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MK Nobilette look like justin bieber

‘I Do Not Look Like Him, He Looks Like Me’ Mk Nobilette Talks About Justin Bieber

MK Nobilette look like justin bieberIn a recent interview with HL, a competitor of American Idol , MK Nobilette talked about the fact of constantly having her style and appearance compared to Justin Bieber. Nobilette also made ​​a play on the fact that Justin was arrested for driving under the influence. MK Nobilette talked about Justin Bieber : “I do not look like him, he looks like me” .

After the concert, HollywoodLife.com spoke to MK Nobilette that her name would be John Travoltado “Matt Nasheen” and asked how she would feel if John Travolta he missed her name. Here’s what she had to say:

That’s interesting, is not my name (laughs) . I really have to ask the Jena how she feels, because everyone misses her name She is definitely the one to asking. People really do not pronounce my name wrong, as there’s really no pronouncement MK, unless you’re kinda stupid! (Laughter) But people make jokes about it … I get something like M’Kayyyy. Or I get MK Ultra. Either Michael Kors or Justin Bieber!

We asked her that nickname she hates most, and she said: “ Justin Bieber – because I do not look like him, he looks like me! (Laughter) I was like before him! ” Well, the two have 20 years old! Show pictures of MK appearing before JB JB JB opinion or it did not happen!

“The bitch stole his look” , a reporter told MK, to which she replied: “All right, damn Moreover, I do not drive under the influence of alcohol, I do not … no matter, I will not go there .. . skate I do not walk under the influence as well.

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Toby SHeldon My Strange Addiction to Justin Bieber

VIDEO: Toby Sheldon Addicted to Look Like Justin Bieber

Toby SHeldon My Strange Addiction to Justin Bieber

‘My Strange Addiction’: Toby Sheldon’s plastic surgery to Look Like Justin Bieber

Toby Sheldon on TLC’s “My Strange Addiction”: A 33-year-old Toby Sheldon spent over $100,000 on surgery to look like Justin Bieber. Sheldon is a songwriter who says he gets mistaken for Justin a lot and he takes it as a compliment.

Toby Sheldon on Bethenny: Bethenny welcomed Toby Sheldon to the show to talk about how he spent more than $100,000 on plastic surgery. In 30-something Toby’s case, his goal was to closely resemble Justin Bieber. Watch The Video!

Justin Bieber Surgery before after

Man spends more than $100,000 with surgeries to look like Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Surgery before afterJustin Bieber is constantly the target of inspiration for many people due to its diverse style and ways inspires its fans, addresses a similar issue involving the Canadian star, but the difference is that Toby Sheldon , 33, not only is inspired by Justin, but want to look totally Canadian singer and therefore underwent several operations, spending around $ 100.000,  to be exactly equal to the singer.

We watched every episode of Law & Order and do not think they’ve done an episode about a man who has spent nearly $ 100,000 to look like her idol teen pop. But maybe they should do, because we see only one way to stop this kind of madness that involves critical images of children. Toby Sheldon, 33, has a frightening obsession with Justin Bieber. In trying to look like the singer, Tony has spent about $ 100,000 with surgery on his face to be fully equal to Justin. Continue reading