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justin bieber girlfriend rumors

Justin Bieber: “All That I Take A Picture Automatically Become My Girlfriend”, Denied Yovanna Dating Rumors

justin bieber girlfriend rumorsThe personal life of Justin Bieber is widely covered by the media, whether they are facts or rumors, and his love life is always a focus of curiosity and speculation both the press and by many fans. Every time the singer poses with some girl in the photos, whether in the studio or informally, various rumors and speculation about the same level of affinity with the person in question is put into discussion.

On account of his recent appearances with the model Yovanna Ventura (18), Justin updated his account in the application Instagram relaxed way of venting about the speculation every time he is in a picture with a female person and posted a picture of his daughter next to his friend, boxer Floyd Mayweather, commenting on it in the legend and declaring jokingly that his only girlfriend is Iyanna Mayweather , who is 13.

“I think all that I take a picture automatically become my girlfriend This is my only girlfriend @moneyyaya:. P. .. I had fun in the short fight, see you soon!”

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Justin bieber Fragrance Girlfriend 2

Justin Bieber Is Launching A New Edition Fragrance ‘Girlfriend’

Justin bieber Fragrance Girlfriend 2Yes, after the Someday , Girlfriend and The Key , according to Justin Bieber Fragrances UK & IRE , on 16 February will be a 4th fragrance launched the Canadian superstar also showed the picture of the ‘new’ fragrance, it is a new edition of the already released “Girlfriend”, but that plus a new design, the perfume also has a new smell in his composition.The page that promotes the scents of Justin Bieber in the UK announced the novelty and mystery as did the appearance and name of the new perfume. Check the photo with caption Continue reading

jacque rae justin bieber

VIDEO: Jacque Rae says rumors of romance with Justin Bieber, the singer praises & more

jacque rae justin bieberThe actress Jacque Rae received much media attention since he came back out with his friend Justin Bieber . Speculation of a possible romance between them are growing every day, as the Canadian was accompanied by dancer in many places you have been recently.

In the early hours of Sunday (22), an interview about the new plans of his career, and about his relationship with the star. Jacque also made ​​clear the admiration she feels for friend / idol and told details of the days spent with him in the Bahamas. Watch The Video!

Justin Bieber Girlfriend Perfume

Justin Bieber perfume wins the most popular and favorite of 2013!

Justin Bieber Girlfriend PerfumeThe fragrances that Justin Bieber created to show beliebers success and receive awards every year. After the “Someday” perfume win the title no.1, 2012, now was the time for “Girlfriend” win over a traditional award that recognizes the quality of the best fragrances in the world, held by Fragrance Foundation .

The second fragrance Justin won two categories of the Fragrance Foundation Awards 2013 , Popular Women’s Fragrance of the Year (Popular Female Fragrance of the Year) and Women’s Consumer Choice Awards (Consumer Choice Female). Watch The Video!

justin bieber potential girlfriend

Justin Bieber Potential New Girlfriend Date to Justin Timberlake’s Concert!

justin bieber potential girlfriendJustin Bieber was spotted taking a mystery brunette to Justin Timberlake’s BRIT Awards after-show concert at The Hmv Forum in London, UK. Justin and the girl were certainly arriving together, although they were at pains not be photographed side-by-side.  More Pics!

justin bieber girlfriend fragrance

Justin Bieber “Girlfriend” Fragrance Commercial (Video)

justin bieber girlfriend fragranceGet close with Justin Bieber’s new fragrance, Girlfriend and never let go. Flirty, personal, inviting, Justin’s new fragrance draws you in with an exciting splash of crisp mandarin and juicy blackberry. From there, things heat up with exotic floral notes of pink freesia and star jasmine, before striking a flame in your heart with warm vanilla orchid and sultry musk.

Justin Bieber’s new Fragrance “Girlfriend” Contest

Justin invites you to submit your “girlfriend” version of “boyfriend.”

Hurry!! you’ve got only 48 hours to submit.
The submission period STARTS at 12:01am EST (June 6), and ENDS 11:59pm EST (June 7). More info visit justinbiebersgirlfriend.com/

Only you:To be eligible to win the Contest you must be the only person in your video, but you can upload videos of you and your friends for fun.

Only if you’re old enough: For anyone that is under 13 years old, we love you, but we cannot accept your submissions. And if you are under 18, be sure your parents agree to you entering the contest.

Use only music provided: Be sure to download and use the music track provided. If your video uses other music, or lyrics from another song, it will not be accepted.

Rewrite the lyrics: Don’t forget to create your “Girlfriend” version of “Boyfriend” lyrics.

Keep it simple and original: Do not include material in the video that you have no rights to, including, third-party branding in lyrics, on clothing, props, or in background of video, names and images of celebrities (other than Justin of course), movie or TV clips, artwork, etc. We just want to see you singing your lyrics and the chorus provided, that’s it. Show us what a star you are!

Keep it clean: No profanities or profane gestures in video; nothing obscene, abusive, violent, illegal or offensive; don’t include anything racist or sexist; don’t depict nudity, sexual activity. Simply put, make your video something everyone can watch, and in good taste.

Keep it private: Don’t use your friend’s or any person’s last name, telephone numbers, street address or email address.

Provide complete information: Be sure to fill out your contact information so we can contact you if you win the contest.

Follow the rules and be patient: Remember that all submissions will be moderated, so if there is a delay in your video posting live this means it’s still in review. But remember, we cannot post your video if you don’t follow the rules.

More info visit justinbiebersgirlfriend.com/