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Justin Bieber Deportation

Young Latino Families, Deportation Targets In The U.S., Seek Help From Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber DeportationThe controversy with the list of more than 200 000 signatures asking that Justin Bieber is deported from the U.S., took a new proportion and has motivated a group that constantly feels the weight of the deportation laws of the United States, Latinos. A group of young people from a predominantly Latino neighborhood in Chicago, drew the attention of local media, after making a demonstration in a church, singing one of the songs of the star and asking for the help of the same, with its power to influence, to make U.S. authorities to stop the deportation of Latino families. Continue reading

justin bieber Deportation

Petition Asks Deportation Of Justin Bieber, But Dismisses Lawyer

 justin bieber DeportationA petition received in the last hours of the site matter White HouseThe request is that the Canadian singer, Justin Bieber is deported and banned from the United States, all due to the recent arrest of the star and the other involving the same controversy.

The petition is not something the administration officially left the White House, but the site allows American citizens to create petitions and approve the same before being finally published on the official website, but nevertheless, a lawyer ruled out Justin being deported, reaffirming that there are very few chances of the singer of 19 years to lose the right to live in the United States, since there are worse cases of deportation to the authorities and resolve if Bieber would be something ‘small’ for a case of deportation.  Continue reading