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Video: Justin Bieber Driving His $2M Bugatti Veyron In Miami

Justin Bieber Driving Bugatti carJustin Bieber decided to drive his new car, a Bugatti that won the rapper and producer Birdman present, and beside himself when it was spotted by fans while driving the convertible $ 2million through the streets of Miami, Florida.

Fans who are always on the side of the star wherever he is in the city, also spoke to Justin who stopped for a quick chat and promised to take pictures with them at another time, as He was in a hurry. Check out the video of the moment:

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Three Florida Police Officers Were Suspended For Making An Unauthorized Escort To Justin Bieber

justin bieber escortBesides the problems with the police in Los Angeles and Miami, with direct accusations against him, the name of Justin Bieber is involved in another case, the police of the city of Opa-locka, after three officers were suspended for making his escort when landed in Miami last week. 

Three Florida police officers were suspended for making an unauthorized escort to Justin Bieber in an area of ​​the Miami airport on Monday evening, a few days before his arrest for DUI after he was caught doing ‘picks’ in Miami Beach .

“Their presence at the airport was not authorized,” said assistant city management Opa-locka, David Chiverton, on Friday. Continue reading

Justin Bieber Drug Search Dog Sniffing Bag Airport

No Drugs Found in Justin Bieber’s Bag. But Why Did Police Search his Bags?

Justin Bieber Drug Search Dog Sniffing Bag AirportAs previously reported, Justin had his bags checked by drug-sniffing dogs at Fort Lauderdale airport in Florida and cops found nothing. But why did they search his bags?

According to TMZ, the reason cops searched the bags is because they received an anonymous tip someone in Justin’s party had drugs in their luggages. Justin’s bags, along with the bags of his entourage, were searched. They found nothing. Continue reading