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Video: ‘I’m More A Fan Of Justin Bieber Than I Imagined It Was’ George Lopez On Ellen show

george lopez about justin bieber on ellen showThe presenter of U.S. TV, George Lopez, was interviewed this week on the program Ellen DeGeneres, The Ellen Show and after his arrest for drug use in the last month in Las Vegas, Lopez laughed and took advantage of their situation to quote another artist whose name has been involved in prison and drug use, the Canadian superstar Justin Bieber.

George joked and then say it was actually in a casino in Canada, said that is a fan of Bieber and commented on the harassment of the media about the controversial singer of 20 years. Check out the video below, from the time ’00: 10 ‘:

justin bieber kevin hart

Video: ‘He’s A Talented Guy, “Kevin Hart Reveals The Advice He Gave Justin Bieber On Ellen Show

justin bieber kevin hartActor and comedian Kevin Hart gave an interview to Ellen DeGeneres, on her show The Ellen Show , and during the chat talked about the last roles of his career, and also revealed the advice he gave to Justin Bieber, the defending due the turbulent phase of his career. 

Kevin recalled the moment that surprised the star in the Ellen program, since he knew that the singer is a big fan of his, said that as a good friend advised Bieber to learn from mistakes, and he knows that he will improve. Watch The Video!

Kate Mckinnon Justin Bieber

VIDEO: ‘I Love Him And Think He’s So Talented,’ SNL Actress Kate Mckinnon Talk About Justin Bieber On Ellen Show

Kate Mckinnon Justin BieberThe comedian of Saturday Night LiveKate McKinnon, was on the talk Ellen Show this week and was asked what he thought of Justin Bieber, ‘I Love Him And Think He’s So Talented,’ SNL Actress about Bieber. Show in addition, Ellen commented on the performance of McKinnon when mimicked the Canadian superstar recently on SNL. Watch The Video!