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justin bieber jeremy private plane

Justin Bieber & Dad Jeremy’s World Adventure – Shaving Mustache!

justin bieber jeremy private planeJustin  Bieber is traveling with his father Jeremy and posted a black and white snapshot to his Instagram page that showed them standing on the steps of a private jet.

Me and Pops on a world adventure’, Justin captioned the photo, in which he is wearing a black tank top and jeans while his dad sports tracksuit bottoms, a T-shirt and a baseball cap.

Justin & his dad were seen partying in Paris together last week, and they then travelled to Italy.Justin Biener Shaving MustacheThat same day, Justin got rid of his mustache and showed off his baby face to his fans.

It seems Justin wants to have a clean start following his most recent break-up with Selena, and decided to achieve that by shaving off his mustache.

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Justin Bieber Jeremy Eiffel Tower In Paris 1

Justin Bieber With His Father Jeremy Visit Eiffel Tower In Paris

Justin Bieber Jeremy Eiffel Tower In Paris 1During his stay in Paris, singer Justin Bieber took the free time to visit one of the best known sights of the city light, the Eiffel Tower. In pictures recorded by fans and also posted at the singer’s father, Jeremy Bieber and his fitness coach, Patrick Nilsson in application Shots was able to follow a part of Bieber’s tour. Check out:Justin Bieber Jeremy Eiffel Tower In Paris 2Justin, Jeremy and fitness coach Patrick Nilsson having dinner in Paris.Justin Bieber Jeremy Eiffel Tower In Paris 3

Justin Bieber Jeremy Eiffel Tower In Paris 4

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justin bieber his father abusive

NBC: Justin Bieber And His Father Were Abusive To Flight Crew, But Flight Crew Have No Complaint

justin bieber his father abusiveDays after the private jet of Justin Bieber was stopped for a search when reached at airport Teterboro, New Jersey, the NBC News had access to the investigation report, and apparently, unlike than originally thought, the search would have generated more controversy for the singer.

The report obtained by NBC claims that the singer would have been abusive during the flight and with the encouragement of his father, Jeremy Bieber , would verbally insulting a stewardess reported by NBC News. Continue reading

Jeremy Bieber tweets about Justin Bieber

‘I Can Protect My Child': Father Of Justin Bieber Refutes Criticism Over Arrest Of Singer

Jeremy Bieber tweets about Justin BieberWhen Justin Bieber was pulled over by Miami police in the early hours of Thursday (23) witnesses reported that the singer’s father, Jeremy Bieber, was in place, and moreover, according to witness accounts, Jeremy himself helped close the street so Justin took the ‘handle’ that minutes later prompted him to jail for speeding and under the influence of drugs. After learning details of the incident, fans of the singer sent several messages with reviews and charging Jeremy to protect and give a better example for Justin.

The father of the singer hit back at criticism from some fans and the media also rumors involving Justin, in a statement on his Twitter microblogging account. Continue reading

justin pattie jeremy bieber

Justin Bieber Ignores Advice From Pattie, While Jeremy Helped To ‘Handle’

justin pattie jeremy bieberJustin Bieber has grown along with its independence the singer of 19 years has been involved in many controversies. Created under the protection of his mother, Pattie Mallette, Justin always had to meet the limits set by it, which always made ​​it clear that would help the child become a good man.After acquiring its independence, Justin began to make their own decisions and the results of many of them were not so positive, prompting the singer to the biggest scandal of his career, that the arrest took place on (23), Miami.

With so many events, many fans miss an important person and always protect Justin, his mother, Pattie Mallette, and some even sent tweets protesting and claiming Pattie no longer cares about his son, but according to an article published by Mail Online , Pattie actually has been avoided by Justin some time ago, all because she has tried to help and advise the child about some bad choices. The site also reported that unlike Pattie, the singer’s father, Jeremy Bieber, was present and helped close the street in Miami, so Justin took the ‘handle’ with your friends, which led to his arrest. Continue reading

justin bieber jermy bieber

Justin Bieber goes to Canada to follow Jeremy Bieber surgery

justin bieber jermy bieberDespite the distance from their homeland and datebook that accompanies a successful career,Justin Bieber has always had as one of its priorities the relationship with your family, enjoying the time off to visit them or bringing some of his relatives and friends to accompany you while traveling on tour.

It was no different during the current pause Believe Tour , Jeremy Bieber , Justin’s father, will undergo surgery (do not know the type nor the severity of it, but would have been ciruigia knee) and Justin went to Canada to accompany him. The singer left New York and flew to his homeland at around 5:00 a.m. the morning of Tuesday (10). Check out the tweet Jeremy, commenting on the visit of the son: Continue reading

Justin Bieber at the Cabana Pool Bar Toronto

VIDEOS: Justin Bieber enjoys party with dad and friends at the Cabana Pool Bar in Toronto!

Justin Bieber at the Cabana Pool Bar TorontoJustin Bieber made ​​a stop in Toronto, Canada and was photographed with friends as Ryan Butler , Lil Za , James Taylor , Ali Maejor, besides his father, Jeremy Bieber enjoying a party at the resort Cabana Pool Bar .

Various posted photos of the singer in the party that was watered with lots of music, booze and beautiful women. Check out these and more videos of Justin on site: Watch The Video!

justin bieber batbike mv agusta black

Video: Justin Bieber’s 19th Birthday Gift “Bat Bike” MV Agusta from Dad Jeremy Bieber!

justin bieber batbike mv agusta blackJustin Bieber gets a custom ‘Bat Bike’ MV Agusta motorcycle for his 19th birthday from his dad Jeremy Bieber. The sport motorcycle is covered in Batman logos, as well as personal JB-related touches. For example, the gas tank reads “35 mil. followers,” in tribute to Justin’s Twitter account. Some of Justin’s tattoos are also worked into the art, along with a “JB” logo near the seat. Watch The Video!

Jeremy Bieber gets “JB” Tattoo for Justin’s 18 Birthday

Jeremy Bieber gets “JB” Tattoo for Justin’s 18 Birthday (Video)

“Come check out what I got @justinbieber for his birthday “) http://bit.ly/zfRkYe video by @extreme3photo”

Justin Bieber’s dad, Jeremy Bieber wandering around the mall to get Justin’s 18th birthday present. After few hours and got nothing, he decided to get a tattoo of Justin Bieber’s initials “JB”. Watch the video above!