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Justin Bieber

Video: ‘There’s A World Of Beliebers Trying To Kill Me': Supernatural Actor Jared Padalecki

Justin BieberJared Padalecki , star of the CW series, Supernatural , spoke in an interview with E! News on the impact that his comment on Twitter caused among fans of Justin Bieber . Jared explained that he was joking and even joked when commenting on the reaction of Beliebers, who left in defense of Canadian Idol.

Jared Padalecki often are face to face with demons, ghosts and other monsters of the CW series Supernatural , but none are as amazing as the legion of fans of Justin Bieber, the Beliebers.

The TV star was just one of many celebrities to comment on the performer of 19 years, after police raided his home and found drugs with Lil ZaPadalecki pop star accused of possessing illegal drugs and tweeted: “Hey @ justinbieber, how much you are paying for your friend to pretend that their cocaine is his, he has a crush on you?” Continue reading