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Pink Urges Selena Gomez To End with Justin Bieber and Move On!

pink selena gomezPink and Selena Gomez chatted recently at The Ellen Show backstage and the “So What” singer reportedly dropped a subtle hint that Selena should ditch Justin Bieber and move on, Dish Nation has exclusively learned.

According to DN, a source said Pink & Selena hung out backstage, adding that the Disney alum was “stoked” to chat with Pink as she has always looked up to her.

Seemingly, the fuss PETA supporter Pink made in 2011 about horses being painted Pink for Selena’s “I Love You Like A Love Song” video, was all forgotten.

The insider allegedly reveals:

Selena admires Pink for everything she’s accomplished and her insanely successful career.

She’s also not oblivious to the fact that Pink and her husband Carey [Hart] broke up for a while before eventually reconciling and having a baby together.

Selena and Justin have been on and off for like four years, so she felt like Pink would understand their love. But she wasn’t exactly supportive, and basically told Selena she should end it with Bieber once and for all, and just focus on herself.

WATCH VIDEO: Pink Urges Selena Gomez To Cut Off Ties With Justin Bieber.

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Video: ‘She Is Beautiful’ Justin Bieber Is Asked About Selena Gomez

justin bieber asked about selena gomezWhile leaving the restaurant Flavor Of India in Los Angeles. Justin Bieber was asked by a paparazzo about the actress and singer Selena Gomez. Besides confirming that Selena is “pretty”, Bieber also asked the paparazzi to draw their pictures, so that they did not need to do anything dangerous, fearing that photographers followed her car recklessly in pursuit of pictures, as has occurred in other times. Check out the video:

Paparazzo: Hey Justin, do you think Selena Gomez is a Beautiful Woman?

Paparazzo: You still think Selena Gomez is a Beautiful Woman?

Justin : She is very beautiful.

Security: Stop it …

Justin : They can take pictures and everything, but make certain they are gentle. Do not worry man, I just want to make sure that this will be something positive and not dangerous.

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Justin Selena Jonathan

Jonathan Cheban Denies Justin Bieber Afair With Kendall Jenner And Supports Jelena

Justin Selena JonathanThe relationship of Justin Bieber with actress and singer, Selena Gomez , is still unknown to many fans try to decipher, especially with the constant comings and goings of the couple who always appears in photos and share family moments and travel for many is confirmation of a permanent return in the relationship. Just last month, Justin vacationed with Selena in St. Martin in the Caribbean. However, the romantic getaway turned sour when Selena looked at Justin’s phone and saw text messages from her sometimes-friend Kendall Jenner.

Justin and Selena broke up again, but speculation that the departure of Justin with model and TV star, Kendall Jenner , to a dinner last week in Paris have been the reason they were discarded by a family friend of Kendall, Jonathan Cheban, who commented in an interview for the magazine that besides Kendall and Justin are “just friends”, he supports the relationship of Justin and Selena.

“Selena doesn’t trust Kendall’s motives,” a source tells Us Weekly.

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However, according to longtime Kardashian-Jenner family friend Jonathan Cheban, Jenner’s motives are pure and she is not looking to get romantic with Justin.

Jonathan Cheban, 40, stopped by Us Weekly’s New York City offices this week, and dished on the rumors surrounding Jenner and Jelena.

He tells the US Weekly:

The key word is friend.

Jelena are a great couple. I like them both. They’re very cool and this is the best way to do a Hollywood relationship — they’re on for a few months, they break up. Ultimately, if they loved each other, and they’re settled down in a year or two, then they’ll reconnect and keep it going.

It seems like with the two of them, it’s a forever thing. It does not end. It keeps going and going and I think it’s awesome. They’re a good match.

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selena justin kendall

Selena Gomez ‘Completely Humiliated’ – Justin Bieber Seeing Kendall Jenner Behind her Back

selena justin kendallSelena Gomez reportedly broke up with Justin Bieber over his secret relationship with Kendall Jenner. As previously reported, Justin and Kendall enjoyed intimate dinner date in Paris. Feeling betrayed, Selena jetted back to LA two days early after dumping Justin, tweeted about ‘learning lessons the hard way’.Justin bieber and kendall jenner datingAccording to insiders, while JELENA’s latest separation was hardly unexpected, with their undeniable pull to one another, it’s only a matter of time before they kiss and make up once again.

A source tells inTouch Weekly that Selena doesn’t trust Kendall’s motives:

She went crazy.

Selena was absolutely livid when she found out Justin had dinner with Kendall. He lied to her about it. She was so angry that she changed her flight to come back to LA two days early and told him their relationship was over – again.

She told Justin she wanted to have nothing to do with them. That meant he had to cut them off, too.

It turns out Justin has been texting Kendall the whole time and Paris wasn’t the first time they secretly had dinner together.

Justin admitted it and insists they’re just friends, but Selena doesn’t believe him, and they had a screaming match over it. She feels completely humiliated.

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Meanwhile, a source close to the Jenners reveals that Kendall is not-so-secretly loving coming between the couple.

Kendall just loves that she got something over on Selena. It’s ugly behavior.

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justin bieber pattie selena kendall

Justin Bieber’s Mom Pattie Mallette Call Kendall Jenner A Homewrecker?

justin bieber pattie selena kendallKendall Jenner has been making headlines lately for walking in various big-name shows during Paris Fashion Week.

Despite her great work at fashion week, the former “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” star is reportedly getting slammed by Justin Bieber’s mom for spending some quality time with the pop star in Paris.

“I know you love him. I know you need love. But… #DontBeAHomewrecker,” tweeted Pattie Mallette.

Although the tweet doesn’t directly address Kendall Jenner, the message has raised speculation as it comes just as Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez parted ways after a huge fight in St. Maarten, according to HollywoodLife.

Although Justin Bieber reportedly stated that his dinner with Kendall Jenner was simply a “business meeting,” Pattie knows that her son is all about Selena Gomez as he’s continued to post pictures of himself with his on-again-off-again girlfriend.

Most recently, Justin posted a photo of Selena kissing his shoulder during their recent vacation in St. Maarten.

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Justin bieber Selena gomez kissing shoulder

Justin Bieber Posted Selena Gomez Kissing his shoulder – Days after she unfollowed him & Break Up Reports

Justin bieber Selena gomez kissing shoulderJustin Bieber posted a photo on Sunday of his on-off girlfriend Selena Gomez kissing him on the shoulder from behind. Justin appear to be sporting the same outfits they wore in a photo shared and then deleted by Justin and also standing in front of a similar backdrop.

Earlier this week, Selena unfollowed Justin on Instagram just days after he was spotted enjoying a boozy lunch date with her model pal Kendall Jenner while the trio attended Paris fashion week.

Justin Bieber Selena Gomez CaribbeanOn Instagram , Justin posted a picture with the actress and singer Selena Gomez , as they passed the holiday together in the Caribbean, a few days ago and minutes later deleted the photo. Also on Instagram, Justin posted a picture of the hamster who gave a gift to a fan, PAC , mourning the death of its former mascot, what happened in 2013, due to old age, natural of its kind. Justin also posted a picture of the front of his hotel in Florence, Italy, packed with fans and touring the city. The singer Khalil and producer Brad Haugen also published a photo in Instagram.

In Fahlo, backstage photos of Justin’s Believe Tour , one side of the singer Drake, where Justin appears only in his underwear, circulating through the halls of the backstage and a photo of the singer during the premiere of his documentary, the “Believe Movie” in 2013. Shots, Justin ran a new selfie.

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selena bieber kendall paris

Justin Bieber Begging For Selena Gomez Back as She Reportedly Ignoring His Calls

selena bieber kendall parisJustin Bieber and Selena Gomez have had an extensive on-again, off-again relationship and now, it seems the duo are on the outs once again. After JELENA caught arguing at an airport following their relaxing vacation, fans are rushing to support Selena in her time of distress. However, despite Justin often being portrayed as a heartbreaker, sources reveal that he is desperate to get his lady back.

HLife reports that after JB took model and reality star Kendall Jenner on a “business date” in Paris, Selena didn’t take the news too well. The date, which Justin insists was strictly business related despite Kendall following him back to his place for a party, led Selena to unfollow Justin on Instagram and completely ignore him since the incident occurred.

However, fans are confident the duo will be back together once things cool down.

The source reveals:

Justin has attempted to get ahold of Selena and make amends and do his normal game on getting her back, but to the surprise of many, Selena has been radio silent and has yet to respond. She is still mad at Justin and trying to show him yet another lesson.”

Most people in her camp believe that she will fold and go back with Justin though. Same old same old.

Justin’s date with Jenner may have served as the catalyst for the breakup, however, sources reveal that Selena was tired of Justin throwing girls in her face, especially Kendall Jenner, seeing as the duo used to be good friends.

In addition, Justin was seen partying in Paris the night Selena cut her trip short to fly home to be with family.

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Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Break UP Again October 2014? Selena Gone Mad at the St. Maarten Airport also Unfollowed Justin Again!

selena justin fightLooks like there might be trouble in paradise for Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez — she just unfollowed Justin (AGAIN) on Instagram. That same week, a video also surfaced of Selena throwing her bag down at the airport in St. Maarten when her and Justin were leaving – heading to Paris Fashion Week.

Though Selena seemed to be in a bad mood at first, she is later seen smiling and taking pictures with fans. Watch the full video below!

VIDEO: Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez leaving Princess Juliana International Airport in Sint Maarten after a vacation trip. They are heading to Paris on Air France.

Did Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber Break Up Again?

Although we thought that Selena was perfectly fine with her boyfriend Justin Bieber spending time with Kendall Jenner, maybe she wasn’t so happy with it. Selena just unfollowed Justin on Instagram, and posted cryptic tweets about feeling alone and dejected. It looks like their on-again, off-again relationship might be back off!

Selena also discussed her issues of self-doubt, and feeling like she’s not good enough.

Was she talking about Justin? Are they breaking up? We can’t think of another reason why she would unfollow Justin on Instagram.

Selena headed back home to Los Angeles, even though Justin was still in Paris.

Do you think Jelena is over?

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