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Justin Bieber Scooter Braun

Justin Bieber Scooter Braun Defended During Court Testimony On Paparazzo

Justin Bieber Scooter BraunJustin Bieber is being sued by photographer Jeffrey Binion due to an incident in June 2013, where the photographer accused the star of being mastermind of attacks and threats he received from his bodyguards. In a recent interview with In Touch Weekly, one source close to the said details of the testimony of his manager, Scooter Braun.

With lawsuits filed by photographer Jeffrey Binion against Justin Bieber , the In Touch Weekly learned that Bieber’s manager, Scooter Braun , allegedly stated that Justin is responsible for the actions of his security team during a deposition.

“He basically said Justin assumes all responsibility with his bodyguards since he was 18,” a source close to the exclusively told In Touch Weekly .

“Scooter said that even 18 years Justin, Pattie [Justin’s mom] was responsible for the security of Justin, so that when he turned 18 and decided he wanted total control in the choice of his bodyguards; he hired their own bodyguards and took complete control of his safety. Essentially, if you look back at the incidents that Justin was with his bodyguards in the past basically started after he took control of his security team. “

Specifically, Binion is suing Justin because of an incident that occurred in June 2013 – more than a year after the singer turned 18. According to the photographer, Justin’s bodyguard, Hugo Hesny allegedly threw against a wall, grabbed him by the neck and “pulled a gun”, trying to steal his memory card. Hesny denied he assaulted a photographer while working for Justin.

He is also suing Justin, claiming that the singer commanded to do that. According to the source, this is not a typical behavior of the troubled star when it comes to managing his team.

“If the bodyguard Justin chases, attacks and takes cameras of photographers, Justin was responsible for that, because it is he who manages his own safety” , the source told In Touch. “Scooter kinda let it all in the hands Justin ” .

While Scooter is not ashamed to put the responsibility on his young client, it also gave us an insight into his close relationship with Justin, and even defends him when it comes to another incident that occurred in Los Angeles, shortly after the singer’s 18th years, when he was with the then girlfriend, Selena Gomez.

“Scooter also said, however, that he and Justin are like a family, and he can not sleep at night without calling the bodyguard Justin and making sure everything is fine,” the source exclusively told In Touch Weekly.

“Scooter also said that when Justin himself attacked a photographer in Los Angeles, was because he felt that he and Selena were being threatened by the photographer, and that’s why he attacked him physically.”

Justin will complete one more testimony to the case – during which he will be forced to answer additional questions he refused to answer during his testimony in March.

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justin bieber deposition again

Justin Bieber Is Subpoenaed To Testify Again In The Event Of Aggression Against Paparazzo In Miami

justin bieber deposition againThe singer Justin Bieber need to have a second examination in which the singer was ordered to attend regarding the case of the paparazzo Jeffrey Binion, who opened a prosecution of Canadian claiming to have been assaulted by security Justin by order of the same from a nearby studio in 2013.

According to documents obtained by “TMZ”, which runs the event in Miami, the singer will be questioned by the same lawyer who questioned in case of aggression against a limo driver. The judge’s order is that Bieber will have to answer the questions he refused to answer last time, including the question whether he has already discussed with a paparazzo when he was with his ex-girlfriend, Selena Gomez. The date of the deposition has not been established yet.

Meanwhile, reported that the ex-girlfriend of Bieber, the singer and actress Selena Gomez , has testified in Los Angeles, referring to another lawsuit filed against Justin for a paparazzo, photographer Jose Duran, accusing Canadian singer to have struck punches and kicks against him during an argument in 2012.

According to the site GE, Selena did not have many details about the incident she was seen calming Bieber performed his testimony smoothly and when asked about Justin has not had the same reaction when the singer was asked about the singer of “Come & Get It ” , who exclaimed, “Do not ask me about her [Selena] again” , when questioned about the Binion case in March this year.

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justin bieber assaulting paparazzo

Videos: Justin Bieber Testifies On Charges Of Assaulting Paparazzo In Miami

justin bieber assaulting paparazzoJustin Bieber gave a statement regarding the charges against him in the case of the paparazzo Jeffrey BinionThe singer was involved in confusion with Binion in June 2013 and the Canadian superstar photographer accused of being the mastermind of the attacks and threats he received from his bodyguards as he took photos of Bieber in season.

The testimony of Justin was scheduled to take place in a Miami court, but after an agreement with all parties involved to prevent the arrival of the star for his ouster was a spectacle covered by mass media that was waiting in front of the organ , the venue was changed last minute. Watch The Video!

Justin Bieber assult paparrazi

Justin Bieber denies charges of assault against paparazzo at Hit Factory!

Justin Bieber assult paparraziIn June, Justin Bieber had his name linked to  another news controversy involving confusion with a paparazzoJeffrey Binion , who accused the Canadian singer and safety of Hit Factory , assault and robbery of one of your memory cards, while took photos of the singer in MiamiJustin finally answered the allegations of the case and denied any involvement. 

Justin Bieber sent a response to an open process in Miami , on June 5, accusing him and his bodyguard to attack the paparazzo Jeffrey Binion. Continue reading