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Listen: Justin Bieber New Song ‘Time For Bed’ And ‘Playtime’ Feat Khalil

Justin Bieber New Song Time For Bed And Playtime The singer Khalil released his new mixtape via Sound Cloud , including two tracks in partnership with Justin Bieber . While the official projects Bieber as the new album and parallel compositions are not yet released, fans can enjoy two new songs from the album Kahalil with the participation of Canadian, being the same “Time For Bed” and “Playtime”.

The songs deal with themes of romance, have a soft knock, and are already yielding numerous accolades coming from fans on social networks. Listen to the players below:


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Video: Justin Bieber With Friends Disclose Moments Walk In Runyon Canyon Park

Justin Bieber Runyon Canyon ParkJustin Bieber was at Runyon Canyon Park in Los Angeles, California, taking a walk with friends. Beside Khalil and Lil Za, Justin recorded several videos on Instagram and fun time on the tanning Canadian star commented on his Twitter microblogging account:

Have fun in life and don’t take things so seriously. Be yourself no matter what people think. @khalil today was dope!!

Check out:Justin video on Instagram with his best buddies; Khalil & Lil Za:

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VIDEO: Justin Bieber Dancing Moves On Lady Gaga Song At Rollerskating Rink

Justin Bieber dance moveJustin Bieber was at the rink Moonlight rollerway in Glendale, California, alongside friends to Khalil and Lil Za ,where he showing off his best moves as Lady Gaga blasted through the speakers. He was having a great time grooving to Gaga’s single “Do What U Want” while surrounded by stunned fellow skaters in the new clip he posted on Instagram (later deleted).enjoyed posing for selfies Shots in publishing videos and making some peculiar dances during his skating. Justin still was photographed by fans who were on the track and released on the same network. Check out photos and videos below:
Justin Bieber Lil Za khalilPosing: Justin with friends; Khalil and Lil Za.

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Justin Bieber Riding Can-Ams Motorcycle 1

Justin Bieber Riding Can-Ams Motorcycle With His Friends In LA

Justin Bieber Riding Can-Ams Motorcycle 1Justin Bieber & friends riding Can-Ams motorcycle, as he made ​​a stop with Lil Za , and Khalil at a gas station in Los Angeles. The singer was photographed by fans while on site.  He posted the image on Instagram stoping for gas, last night, with caption “♛ me and my team”. Check out the photos:Justin Bieber Riding Can-Ams Motorcycle 2Justin Bieber Riding Can-Ams Motorcycle 3Last week there was a hearing of the case of the arrest of Justin Bieber in January this year in Miami Beach . The Canadian singer was not present, but lawyers Bieber with the prosecution that comes handling the case called for a truce for three weeks to work together on a plea deal.

The date of August 5 was defined and accepted by the judge overseeing the case, William Altfield for an upcoming hearing, and if there is a plea agreement, it is possible that it is not necessary to place a trial.

Delays have occurred because of evidence in favor of Bieber, who unlike the original charges, the singer was not making catches and levels of alcohol in their blood were within the law.

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VIDEO: Justin Bieber Partner Khalil Threatens To Shoot Fans Outside Club

Justin Bieber Partner Khalil Threaten FansJustin Bieber and his partner Khalil were back in Miami, the site of their DUI arrests earlier this year, for some partying early on Thursday. While leaving the club Dream at approximately 4 a.m. and making his way to a waiting vehicle, Bieber was cool with his fans, posing for pictures and expressing gratitude.

Khalil was… less cool.

Apparently upset by the crowd, he mimicked shooting a gun and (repeatedly) declared, “That’s how a n**ga gets shot!

BTW … as  reported … Khalil and Bieber have worked out a plea deal and prosecutors are currently processing the paperwork.

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Leaving Prison Justin Bieber Resting In Rented House In Miami

After Leaving Prison, Justin Bieber Resting In A Rented House In Miami

Leaving Prison Justin Bieber Resting In Rented House In MiamiJustin Bieber had a busy day and after stopping news around the world, reporting his arrest, the singer was released on bail and went to a house he rented in Miami with his father, Jeremy Bieber and friends including rapper Khalil , who was also arrested with Justin for the same reasons.

The house where he is staying Bieber was photographed on Thursday (23), the singer will not appear in the pictures, but only a few friends, his father and his friend Khalil. The group bought pizza and waved to friends as a helicopter took some pictures of the moment. CBS reported that Bieber was in the pictures, but hours later it was clarified that this was a friend of his father, Kevin. Checkout Photo Gallery!