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justin bieber joke

Justin Bieber Is The Target Of A Joke Of A Company In Chicago

justin bieber jokeJustin Bieber turned special attraction of a street in the area of Chicago land , in Chicago , after a company decided to make a joke involving the singer and Classic hockey game between Canada and the United States. The billboard uses humor to say that whoever loses the game shall be with Justin, as the singer has had numerous problems in the U.S..

This silly ad is nothing new: The building of Transportation Command, a broker freight, is right on a busy road in the area of Chicagoland then the company is known for putting humorous posters to make people laugh in their rides to work. They are used to getting a bit of press for it, but not both. “I can not believe what happened”, Danny Zamost , President of Command tells EW. “We had three different presenters out there today morning. ” Continue reading

Blackhawks fans stand on Justin Bieber Face

Revenge: Blackhawks Fans Stand on Justin Bieber’s Face

Blackhawks fans stand on Justin Bieber FaceEarlier this month, Justin Bieber angered many hockey fans for touching the Stanley Cup and accidentally standing on the Chicago Blackhawks logo in their dressing room while taking a photo of the Cup in the bowels of the United Center.

And on July 27, a group of Blackhawks fans took action against Justin – by stepping all over his face at the Blackhawks’ annual convention. :(

Here’s the pic of Justin accidentally steps on Blackhawks logo: Continue reading

Justin Bieber Believe Tour Chicago 2

Too Loud, Justin Bieber Tells his Fans to Be Quiet Believe Tour Chicago!

Justin Bieber Believe Tour Chicago 2Justin Bieber had one of the “best” shows of the tour, when he went up to the stage of “Believe Tour” in Chicago, at least that’s what the Canadian singer has reported on his Twitter microblogging account minutes after the show. Check out the tweets from Justin, thanking the fans for the incredible moments in United Center: Checkout Video Justin telling the crowd to be quite!

Justin Bieber Believe tour Chicago

VIDEOS: Justin Bieber Believe tour in United Center in Chicago!

Justin Bieber Believe tour ChicagoJustin Bieber performed his 105th show with the Believe Tour , which passed through the city of Chicago. The  United Center was at capacity during the sold-out show, Bieber commented that it was “one of the best” of his life. Check out the details of the show, in videos separated by our team: Watch The video!

Justin Bieber greets fans in Chicago

VIDEOS: Justin Bieber greets fans after show in Chicago!

Justin Bieber greets fans in ChicagoJustin Bieber had a great show in Chicago, so that soon after the star was greet fans who were around the parking lot of the arena.  One thing you need to know about Justin Bieber and his Beliebers, is that they are unbreakable. It’s pretty much a bond like no other and no matter how much bad press is put upon this talented star, the positive will always overcome the negative. After his sold out show in Chicago, Bieber posted this video on Instagram (below) titled ’4thefans.’ Check out videos that recorded the moment: Watch The Video!