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Justin Bieber Takes A Plea Deal In The DUI Case Of His Arrest In Miami

justin bieber dui caseJustin Bieber has reportedly agreed a plea deal in his driving under the influence (DUI) case and will attend anger management classes, sources told the Miami Herald newspaper.

According to the insiders, JB is not expected to attend a hearing for the case in Florida (August 13), he will attend a 12-hour private anger management course as it is feared public sessions would turn into a “frenzy”.

He will also have to view online videos of stories of real-life DUI cases with tragic ends, pay court fines and a $50,000 donation to charity.

Justin’s best friend Khalil Sharieff, who was arrested at the same time when they allegedly drag raced, is expected to receive a similar plea deal.

Miami police arrested Justin & Khalil in January for racing down Pine Island Drive, which had been blocked off by jb’s security team, and JB was said to have unleashed a string of expletives when stopped by officers.

Police claimed Justin admitted smoking marijuana and taking prescription medication, with a urine sample testing positive for the drug and anxiety pills Xanax.

However, his blood-alcohol levels were well below the legal limit and he didn’t appear intoxicated in police surveillance videos.

The guilty plea of pop singer Justin Bieber to charges of reckless driving and resisting arrest ended a legal saga that began seven months ago in a rented Lamborghini in what police called an illegal race. The judge who accepted the plea Bieber on Wednesday said it was time the singer of 20 years to stop their bad behavior – especially by his millions of fans.

“I hope he realizes that his actions not only lead to consequences that affect it, but they lead to consequences that affect others who are seeing it as a model to follow,” said the Judge of the Miami-Dade County, William Altfield in a audience. “I just hope he gets the message. Which it grow. Which he use his talents in a positive way for the young.”

Bieber’s attorney, Howard Srebnick said the message will be relayed to the judge the singer, who was not at the hearing.

Let’s turn this into a positive experience” , Srebnick said. “We are relieved it’s over.

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Justin Bieber arrest dui

Justin Bieber’s Miami DUI Case Delayed Until Is Reschedule For August 5

Justin Bieber arrest duiThere was a hearing of the case of the arrest of Justin Bieber in January this year in Miami Beach . The Canadian singer was not present, but lawyers Bieber with the prosecution that comes handling the case called for a truce for three weeks to work together on a plea deal.

The date of August 5 was defined and accepted by the judge overseeing the case, William Altfield for an upcoming hearing, and if there is a plea agreement, it is possible that it is not necessary to place a trial.

Delays have occurred because of evidence in favor of Bieber, who unlike the original charges, the singer was not making catches and levels of alcohol in their blood were within the law.

Lawyers for Justin Bieber and Florida prosecutors decided Wednesday that they need more time to prepare a possible plea deal on charges that the pop star was driving under the influence and resisted arrest.

The Assistant State Attorney and Lawyer, David Gilbert and Bieber’s lawyer, Mark Shapiro asked for three more weeks. The judge in the Miami-Dade County , William Altfield rescheduled the matter for days August 5 .

Gilbert said in a brief hearing that the two sides informed the Altfield that until that date negotiations are progressing arguments “and need to set a trial date if necessary. ” He gave no other details, and Shapiro also did not elaborate. Bieber did not attend the hearing.

Almost back from zero” said Shapiro.

Bieber was arrested on January 23 in Miami Beach, after police reported a catch between Bieber rented Lamborghini and a Ferrari driven by a friend, the singer Khalil Amir Sharieff. Nobody was accused of making picks.

Alcohol breath tests performed on Bieber found a level below 0.02 which is the limit allowed in Florida for underage drivers, but the urine tests revealed the presence of marijuana and the anti-anxiety drug Xanax in his system. Bieber was also charged with resisting arrest and driving with a expired driver’s license. Sharieff is also accused of DUI.

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Justin Bieber Plea Deal In DUI Case

Justin Bieber Reaches A Plea Deal In DUI Case, Legal Battles Is Finally Coming To An End

Justin Bieber Plea Deal In DUI CaseOne of Justin Bieber’s many legal battles is finally coming to an end. Remember that pesky Miami DUI arrest back in January? According to TMZ, Justin and his lawyer have finally managed to reach a plea deal that everyone — including the judge presiding over the case — can agree with.

Originally, the judge wanted Justin to star in an anti-drug PSA as part of his punishment for drag racing in a residential neighborhood. But now that Justin’s legal team has managed to prove that not only was he not drunk (although he did test positive for marijuana) or actually drag racing, his sentence is a bit lighter.

Instead, Justin will reportedly plead guilty to reckless driving in about two weeks when the decision is entered into court, and then all other charges will be dropped.

So what does this mean for Justin? He’ll have to pay a fine and attend anger management classes, and once that’s over with, the reckless driving charge will be dropped from his record. More significantly, Justin won’t be on probation as we originally thought.

The biggest caveat for Justin and his team was that Justin not attend a drug and alcohol education course, because that would be like admitting that Justin has a substance abuse problem, and that’s not the message he’s trying to send. Which, considering Justin’s position, is understandable… not to say that he couldn’t benefit from logging a few classroom hours, though.

It sounds like Justin’s getting off pretty easy to us. Take the deal and behave yourself, Biebs! Congrats Justin!

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justin bieber miami drug test

Footage of Justin Bieber’s Drug Test Finally Gets Released

justin bieber miami drug testA new video of Justin Bieber in prison was released shows that while the singer is heading to a field sobriety test at the police station in Miami.

The singer of 19 years old was stopped by police in Miami, Florida, on January 23, 2014 By doing ‘handle’. Being stopped, he was also charged with driving under the influence, resisting arrest and driving with expired driver’s license. The singer did tests to see if there was alcohol in his blood and the results showed a level well below the legal limit of intoxication. The star who turns 20 on Saturday (01), was and is still a minor, in terms of alcohol consumption in Florida and was also found marijuana and Xanax in his blood. Watch The Video!

Justin Bieber Chased By Miami Police

VIDEO: Recorded The Moment Justin Bieber Is Chased By Miami Police

Justin Bieber Chased By Miami PoliceOn the night of Friday (24), security camera videos of the street Justin Bieber drove a Lamborghini were released by “CBS”. In the video showing the moments before the arresrt of Bieber, you may notice a yellow Lamborghini, Ferrari driven by Bieber and red, which was being directed by Khalil, and seconds later the police car in Miami.

The video also features a report made ​​by the TV channel “CBS 4″, which shows the house in which the singer is hosted in Miami, Orchid House on Collins Avenue, surrounded by Beliebers saying, “We want Justin” .

Garces, a paparazzo who was standing outside the house of Bieber was asked whether the Canadian was out of control and his answer was surprising: “I think he’s going through what everyone goes through, which is the process of life learning and he has to pay the price, but he really should consider that many people love and admire “ . A resident of the place where the ‘crack’ was made ​​was also interviewed and only replied with a funny tone: “Just take it slow, no matter who.” Watch The Video!

Justin Bieber Arrested In Miami Beach

Miami Police Denies Alcohol Content In The Blood Of Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Arrested In Miami BeachThe website “TMZ” published a report claiming to have obtained information from an anonymous source, who revealed that there had been an error on the part of the police as to the level of alcohol in the blood of Justin Bieber , what would be a breakthrough for the team of lawyers defend the same, after his arrest on Thursday (23).

The News interviewed Lt. Robert Hernandez , responsible for the arrest of Justin in Miami and even denied the claims of “TMZ”, calling the claims “unrealistic” and explaining the real reasons that led Bieber to jail.

Justin Bieber may have some reason to celebrate, despite the severity of his charges. A possible error between the level of alcohol in the blood of the singer at the time of arrest and the total according to the police in the police report could open a loophole for the legal team of Bieber use to their advantage. Continue reading

justin bieber go to rehab

Justin Bieber Team Expects Him To Go To Rehab But Charges In Miami Were Not So Serious

justin bieber go to rehabThe fact that Justin Bieber was arrested during the early hours of Thursday (23), became the agenda among various media. Many began to question the physical and mental state of the singer of 19 years old, and comment on a possible admission to a rehabilitation clinic that could help him recover.

Based on the “TMZ” stating that Justin does not rule out the idea of ​​a treatment, and that his team supports you in that decision. Teams of Justin Bieber are asking him to come back to Los Angeles, and then they can sit with him and convince him to do a therapy immediately. Continue reading

justin bieber mike posner

‘We All Make Mistakes': Mike Posner On The Arrest Of Justin Bieber

justin bieber mike posnerJustin Bieber has been supported by his numerous fans in the light of increasing controversy in which it has been recently showering. After being arrested in the early hours of Thursday (23), the singer received numerous messages of support sent by peers and friends, and with Mike Posner was no different.

Mike, who is musical partner and friend of Bieber gave an interview to Radio 101.5 FM on the morning of Friday (24), shortly after the arrest of the Canadian superstar, and took the opportunity to lend support to a colleague and comment on it. Check out: Continue reading

justin bieber michael jackson

Justin Bieber 1st Message After Arrest, Compares Himself To Michael Jackson

justin bieber michael jacksonOne day after making headlines for getting arrested in Miami, Justin is addressing his police troubles with an Instagram photo in which he references both Michael Jackson and Jay Z.

On Friday Justin posted a side-by-side of himself leaving police custody in Miami riding on the top of an SUV and that of MJ, also on the top of a car, outside a Santa Monica courthouse after he pleaded not guilty to child-molestation charges.

Under the photos, he quoted a Jay Z lyric “What more can they say”. The Instagram marks the first time Justin has publicly addressed his arrest Thursday morning when he was taken into police custody on suspicion of DUI, resisting arrest nonviolently and driving on an expired license. He was later released on $2,500 bail. Continue reading

Justin Bieber rehab

Canadian Radio Refuses To Play Justin Bieber Songs Till Go To Rehab!

Justin Bieber rehabA Canadian radio station, Hot 89.9 FM , began a campaign he believes will work and help draw the attention of Justin Bieber . The Ottawa radio refused to play any music singer, until he goes to rehab.

Yes, the singer is banned from Hot 89.9 , until it takes radical action to change their behavior which has caused controversy and resulted in his arrest on Thursday (23). Bieber even after his release, the Hot 89.9 believe that the only solution is the singer go to rehab. Continue reading