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Let You See How Media Works By Paying People To Make False News, Truth Behind Justin Bieber Horse Incident

Justin bieber Horseb RidingDuring his recent visit to Los Angeles, California, Justin Bieber took advantage of his free time to ride. During the activity, accompanied by his friends Ryan Butler, Johnny Shahidi and team members. Bieber was recorded insulting a woman Melinda as reported by TMZ.

Thus, the assertion that the insult would be for a woman who was trying to take her picture with singer. Yama Amin, boarding her horse at stables for 10 years, returned to the scene to clarify what actually happened.

I never thought the other regulars and those who are temporarily boarding here would invade my guests [Justin] privacy & start video taping him before he even steps out of the car. To clarify about TMZ article – 4 “security goons” did NOT surround her and try to intimidate her. And, Justin was not acting “very strange & nervous”. But, what was not caught on tape, was these women verbally harassing Justin. They yelled out at Justin, “You will never be like Michael Jackson” and “……that’s if he stays alive long enough” . Truth is, they were antagonizing him.

So I went back to where the incident went down and made sure Melinda got a taste of her own medicine. Justin was going to have a quiet day alone and horse riders know that riding their horse is one of the most therapeutic things to do. We wanted Justin to experience that. But instead, he was bothered before he even got on the trail, returned to the scene to clarify what has happened, revealing that Justin was actually insulted by the woman and as a human, had a reaction.

Check out the video:

Share it to know everyone how people try to make up lies about Justin Bieber and sell those lies to the media. Some have made a fortune making our idol look bad. Justin is successful and wealthy and some people are jealous and greedy. Spread the truth!

Scarlett Johansson Justin BieberIn an interview actress Scarlett Johansson did not hesitate to express his opinion about the recent controversy involving young superstars Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus. When questioned on the subject, the Oscar winner said, “I can understand their situation , “but said he could not compare with his reality when he was still a young star.

“I do not remember ten years ago the tabloids are so hard and criticizing the growing young. It’s horrible how young celebrities are addressed and exposed that way. I can understand their situation. I’m glad I have not lived with it all.”

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Justin Bieber Korn Video Spike In My Viens

Video: Band ‘Korn’ Uses Justin Bieber In Protesting Against The Harassment Of The Media

Justin Bieber Korn Video Spike In My ViensBand Korn released the video “Spike in My Veins” which brings a look behind the media obsession with the lives of celebrities. Along with scenes of police reports and leaks about the National Security Administration of USA, are scenes of Justin Bieber being arrested, Miley Cyrus showing her tongue on the stage of MTV Video Music Awards and other celebrities that are the focus Recent controversies. Watch The Video!