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Cody Simpson congrats Justin Bieber on stage

‘He’s Like A Brother’, Cody Simspon Defends Justin Bieber To Talk About The Fight With Orlando Bloom

Cody Simpson congrats Justin Bieber on stageEm recent interview to the program “The Morning Show” from Australia, the singer Cody Simpson defended Justin Bieber to comment on the Quarrel between the Canadian and actor Orlando Bloom, which occurred at the restaurant Cipriani em Ibiza, in Spain, in the latter Third-fair.

Cody said that Bieber is young and engages in some trouble at times, but nevertheless considers him a “big brother”, and supports the Canadian who knows that Justin does many good things.

Cody Simpson defended Justin Bieber after his fight with Orlando Bloom , placing blame for their actions on youth.

The singer of 20 years had to dodge a punch star of ‘Lord of the Rings’ at a party in Ibiza, after allegedly making a comment about the ex-wife of actor, Miranda Kerr, with which he was even romantically linked during marriage. Simpson insists that his mistakes can be attributed to his youth.

Speaking on “The Morning Show” Australian program, he said: “Obviously we are all young and he gets into some trouble at times.”

He is a person I would support at all. He is like an older brother.

And despite the controversy Bieber antics – which also include numerous disagreements with neighbors about their wild parties – Cody insists he is “many good things” to people.

He has the world in his hands and he also does many good things. I have many good things to say [about it],” he said.

Justin and Orlando got into a fight in the restaurant Cipriani in Ibiza, after the singer of ‘Baby’ allegedly told the actor, “ Say hi to Miranda for me “, taking you from on top of him.

Miranda’s lawyer has said that rumors that she cheated Orlando – who is the son of three years old, Flynn – with Bieber after the Victoria’s Secret fashion show in 2012 were “false and defamatory”.

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Justin Bieber Defended by Usher

‘He Has The Opportunity To Become Their Best’, Usher Defends Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Defended by UsherJustin Bieber has received the support of his fans, friends and family to overcome the judgments and criticisms that surfaced after videos where it was racist jokes were disclosed. The singer apologized twice and acknowledged his mistake, but the impact of his actions of the past seem to have created a flood of controversy, becoming something he claimed to be “one of the hardest things that I’ve dealt“.

After showing that Justin was standing, supporting the singer to overcome the mistakes of the past that have surfaced, Usher went to his account in the app Instagram , strengthen its support to the Canadian and express his point of view about the lesson that all can take from this situation.justin bieber with usher

“In my heart, I am a person who understands and supports growth without judgment, since growth comes as a result of pain and continuous effort. As I witnessed Justin Bieber navigate in difficult waters when young, I can tell you that even though it has not always chosen the path of his highest potential, it is not racist in any way. What he was 5 years ago was a naive child who did not understand the negative and devastating power that comes along with racial slurs. What he is now is a young man before an opportunity to become their best and an example for millions of children who follow him not to make the same mistakes. “

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Kelly Osbourne

‘Give The Kid A Break’, Kelly Osbourne Defends Justin Bieber

Kelly OsbourneDuring an interview at HuffPost Live, actress and TV personality, Kelly Osbourne, best known for being the daughter of Ozzy Osbourne and Sharon Osbourne, was asked about the comparisons to singers Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus, on account of behavior of both generating several controversial headlines.

In the opinion of Kelly, despite being the focus of attention in several controversies, Justin and Miley are completely different people and the co-host of “Fashion Police” made ​​an emotional speech in defense of the two stars of pop music this week, and said how it feels particularly about the singer ‘Boyfriend’ , Justin and thinks people should “take a break the boy.

It’s not fair, every teenager deserves to make a mistake, act wrongly and learn from it,” said Kelly to the HuffPost Live this week. “And how can they learn from their mistakes, there is always someone there to fix it for them and no one is really trying to help them?

So, in this situation, when it comes to Justin Bieber, I think is very unfair,” she explained. “I think people need to give him time. If you do something wrong, you should pay for it, but give the kid a break. “

Kelly then began to talk about his friendship with Miley Cyrus and the behavior of the singer who often ends up in the media.

“As for Miley, you can not compare them as if they were equal, they are two completely different people,” she added. “I’m proud of her, because if you agree or disagree with what she did, she does not care and she is not artificial. “

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justin bieber defend by Paulo CoelhoIn light of recent controversies involving Justin Bieber, the star has become the agenda of interviews of several famous, who are asked daily about their behavior. During a recent interview, the renowned Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho was asked about the behavior of Canadian, not hesitating to defend it .

Paulo Coelho granted an interview with businessman and member of the House of Knowledge, Celso Loducca in Cascais, among many issues, came out in defense of the intrepid Justin Bieber, who lives getting into confusion involving the courts.

“I respect Justin Bieber. He won a legion of fans and then turned into a bad boy. And there comes a generation like mine, whose idols were drugged, murderers and that sort of thing, and starts criticizing Bieber. The problem is our society that, unfortunately, became more grimace ” says Coelho.

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justin bieber hot chelle rae

‘I Was Much Worse Than Him,’ Member Of The Band Hot Chelle Rae Defends Justin Bieber

justin bieber hot chelle raeThe band Hot Chelle Rae , who have already opened some shows the most recent tour of Justin BieberBelieve Tour“, commented during a radio interview with  92.3 Now about the criticism that the star has received on account of the controversial issues that are involved.

One member Ryan Follese , Justin defended and even commented on the surprise to be able to open some of the shows successful tour of the Canadian superstar.  Continue reading

Justin Bieber Pixie Lott

‘I Am Sorry For Justin Bieber': Pixie Lott Defends The Singer Of Negativity And Criticism Of Media

Justin Bieber Pixie LottDuring an interview with Mirror the singer, Pixie Lott quoted Justin Bieber and harassment that the singer suffers from the media as well as the focus on each step of the star and constant criticism every time it makes a mistake. Check out what 23 Years old  English singer commented: Continue reading

justin bieber paulo coelho

Writer Paulo Coelho Defends Justin Bieber Recent Criticism

justin bieber paulo coelhoOne of the most respected writers, Paulo Coelho , manifested through their account on the microblogging site Twitter, with respect to increasing criticism related to the behavior of singer Justin BieberTo defend Bieber, Paul revealed that the idols of his generation attitudes had equal or worse than the Canadian superstar, and that even then the audience loved them. Check out the Tweet Continue reading

justin bieber mark wright

‘Justin Bieber Is Stronger Than People Think,’ Defends Mark Wright

justin bieber mark wrightThe British Mark Wright  is personality on TV and radio broke in defense of Justin Bieber and made ​​some criticisms of constant trial that the singer receives each attitude. Mark made ​​it clear that relies on the strength that the Canadian star has to overcome stage controversy. Check the declaration of Wright in his account on the microblogging site Twitter : Continue reading

rob ford

‘I Wanted To Be As Successful As Him’ Toronto Mayor Defends Justin Bieber

rob fordRob Ford , Mayor of Toronto, Canada, recently defended the singer Justin Bieber , who is the subject of constant attention and rumors in the media due to the controversial events in his career and personal life.

During an interview conducted by phone for a radio program in Washington, DC,  Ford said that Bieber is only 19 and asked the radio broadcasters, who called the singer “Worst export from Canada,” so that when they had to re-member same age. Continue reading