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Justin Bieber in India

International teenage sensation Justin Bieber may not have had the opportunity to come to India yet, but that doesn’t stop the 18-year-old from tasting, and loving Indian food.

That’s not all, as the Baby hitmaker, who has already sold over 15 million albums worldwide, is also looking forward to some Indian partnerships.

“I love Indian food and have tried it in London a couple of times,” says the Canadian pop and R&B singer, who seems to have fallen for desi flavour. “I have heard a lot about India too and would love to visit the country,” says the 18-year-old.

“I like Indian music … it’s good to the ears. If I get a chance sometime, I would like to collaborate with Indian artists,” he says.
Though he pleads ignorance about Bollywood, he does concede knowing about his fan following in India. “I don’t get much time to sit down and watch a movie etc.

But with Twitter and other social networking sites, I connect with my fans. I know that I have a big fan following in India. They love me immensely and have even asked me to visit and perform in India,” says Bieber, whose fans famously call themselves Beliebers.

Currently riding high on the success of his latest single, Boyfriend, Bieber is on cloud nine as he was named as the Social Artist of the Year at the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas on Sunday, thanks to his 22 million Twitter followers and 43 million Facebook fans.