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Selena Gomez ‘Completely Humiliated’ – Justin Bieber Seeing Kendall Jenner Behind her Back

selena justin kendallSelena Gomez reportedly broke up with Justin Bieber over his secret relationship with Kendall Jenner. As previously reported, Justin and Kendall enjoyed intimate dinner date in Paris. Feeling betrayed, Selena jetted back to LA two days early after dumping Justin, tweeted about ‘learning lessons the hard way’.Justin bieber and kendall jenner datingAccording to insiders, while JELENA’s latest separation was hardly unexpected, with their undeniable pull to one another, it’s only a matter of time before they kiss and make up once again.

A source tells inTouch Weekly that Selena doesn’t trust Kendall’s motives:

She went crazy.

Selena was absolutely livid when she found out Justin had dinner with Kendall. He lied to her about it. She was so angry that she changed her flight to come back to LA two days early and told him their relationship was over – again.

She told Justin she wanted to have nothing to do with them. That meant he had to cut them off, too.

It turns out Justin has been texting Kendall the whole time and Paris wasn’t the first time they secretly had dinner together.

Justin admitted it and insists they’re just friends, but Selena doesn’t believe him, and they had a screaming match over it. She feels completely humiliated.

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Meanwhile, a source close to the Jenners reveals that Kendall is not-so-secretly loving coming between the couple.

Kendall just loves that she got something over on Selena. It’s ugly behavior.

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‘To Humiliate Him?’ Sky Ferreira Criticizes Release Of Videos Of Justin Bieber In Prison

sky ferreiraThe singer and American actress, Sky Ferreira , went to his account on the microblogging site Twitter to protest the huge media interest with the release of videos of Justin Bieber in prison. Sky defended the Canadian star of 20 years and made ​​it clear he thinks it unnecessary to release the pictures of Justin. Continue reading