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Justin Bieber Believe Tour Singapore 1

VIDEOS: Justin Bieber show at the Singapore Grand Prix – Believe Tour Asia 2013

Justin Bieber Believe Tour Singapore 1The Believe Tour is back with his latest stage started on Monday (23), the event Singapore Grand Prix in Singapore . The show Justin Bieber in Asia brought innovations in costumes and emotions double, with the longing that the star and his faithful followers were to see him on stage.

As the big push to publicize the event, Singapore Grand Prix, Justin followed the set list of the tour on a stage designed with three runways, instead of one, as the previous shows. Besides covering held on our website, prepared this post with photos and videos of some of the great moments of the show. Check out: Checkout Video + Photo Gallery!

Justin Bieber Concert Brooklyn NY

VIDEOS: Justin Bieber Concert at Barclays Center, Brooklyn, NY

Justin Bieber Concert Brooklyn NYJustin Bieber performed his 119th show Believe Tour  in Brooklyn, New York . With performances of songs, playing drums, guitar, piano or dancing, Justin sang and thrilled the crowd with some of his earliest and many of today’s hit songs from his album, ” Believe . “

The Canadian singer is in town for a few days, took his successful world tour back on stage Barclays Center and made an unforgettable show for more than 20 thousand people thronging the capacity limit of the site. Check details of this show brought together by our team: Watch The video!

justin bieber concert boston

VIDEOS: Justin Bieber Show at the TD Bank Garden in Boston!

justin bieber concert bostonOn Saturday night (20), Justin Bieber held the 112th’s Believe Tour , which passed through the city of Boston. In a crowd with a sold out show, the Canadian star TD Bank Garden to conduct performances of current hits and the beginning of his career.

Parted videos with the key moments of this mega show and you can see below: Watch The Video!

Justin Bieber Philadelphia

VIDEOS: Justin Bieber Show at Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia

Justin Bieber PhiladelphiaOn the evening of Wednesday (17), instead of the city to receive the  Believe Tour , one of the most successful tours of the world, was the Philadelphia, PA.  Justin Bieber  rocked a crowd of over 19,000 people present at the Wells Fargo Center, demonstrating their abilities to perform the drum solo and potential vocal acoustic performances.

 Check out all the details of the show, through videos below: Watch The videos!
Justin Bieber Columbus Ohio

VIDEOS: Justin Bieber Theatrical Show at Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio!

Justin Bieber Columbus OhioJustin Bieber showed up to the Believe Tour in an incredible show and sold out at Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio. Besides leading the crowd at Nationwide madness and into a whirlwind of emotions every dance performance, acoustics or showing his talent with the drums and the piano, Justin also invited a small fan to the stage and talked to the young Belieber.

Our team separated the main moments of this mega production and you can check out below: Watch The Videos!

Justin Bieber Believe tour Chicago

VIDEOS: Justin Bieber Believe tour in United Center in Chicago!

Justin Bieber Believe tour ChicagoJustin Bieber performed his 105th show with the Believe Tour , which passed through the city of Chicago. The  United Center was at capacity during the sold-out show, Bieber commented that it was “one of the best” of his life. Check out the details of the show, in videos separated by our team: Watch The video!

Justin Bieber Show Iowa

VIDEOS: Justin Bieber Show at Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines, Iowa!

Justin Bieber Show IowaJustin Bieber performed another sold-out show the Believe Tour at Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines, Iowa. Justin has performed his old and new hits and featured a jubilant crowd that likes and thrilled with every song.

Hours before taking the stage, the band Hot Chelle Rae and Mike Posner opened the show, but the delay of 1:30 a.m. for the start of the show Justin caused discontent in the audience who booed the event, the singer minutes before taking the stage. Check out videos of the key moments of the show, separated by team JBMx: Watch The video!

Justin Bieber Staples Center Los Angeles

VIDEOS: Second show of Justin Bieber at Staples Center, Los Angeles!

Justin Bieber Staples Center Los AngelesOn the evening of Tuesday (25), Justin Bieber took the stage of the Staples Center in Los Angeles for the last sequence of two shows scheduled on the spot, after the return of the 2nd stage of Tour Believe . Among the crowd that packed the maximum capacity of the arena, the deafening screams every step of the Canadian star and bras thrown at some moments of the show, on stage, Justin showed why the Believe Tour is one of the most successful tours of the world.

The show also featured the presence of some celebrities like singer Jennifer Lopez and other personalities like Khloe Kardashian , Kiley Jenner , Jaden Smith and Moises Arias . In his Twitter account, along with Jennifer commented on a photo of his vision of the show:  “Guess where I am?! That little guy in the back is doing a great night … Beliebers”

The moment the song “One Less Lonely Girl” was also a part of the show, when Justin sang a serenade Angelina and stroked the face of fan, when OLLG night, when he honors all Beliebers through a single lucky . Check out details of the show in videos: Watch The video!

Justin Bieber performing Valley View Casino center in San Diego California 1

VIDEOS: ‘I do this for you’ Justin Bieber returns with the Believe Tour in San Diego!

Justin Bieber performing Valley View Casino center in San Diego California 1On Saturday night (22), the Believe Tour returned to the stage after a short break, starting his second stage in a sold-out show to over 14,000 people in the Valley View Casino Center in San Diego, California.

Much love between Justin and his Beliebers!

The evening was lively and full of emotions not only for the audience elated that flooded the arena with cheers every gesture or new song that Justin perform, but it was a thrilling show for Justin and his team, they were all in a state of euphoria by reunion. Checkout The Photos & Videos!

justin bieber concert

VIDEOS: Justin Bieber show at the O2 World, Hamburg, Germany!

justin bieber concertJustin Bieber showed up to the Believe Tour in Hamburg, Germany. The Canadian star of 19 years has more than 16,000 fans to madness, when he took the stage at the O2 World , around 20:50 h, to hold your 72 ° show with audience exhausted. Watch Full Concert!