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Justin Bieber Searched Pot Superbowl

Justin Bieber’s Private Jet Searched For Marijuana After Landing In New Jersey For The Super Bowl

Justin Bieber Searched Pot SuperbowlWhen Justin Bieber landed outside of New York to the Super Bowl in a private jet at Teterboro Airport in New Jersey, Justin, his father and friends were stopped by police who suspected there was marijuana on the plane that brought the singer. After a search, the police found nothing and released all the passengers. 

Sources tell that the authorities were holding the plane … Because they think there might be marijuana on board. The aircraft and passengers were being searched … but nothing was found. A source close to Bieber told us that passengers knew they would be searched when they were flying from Canada to the U.S.. Continue reading

Justin Bieber Assaulting Limousine Driver Toronto 2

VIDEO: Justin Bieber Charged with Assaulting Limousine Driver in Toronto!

Justin Bieber Assaulting Limousine Driver Toronto 2Justin Bieber was photographed while penetrated a police station in Toronto, Canada. The reason for the way the singer until the place was about to meet an old complaint it received in December 2013 for allegedly clashed with the driver of a limousine. Bieber was testifying about the case at the police station accompanied by a lawyer, and in addition to hundreds of photographers who were waiting at the site, a large number of people were there to see it. 

The charge comes a week after he was arrested and charged for a separate incident in Florida for DUI. Justin’s lawyer said he was innocent.

Toronto police say that Justin Bieber was one of six people picked up by a limousine outside a nightclub in the early hours of 30 December, 2013. Watch The Video!

Justin Bieber Brawl nightclub hamptoms NY

Justin Bieber Banned From Entering the United States, if found guilty in assault case!

Justin Bieber Brawl nightclub hamptoms NYAccording to an attorney who spoke to Star magazine, Justin Bieber could be banned from America if he’s charged with and convicted of assault or battery in a Hamptons nightclub brawl last week – in NY.

Police officers have confirmed that they are currently investigating an incident, which occurred in Southampton club South Pointe, where the Canadian singer’s security guards were accused of being “heavy handed” and “intimidating” to other party-goers.

Immigration attorney Richard Yemm told US magazine Star that the ‘Baby’ hit maker could also be placed into removal proceedings from the United States, if he is charged of assault, the Mirror reported. Continue reading