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Eugenie Bouchard Wants To Hang Out With Justin Bieber

eugenie bouchardCanadian tennis player of 20 years, Eugenie Bouchard quoted Justin Bieber during a press conference shortly after his victory in the semifinals qualified for the final of the most prestigious tennis tournament in the world, the Wimbledon .

During the press conference, Bouchard did not hide that still has an interest in dating the singer of “All That Matters” , despite the name it has been linked to several controversies recently and even joked when asked if he would like to have Justin watching his performance in court, in the final of the tournament, stating that “hope so“.

Eugenie Bouchard would like to think that his fellow Canadian Justin Bieber will be seeing her departure end of Wimbledon .After Bouchard won a place in the semifinals on Thursday, the 20 year old was asked if she thinks the pop star Bieber is aware that she is the first tennis player from Canada to participate in a title match at the Grand Slam.

I hope so,” she said with a smile. “I’m putting a lot of hard work on it. I want to see that hard work rewarded.

At the Australian Open in January, Bouchard was asked during an interview on the court with whom she would like to have a date – and she quickly gave the name Bieber. He responded by sending a tweet and wishing him luck.

And that is why Bieber was quoted by a reporter at a press conference Bouchard on Thursday.

When Bouchard was purposely asked if Bieber was in contact with her during Wimbledon, she said she was not and laughed.

You know” , said Bouchard, entering the joke, “he has gotten himself into some trouble lately.

Then she added: “I’m not associated with it at the time but, you know, if he clean his image …“.

Bouchard was also asked if Bieber is personally could at the Royal Box on Centre Court, where actors and singers joined with sports stars and royals.

“He will not?” Bouchard said, smiling. “They do not really allow him to stay in the royal box, if he came? I feel like he could get in there somehow.

OK, well, if Bieber could not get into the royal box, Bouchard who would want to see in this VIP area?

Um, that’s a tough question,” she said. “I’d love to, like, see Oprah there. I think her story is really special. She came from nothing and grew up building this huge empire and is the richest woman in the world. I love stories like this. Justin Bieber is another example of a type that story. I love the story he achieve something. So I would like to hear about his experiences and all those kinds of things.

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‘I Have Great Respect For The Way He Became Famous’ Eugenie Bouchard On Bieber

justin bieber eugenie bouchardDuring an interview with Faces Magazine, Canadian tennis player of 20 years, Eugenie Bouchard was asked about Justin BieberEugenie has praised and showed his admiration for Bieber and fall in the past and this time it was asked if he still thought Justin was an ideal man

Do you think Justin Bieber is still the ideal for you man after his recent arrest?

Eugenie: Continue reading

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Justin Bieber Tweets Australian Open Star After Dream-Date Confession

justin bieber eugeie bouchardJustin Bieber wasted no time after the declaration of the young Canadian tennis player,  Eugenie Bouchard, 19, on Tuesday, to answer that I would be dating the musician had to relate to a famous and let the crowd at the Australian Open, composed in majority by men, a little disappointed.

Justin has a way of showing that he was happy to know Eugenie admiration for him, and through the social network Twitter, the star sent a wish “good luck” followed by a smile to a fan before the semifinal fellow at the Australian Open . As a Canadian, Justin is also hoping for victory the player who represents his country. Check out the tweet!

Eugenie Bouchard Date Justin Bieber

Video: Canadian Tennis Star Eugenie Bouchard Admitting That, Would Like To Date Justin Bieber!

Eugenie Bouchard Date Justin BieberThe Canadian tennis star, Eugenie Bouchard , 19, was interviewed after the game that secured their greatest victory in the Australian Open, on Monday (20), but while everyone was impressed with their performance, preferably Eugenie a perfect pair did not appeal much to the tennis fans who booed when it admitted which celebrity would have asked her date.

When asked by the reporter, “If you could hang out with anyone in the world who would it be?” , Eugenie proved very shyness would you like to go out with Justin Bieber and response was booed by the audience, but took the situation in stride.  Watch The Video!

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“I support him”: tennis star Eugenie Bouchard defends Justin Bieber!

justin bieber eugenie bouchardThe Canadian Eugenie Bouchard recently reached one of its greatest places in the ranking of the best female tennis players in the WTA , and is increasingly drawing the attention of fanatics sports now have the opportunity to meet other celebrities, Eugenie unfortunately have not met Justin Bieber , one of the people she would love to meet according to an interview she gave in to the site CNNSI . Check out what the tennis star said about Justin: Continue reading