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justin bieber and his fans

Beliebers Win Vote Biggest Fans And Justin Bieber Wins 3-Hour Special On FM

justin bieber and his fansAfter 2 days of intense dispute between fans of Justin Bieber, Beliebers and fans of boyband One Direction, Directioners, Beliebers were the big winners of the contest Reto EXA , the Mexican radio, EXA FM, with 3.483325000 votes/tweets.

For hours, groups of fans fought for their idols and proved they are one of the most voracious armies of fans who are, after all, neither side relented and fought for victory during the 24 hours of voting, keeping the hashtags in the dispute highlights the Trending Topics of the Twitter world.

The prize for those who prove to be the biggest group of fans was a special 3 hours of music only his idol. Continue reading