will not rest until they have taken to self-destruct, as they did with the poor old Britney? Or Michael Jackson? Continue reading

jada will smith

Jada Smith Speaks Out About Cyber Bullying of Justin Bieber and Other Young Celebrities!

jada will smithJada Pinkett Smith talks about a very real concern of hers: cyber bullying of young celebrities. In her heartfelt message Jada posed to her Facebook page the question as to whether or not it is fair to judge young celebrities like Justin on a level of responsibility that many themselves do not exhibit.
The 41-year-old actress, who1’s also the mother of Justin’s best friend, Jadan smith had this to say on her Facebook Page: Continue reading