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Justin Bieber Among The Most Powerful Celebrities In The World In Forbes, The Celebrity 100, 2014

Justin Bieber Among The Most Powerful Celebrities In The World In Forbes, The Celebrity 100, 2014

 Justin Bieber Among The Most Powerful Celebrities In The World In Forbes, The Celebrity 100, 2014The Forbes released the list “The Celebrity 100, 2014″, which ranks the 100 most powerful celebrities in the world and Justin Bieber was not left out, ranking 33rd this year, the only Canadian on the list and the second youngest (after Miley Cyrus in 17th place).

The singer of 20 years, a native of Ontario is listed as the No. 33 with estimated earnings of $80 million. In 2013 Bieber was in 9th position on the same list.

The annual list is compiled using estimates in gross revenues combined celebrities and their reach on social media and data on the number of times they were mentioned in the media between 1 June 2013 until 01 June 2014.

No. 33 (TIE): Justin Bieber

Growing up in the spotlight is hard for anyone but Justin Bieber is having a particularly difficult time with that. The boy who graced our cover in 2012 suffered a series of embarrassing incidents this year – almost all of them created by himself. Since having his monkey quarantined in Germany to deal with the reaction of leaked videos of the singer using the word with ‘N’, Bieber became a target of media criticism. But their fans still love him. Bieber has social networking profile more influential among any of the stars in our list, according to starcount and he even brought 80 million dollars this year, and mostly thanks to the money raised at the end of his last world tour.

The top of the Forbes list this year is Beyonce Knowles, who earned about $115 million. After the singer, the list brings LeBron James, Dr. Dre, Oprah Winfrey and Ellen DeGeneres. The oldest celebrity list is Paul McCartney, 72, who occupied the 29th place with estimated earnings of $71 million.

New names added to the list include actor Matthew McConaughey, actress Kerry Washington, singer Bruno Mars and the UK boyband, One Direction.

In a tweet from Forbes about his name on the list, Justin replied, expressing the love he feels for his fans who supported him at all times:

Forbes: Justin Bieber has become a punching bag of the media, but his fans still love him.

Justin : “@Forbes and I love them [my fans]. I’m not worried about the rumors. It’s all love. “

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justin bieber most overexposed

Justin Bieber Tops The List As The Most Overexposed Celebrity 2014

justin bieber most overexposedWhat Justin Bieber really does not turn news? The star is currently the leading name in headlines, rumors and controversy in the media, than with a microscope analyzes and comments every step of the singer of 20 years. Because of this, Justin led a survey by Forbes magazine, which ranked the most overexposed celebrities, and the throne of the spotlight got Bieber.

There is no doubt that Justin Bieber is still a power. He ranks ninth on forbes most recent Celebrity 100 list with around $58 million in profits in the 12 months to June last year. It is the second most popular celebrity on Twitter with 50 million followers, and his song “Baby” is a single with diamond certificate, which means it has sold over 10 million copies.

But last year, Bieber’s reputation was shaken by his unruly behavior, including a bizarre appearance with a gas mask, several accusations of spitting on people, drug use and assaulting paparazzi. His last look negative is courtesy of a video released a statement in a process in which Bieber is accused of asking his bodyguard to attack a paparazzo. Bieber was disrespectful and arrogant – was not exactly healthy pop star that millions of girls fell in love on YouTube.

Maybe that’s why Bieber is at the top of our annual Forbes list/E-Score of the most overexposed celebrities. For service with celebrities, the E-Score and E-Poll Research rated over 6,600 names highlighted based on 46 attributes, through public opinion research. 67% percent of respondents rated as the most overexposed Bieber.

Bieber is an unusual addition to a list that is usually led by reality stars.

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justin bieber forbes

Forbes: Justin Bieber Among ’30 Under 30 ‘ Musicians Who Make The Most Difference 2014

justin bieber forbesEach year, the prestigious business magazine, Forbes , publishes lists of the major highlights between entrepreneurs and celebrities,  Justin Bieber appears among the musicians who are featured in the 2014 “30 Under 30″ list, which shows young people who did much in their fields and are an example of success and entrepreneurship to his generation.

Justin appears at # 3 on the list, just behind Bruno Mars and Avicii, especially among the 30 people under 30 who make the most difference. Check out the comment from Forbes about putting Justin in the list: Continue reading

lady gaga Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber & Lady Gaga Among Young Hollywood’s Top-Earning Stars!

lady gaga Justin BieberThe most famous magazine of business and economics, Forbes released the list update “Top-Earning Celebs Under 30″ (Celebrities highest paid under 30 years) and Justin Bieber is the youngest in ranking.

The singer is only 19 years old appears in 2nd place on the list, balance collection of celebrities between the months of June 2012 and July 2013, behind only Lady Gaga.

At such a young age, Bieber has a brilliant career and has built an empire thanks to the worldwide success of their tours, albums and licensed products. The estimate is that Forbes in 1 year, Justin grossed about $ 58 million, making it the 2nd highest paid celebrity under 30 years of age. Check below, placed in the top 10 list: Continue reading

Justin Bieber forbes influence celebrities

FORBES: Justin Bieber among the 10 most powerful celebrities in the world in 2013!

Justin Bieber forbes influence celebritiesJustin Bieber is only 19 but has already won thousands of fans throughout his career. Besides being a Canadian celebrity best known these days, now is the youngest to be among the most influential world famous.

On Wednesday (26), economics and business magazine Forbes, published on its website the list of most powerful celebrities of 2013. Of the 100 persons listed, Justin is in 9th place. Since the month of January this year, the singer has accumulated more than $ 58 million dollars. 

Since it appeared on the cover of Forbes last year, the Canadian singer has already made a world tour, reached more than 20 million Twitter followers and gained $ 58 million (this total would have been higher if we had not stopped crediting millions more dollars by selling goods last year). Supporting sites as Enflick, Tinychat and Spotify, it shows no signs of slowing down. Checkout top 10 Forbes list!

justin bieber forbes magazine top achievers

Justin Bieber Among ’30 under 30′ list of top achievers: Forbes

justin bieber forbes magazine top achieversPop star JUSTIN BIEBER, singer BRUNO MARS, and rapper WIZ KHALIFA have been named among the 30 highest achievers under the age of 30.

Justin Bieber already among the most powerful celebrities on planet Earth in 2012. This news comes courtesy of Forbes magazine, which has released its annual celebrity 100 list, not to be confused with its world’s most powerful people list or highest earning actor list or any of other lists. Continue reading