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justin bieber band hot chelle raeIn an interview with PopChrush, the band Hot Chelle Rae commented on what is learned while on tour with Justin Bieber during the Believe Tour. Check out the lesson that the band had with Justin and said it would take forever in his career:

Justin Bieber is getting a bit of negative pressure from the media lately, but he is a very talented artist. After spending time with him on tour, what are some things that you learned from him?

HCR : What we learned was not just his performance on stage, but with the way he deals with the artists that are on his tour. For us, several times on tour, the band that opened the show would not have been treated with the same respect that they should be treated by others. They will do things like do not allow you to use the entire stage or certain things like that, but during the whole tour Bieber was really cool because even Scooter [Braun] and Justin both said: “Look, you can use any stage. What we want is not just the best show of all Justin Bieber. want the best of Chelle.” This involves leaving the band that opens do what needs doing. And there were no restrictions, no limits, no nothing, and they let us do our show. I learned that it is incredibly valuable to me. It changed my perspective on the people who will be on the road with us forever.

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‘I Was Much Worse Than Him,’ Member Of The Band Hot Chelle Rae Defends Justin Bieber

justin bieber hot chelle raeThe band Hot Chelle Rae , who have already opened some shows the most recent tour of Justin BieberBelieve Tour“, commented during a radio interview with  92.3 Now about the criticism that the star has received on account of the controversial issues that are involved.

One member Ryan Follese , Justin defended and even commented on the surprise to be able to open some of the shows successful tour of the Canadian superstar.  Continue reading