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‘He Really Is A Good Kisser And Still Sweet’, Jasmine Talks About ‘Baby’ And Relationship With Justin Bieber

justin bieber jasmine villegas babyJasmine Villegas, who starred in the music video “Baby” alongside Justin Bieber and opened some shows the My World Tour, said in a recent radio interview with HOT 97 as it was recording the video and also some details about their short relationship with the star and why the relationship has ended. Check out the interview:

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Video: Jasmine Villegas Rates Justin Bieber Kiss In Baby Music Video

justin bieber jasmin villegas_baby kissIn a recent radio interview with Power 106 FM, the singer Jasmine Villegas was questioned about which rate would give the Justin Bieber kiss on a scale of one to tens. Jasmine, who acted as a romantic couple on the Canadian music video of “Baby” in 2010, and had a brief romantic involvement with the star, gave a nine to kiss Justin.

One of the radio reporters further questioned the singer of “That’s Me Right There” why not ten, Villegas apologized saying that Bieber had been with a long time, but as far as she can remember was a nine. Check out time from the instant ” 00:16 “in the video below:

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justin bieber jasmine villegas

Video: ‘Do Not Listen To The Media’ Singer Jasmine Villegas Praises Justin Bieber And Fans

justin bieber jasmine villegasAt age of 20, singer Jasmine Villegas, known for starring alongside Justin Bieber‘s video “Baby” has some advice for the Canadian star who had a whirlwind romance a few years ago, when both were just adolescents. When questioned she had to tell the singer of 19 years has been going through a troubled phase that confers Villegas replied: Watch The Video!

justin bieber jasmine villegas

VIDEO: Jasmine Villegas talks about Justin Bieber support after suffering assault

justin bieber jasmine villegasAlthough they ended the relationship long ago, Justin Bieber and singer Jasmine Villegas are good friends. In a recent interview that contora granted to Balitang Showbiz , in which Jasmine talked about the time he was with Justin, and also commented on the support they received from the Canadian star when he assumed that he had been assaulted by her ex- boyfriend. Watch The Video!


A 33-year- old Stalker has been Ordered to Stay away from Bieber Ex-BABY, Jasmine Villegas, for the Next 3 Years

The 33-year-old man stalker, STEVEN CRINTON who threatened to rape and kill Justin Bieber’s EX-BABY Jasmine Villegas  has been ordered to stay the hell away from her for the next three years … reports TMZ.com.

Jasmine Villegas – who started to become popular through Justin’s “BABY” video — had already obtained a temporary restraining order against Steven Cintron after he posted several alarming YouTube videos, containing numerous violent threats.

Now, an L.A. Superior Court judge has extended the order — requiring Cintron to stay at least 100 yards away from Jasmine for the next three years. Cintron is also banned from posting any more videos about Jasmine Villegas.

Hopefully, the creeper gets the message!


Justin Bieber Gives Jasmine Villegas a big Hug in Hawaii

Justin Bieber gives rumored girlfriend Jasmine Villegas a big hug as she arrives in Hawaii on Friday afternoon (October 8).

In Hawaii, Justin Bieber played two sold-out concerts while in the state capital of Honolulu.

The next day, Justin met up with Jasmine Villegas and best bud Jaden Smith for a boat ride on a catamaran called Mai Tai.

Justin tweeted, “Hawaii great night and great vacation here. me, jaden, and @JASMINEVILLEGAS all had a great time. thank u. cant wait to come back!!”


Jasmine Villegas Talks about Being Justin Bieber’s “Baby”

justinbieberjasminevillegasBreathe a sigh of relief, ladies. Jasmine Villegas, better known as Jasmine V., plays Justin Bieber’s love interest in the video for his latest single “Baby,” but she tells People magazine that the two are definitely not a couple.

“Those are all rumors. We’re not dating. We’re just really cool friends,” Jasmine insists. Besides being buds with J.Biebs, you have another reason to be insanely jealous of this 16-year-old half-Filipino, half-Mexican beauty. During the video shoot, she got to smooch Justin (gasp!)…but their lip-locking session ended up on the cutting room floor.

Still, the experience wasn’t as great as you’d imagine. “It was like work,” Jasmine says about their scripted kiss that failed to spark any real-life romance. “When I’ve hung out with him, it’s always been with a bunch of people.”

Maybe someday Justin can return the favor and be part of one of Jasmine’s videos. She’s recording songs right now for her debut album that’s scheduled to drop later this year.


Justin Bieber and Jasmine Villegas Kissing. Are they Dating?

justinbieberjasminevillegasSome of you may not know whos Jasmine Villegas. Well.. she is the girl in Justin Bieber video “BABY”. Did Jasmine win the ticket to be in the “BABY” video? NO, Jasmine is a model/singer, and she was chosen by Justin management to be in the video.

What about people who won the ticket to appear in Justin Bieber video? well.. the person who won the ticket had a chance to meet Justin Bieber and appears in the BABY video.

Do you see bunch of girls in the “Baby” video? yes, some of them are the winners.

Now, who is Jasmine Villegas. How dare Justin Bieber kiss Jasmine Villegas in the picture? lol.. calm down girls… This was what director wants, not Justin (well.. who knows), but they removed or cut the “french kissing” scene because its not too appropriate, as you know Justin Bieber is only 15 when the video was being made.