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Justin Bieber Apologizes For Racist Joke

‘I Made An Immature Mistake, I’m Sorry’, Justin Bieber Apologizes For Racist Joke

Justin Bieber Apologizes For Racist JokeAn old video released where Justin Bieber appears telling a joke to a group of friends. At the time, the singer was just 15 and the same comment was considered racist, since Bieber used the word “nigga”, which is constantly used by african-americans, but is considered a racist term when used by a white person.

After all it was a joke and the singer did not hide his admiration for black culture and having several african-american friends, Check out the video in question and details in respect of the site earth :

The video was filmed backstage at a promotional event at the beginning of the career of the star. In it, Bieber question: “Why do black people afraid of chainsaws?” . Someone asks anyone answer this, but the singer says: “run nigga nigga” (something like, run, black).

In English, the sound of words, when spoken quickly produce a noise near the chainsaw makes when it is connected. A woman, who did not appear in the video, still says chainsaw can be replaced by a bike because the noise is very similar..

After his former security guard and friend, Kenny Hamilton defending the same , Justin sent a statement to “TMZ” site, which formally apologized for the attitude. Check out the article with the declaration of Justin:

Justin Bieber apologized for telling a racist joke, when he was 15 … blaming, in part, to their age. Justin told TMZ, “I was a child, did not understand the power of certain words and how they can hurt. thought I was okay to repeat hurtful words and jokes, but did not realize at the time that was not funny and that indeed , my actions were spreading ignorance. ”

Justin continues, “Thanks to my friends and family I learned from my mistakes and grew up, and apologized for those mistakes. Now that these errors of the past became public, need to apologize again to all those who have offended.”

Justin continues: “I’m sorry I take my friendship with people of all very seriously and apologize for offending or hurting anyone with my child and unforgivable mistake cultures I was a child at the time and now I am a man who knows.. their responsibilities to the world and that Stephen Fry will not repeat mistake. ”

And Justin said, “Ignorance has no place in our society and I hope to share my failures may prevent others from committing the same mistake in the future. much I thought about what I wanted to say, but telling the truth is always the right . ”

Justin ends by saying: “Five years ago I made ​​a hasty and immature mistake and am grateful to the people close to me to help me learn these lessons as a young Again … sorry..”

Scooter Braun , Justin’s manager, praised the gesture of astro and comforted via Twitter, in response to the message that it also published in his account on the microblogging site twitter. Check out:

“@Justinbieber how a man facing his mistakes define his future. Know your heart. Well said”

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Justin Bieber Is The Target Of A Joke Of A Company In Chicago

justin bieber jokeJustin Bieber turned special attraction of a street in the area of Chicago land , in Chicago , after a company decided to make a joke involving the singer and Classic hockey game between Canada and the United States. The billboard uses humor to say that whoever loses the game shall be with Justin, as the singer has had numerous problems in the U.S..

This silly ad is nothing new: The building of Transportation Command, a broker freight, is right on a busy road in the area of Chicagoland then the company is known for putting humorous posters to make people laugh in their rides to work. They are used to getting a bit of press for it, but not both. “I can not believe what happened”, Danny Zamost , President of Command tells EW. “We had three different presenters out there today morning. ” Continue reading