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Video: Ariana Grande And Friends Sing Hits Of Justin Bieber At The Turn Of The Year

ariana grandeA few days ago, the brother of singer  Ariana Grande,  Frankie Grande, who has stated numerous times to be a big fan of Justin Bieber, released into his account on Youtube a video recorded in Japan at the turn of the year, where Ariana along with some friends made ​​sure to enjoy the beginning of the year doing what he loves most: singing. 

In the video, you can check out the singer and his brother Justin singing some hits like  Baby  and “One Time . Watch The Video!
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BELIEVE TOUR: Justin Bieber performs in Saitama, Tokyo

justin bieber tokyoJustin Bieber held the 130th show Believe Tour in Saitama, Tokyo.Continuing with his Asian tour, the show’s Canadian star thrilled and made ​​the night on the town one of the most memorable in international shows performed onsite, thrilling the public that the tickets sold out in one of the world’s most profitable tours. Check out details yet the big show: Watch The Video!

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Justin Bieber Wax Figure Displayed at Tokyo’s Madame Tussauds Wax Museum!

justin bieber wax figure tokyo 1In June this year the museum  Madame Tussauds Vienna inaugurated a new wax figure of Justin Bieber and art  in actual size of the star has made ​​as successful as Justin really. Proof of this is that this month the figure of Justin being displayed in Tokyo , Japan Check out photos of the wax figure in the hall of Madame Tussauds Tokyo.

For a limited period of six weeks from July 20 to September 20 for the public. The figure of Justin-size will have its first appearance in Japan The picture that is being displayed is the latest version to be unveiled at Madame Tussauds in Vienna in June this year. Continue reading


Justin Bieber officially End the WORLD TOUR 2011 in JAPAN

JB posted series of tweet to let his beliebers know that World Tour 2011 has ended in Japan.

“thank you JAPAN. deeply honored to be here. kinda crazy that was the last show…now we are all flying back together.”

“great way to end the tour…glad we ended it here in JAPAN. thanks to everyone…now time for a break and time to make.”

Justin is expected to be back in the US this week.


Justin Bieber to Donate Profits from a Japan concert to Charity

Justin Bieber has promised to donate a share of profits from a Japan concert to the Japan’s tsunami relief efforts after he was inspired by the generosity of rockers Maroon 5.

JB is currently on a tour of the Far Eastern country, which was hit by a devastating earthquake and tsunami in March (11).

Hours ahead of his show in the city of Osaka on Tuesday (17May11), he spotted a post on Twitter.com from the “Maroon5″ band pledging to hand concert takings to the Japanese Red Cross.

Justin re-posted the message from the band to beliebers:

“@maroon5 @adamlevine, Sounds like a good idea… I’m in. Gonna donate a portion of my show to Japanese Red Cross too.”


Justin Bieber’s Concerts in Japan May Be Canceled

Two upcoming Justin Bieber concerts are in danger of being canceled. Some members of JB’s crew refuse to visit Japan due to fears over another possible earthquake or the effects of radiation from the nuclear disaster after the recent tsunami.

According to TMZ, several members of the crew are refusing to go to Osaka and Tokyo for two concerts because they’re afraid of the cancer risks due to the recent nuclear disaster caused by the earthquakes. The concerts are scheduled for Osaka and Tokyo on May 17 and May 19 respectively. Without a crew, the Biebs cannot perform in Japan, and these tour dates may be canceled.