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Justin Bieber and David Hasselhoff

Justin Bieber and David Hasselhoff with Cody Simpson – Music Video Coming Soon!

Justin Bieber and David HasselhoffJustin Bieber called the legend David Hasselhoff to direct her new music video. According to the Mirror the pair recorded a promo for the new JB song – a duet with Cody Simpson – in a secret location in Los Angeles. It was said that Justin personally requested that Hoff was with him in the video which will be released later this year.Justin Bieber Cody Simpson David Hasselhoff

Besides Justin, Hasselhoff and Cody, will also have 40 dogs in the video that promises to be one of the most bizarre videos pop up today. A source who was on set told the Mirror:

“This came about because Justin is a big fan of The Hoff, he considers a legend. He put the idea and then the director loved the video. So the idea of having the dogs came. The evening will be filmed and promises to be bright, and maybe a little weird. “

Cody simpson fahloJustin & Cody Simpson are working on a duets album that will be released in just eight weeks.

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Cody Simpson Talks about Collaboration with Justin Bieber – ‘We Did 20 Songs And Rehearsing’

cody simpson justin bieberDuring an interview with the TV Western , held with singer Cody Simpson spoke as a musical partnership arose with Justin Bieber and revealed that both did 20 songs together so far. Cody comes to shooting a music video with Justin and also did a photo shoot for the project last week, also said she has been rehearsing with Justin surprises to launch soon. Check out the video below, from the time “1:56″:

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Justin Bieber and Cody Simpson New Photoshoot Together After Musical Partnership

justin bieber cody simpson photoshootAfter news that Justin and Cody’s first single off their November-dropping duets album will go to U.S. radio “in days, not months,” the pair did a photoshoot on a ranch in California.

Justin Bieber met with his team to do a photoshoot with Australian singer Cody Simpson, which occurred on a ranch in California, and was directed by photographer Nick Onken. The manager of both artists, Scooter Braun, released through Fahlo application, a photo of the duo during the session, and the legend revealed: “Hung out with these maniacs all day. Great shoot with nick onken. Good time fellas.”Justin Bieber Cody Simpson Musical Partnership

Scooter also released by the same application a video of Justin, in which it appears dancing excitedly behind the scenes of the photo shoot. Check it out below:

The reason for the session has not been officially disclosed, but believed that the photos will be used to illustrate the new musical project in partnership Bieber and Cody, being the same acoustic album due for release in November this year. Excited about the session, the singers commented on the subject through the Twitter, saying that “great things are coming” .

Remember that one of the songs that Justin and Cody recorded will be released in a few days.

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Justin Bieber And Cody Simpson Jammimg

Justin Bieber and Cody Simpson’s First Single ‘In Days, Not Months’

Justin Bieber And Cody Simpson JammimgJustin Bieber and Cody Simpson have been seen numerous times in secret studio sessions, and in recent interviews, both said they recorded not only a song, but that ended up composing several songs that gave life to a project, an album of duets set to be released in November this year. Addressing these details more news in a recent interview with DJ Josh Strickland Radio Now 97.5 FM said that one of the songs of the partnership between Justin and Cody will be playing in American radios sooner than fans realize.

The first single from Justin Bieber and Cody Simpson a future album of duets, the radios will arrive “in days, not months” , according to the Michigan radio station, 97.5 Now FM.

DJ Josh Strickland received a selection of songs for the upcoming debut of two artists managed by the label of another Bieber last week, and in his own words: “I literally had no idea that I was listening to Justin Bieber, and when I said who it was, I was shocked.

Strickland promises: “This is a completely different musical and vocal match I’ve ever heard of Bieber” , then added to the new album and Bieber Simpson is so different that people “will not believe that is the Bieber. ”

Recently, Cody – who left the Warner/Atlantic Records told the Tribute, and he began composing after Justin Bieber watched some videos on Instagram Cody.

Cody said that the creative process was experimental, but they produced more than they intended. “We got to the studio and stayed there until six in the morning … came a song, and so on, until we end up writing about 12 songs in seven days, working all nights ” , reminds the young.

What is certain is: Two young artists with the most to gain – and perhaps to offer – join forces in this phase, are preparing to launch their new acoustic music, and an album of duets, this November. And most important is that the first single will impact radio in the United States sooner than expected.

“I had a meeting with Justin Bieber’s record label last week. New Bieber/Simpson is real and the music will be here in days, not months” , said Strickland.

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cody simpson justin-bieber collabration

‘More Or Less Two Months’ Cody Simpson About Release Of Collaborations With Justin Bieber

cody simpson justin-bieber collabrationDuring his spell at Teen Choice Awards 2014 , the Australian singer, Cody Simpson gave a brief interview on “On Air With Ryan Secrest” . In the interview, Cody revealed some details of his music in partnership with Justin Bieber. Check out the interview below:

Cody : Yeah, we’ve been doing a lot of music for one or two months. He just called me and said, “Hey, man, I’ve seen your videos on Instagram playing guitar.” I’m working on it, you know, I do this since I was a little kid and I was very excited. “Let’s go to the studio,” Justin said, and then went in one night and ended up writing 10 or 12 songs, while I played guitar.

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justin bieber and cody simpson hit the studio together write a beautiful song

Justin Bieber With Cody Simpson Reveals New Song “Boy Without A Home”

justin bieber and cody simpson hit the studio together write a beautiful songJustin Bieber and Cody Simpson have been teasing their collaboration for what feels like forever, and now we finally have some specifics!

Cody Simpson has recently spilled the goods about a song that him and Justin have been hard at work on. So what is the title of the soon to be #1 hit we will all be obsessing over?

“1 song we just finished is ‘Boy Without A Home’ which we both relate too”, Cody revealed to an Australia night show ‘The Bump’.

We can’t wait!

Last year, Cody tweeted that he was working on a song with the same title, and that the track was very close to his heart. It sounds particularly heartbreaking.

“writing a new record called “boy without a home” in the studio right now. this one’s pretty personal & emotional,” he tweeted in 2013.

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Cody Simpson congrats Justin Bieber on stage

‘He’s Like A Brother’, Cody Simspon Defends Justin Bieber To Talk About The Fight With Orlando Bloom

Cody Simpson congrats Justin Bieber on stageEm recent interview to the program “The Morning Show” from Australia, the singer Cody Simpson defended Justin Bieber to comment on the Quarrel between the Canadian and actor Orlando Bloom, which occurred at the restaurant Cipriani em Ibiza, in Spain, in the latter Third-fair.

Cody said that Bieber is young and engages in some trouble at times, but nevertheless considers him a “big brother”, and supports the Canadian who knows that Justin does many good things.

Cody Simpson defended Justin Bieber after his fight with Orlando Bloom , placing blame for their actions on youth.

The singer of 20 years had to dodge a punch star of ‘Lord of the Rings’ at a party in Ibiza, after allegedly making a comment about the ex-wife of actor, Miranda Kerr, with which he was even romantically linked during marriage. Simpson insists that his mistakes can be attributed to his youth.

Speaking on “The Morning Show” Australian program, he said: “Obviously we are all young and he gets into some trouble at times.”

He is a person I would support at all. He is like an older brother.

And despite the controversy Bieber antics – which also include numerous disagreements with neighbors about their wild parties – Cody insists he is “many good things” to people.

He has the world in his hands and he also does many good things. I have many good things to say [about it],” he said.

Justin and Orlando got into a fight in the restaurant Cipriani in Ibiza, after the singer of ‘Baby’ allegedly told the actor, “ Say hi to Miranda for me “, taking you from on top of him.

Miranda’s lawyer has said that rumors that she cheated Orlando – who is the son of three years old, Flynn – with Bieber after the Victoria’s Secret fashion show in 2012 were “false and defamatory”.

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Video: ‘This Is More Than A Song’ Cody Simpson Tells About Collaborations With Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Cody Simpson CollaborationDuring an interview on the blue carpet of the “Young Hollywood Awards 2014″ , which took place in Los Angeles California, singer Cody Simpson, who has worked with Justin Bieber in the studio for some time , gave some hints about what fans can expect from his collaboration with Bieber.

According to Cody, fans will have “more than a song” and despite not having gone into detail, the singer of “Neck Kisses” also said that the production should be launched later this year. Check out the video:

Cody : Yeah I got some words that I speak. Justin and I have been in the studio last two weeks, so we’re working on something really cool. So I’m excited that we’re doing it today. It has a good atmosphere in the air. He brought the girl from the Make-A-Wish here, which is something very beautiful. Her name is Grace and she is there. And I will deliver to the coolest prize Bieber, talk about it and what we do for social causes and everything else. It’s pretty cool

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Video: Cody Simpson Reveals Why Justin Bieber More Romantic Than Ed Sheeran

Cody Simpson Justin BieberThe singer Cody Simpson was asked about Justin Bieber in a recent interview with French website. The Australian who was recently in the studio with Bieber, had to respond to a comparison between Bieber and British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran . Check out the video from the time “1:28″:

For you, who is the most romantic: Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran?

Cody : Justin, in fact, he has made ​​several romantic things for his girl, and sing to her. But I do not think it shows Ed in his music, the way he expresses himself. So, I guess that’s it.

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Justin Bieber Cody Simpson In Studio 1

Justin Bieber And Cody Simpson Working In The Studio In LA

Justin Bieber Cody Simpson  In Studio 1Justin Bieber is constantly attending musical studios, working on new productions that will be possibly on her next album, still no release date scheduled, the star of 20 years returned to work and rejoined his friend and Australian singer Cody Simpson , with whom he has done musical collaborations that have not been disclosed, but are now being much in demand by fans both.

Seizing the moment to record in the studio, the producer Josh Gudwin, guitarist Dan Kanter, Bieber and Cody updated their social networks like Instagram and Shots, with photos of the session. Justin came to report that he was tired after the night’s work on the legend of one of the publications, “I think it’s bedtime, was one sitting up late at night, very tired” and also released a screenshot of the moment Cody and he chatted via FaceTime with manager Scooter Braun , who coordinates the career of the two stars. Check out the new photos below:Justin Bieber Cody Simpson  In Studio 2

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